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Heroes Community > Other Games Exist Too > Thread: anti's ARPG's review
Thread: anti's ARPG's review

Legendary Hero
of Ooohs and Aaahs
posted December 28, 2017 10:50 PM
Edited by antipaladin at 08:00, 30 Dec 2017.

anti's ARPG's review

hello mortals
since you know im a big fan of the said genre' also called by many "Diablo clone" because diablo is the first (?) but most famous of the hack and slash isometric Action Role playing game,highly succefull - meny tried to recreate it, not meny hjave succedded.
i would like to point review on the games i HAVE plaid, and i would also like to hear recomandtion for said games if i have not included them in this list
i would note that all the screenshots are of MY gameplay charecters and i did not cheat.those screenshots which are missing will be added later on, once i farm the gear i want to show off.
so without further a due:
Hazen the dark whisperer
this game is on sale in steam for a doller and something.
extreamlly cheap , and cought my attention despite having very negetive reviews.
so i plaid it and my thoughts are its quite rushed. the game is an action rpg. its isometric, its hack and slash, but its unfinished , it looks like a beta to present to the publishers for more budget. maybe it is what iti s.
its missing some major fixes on the storyline , and the AI, and the settings,and charcter costumostion, and skills,and vendors and map. the only plus that it is actually challanging, and boss fights are fun, also model for items are nice althought no replaibility at all.
Verdict : Don't judge a book by it's cover.
Akinaro the demon hunter

a F2P game also in steam, which the originality cought my eye.
the graphic is smothe and cartony, something more then Diablo, and less then torchlight, dark , and elemetic, but laggish, and almost abondoned dev wise. it would have alot of potential if realised as single player + co op. no much point for multiplayer if your alone huh
but defintly gets points for creativty .
Verdict : Samurai Diablo
Counqer online

This is an MMORPG that was great 15 years ago, and was destoryed by casual's and rushes... exessive useless game mods and options. i used to spend over 100 game hours on it back in the day, now days i cant play it over 5 minuts. also useless meny classes that destory the arch type as you have 5 classes that fallow the same archtype. however there is 1 point for some original designe
verdict : don't trust ARPG to an MMO publishers  chineese imitation of diablo and poor one. very bad english translation
Royal Quest

An mmorpg again, but this one is much better then counqer. although the graphic is cartoonish , but its sharper then diablo 3. i did enjoy it to a level , but the long distances carpel tunnel syndrome caused by so much clicking , is , FUN! points for challanges while clearing a dungeon alone.
also try to find a party.
Verdict : No rest for the wicked.

This is a korean MMORPG that is not quite bad
except for unposibile requirements that my I3 won't accept, , i had to play it on a nother mechine to make it work.
Its really fun , there is alot of dynamic battles, and sence of control of the feeling. i didn't like too much the limition of charcater costomustion but i did enjoy it overroll.
Verdict : Korean diablo clone thats actually good.
Darkensang online

A broweser MMOrpg with uber small client, thats also pretty good, with better cosmostion, but i was lost in the plot after the 4'th quest. LOTS OF LOTS of quests, makes leveling kind've long, and they are allways try to get into your pocket with microtransections , so it gets boring after 10-15 gaming hours. but overroll its not too bad to return too after sometime.
Verdict : Diablo meets DND (because i think its relevent?)
Loki heroes of mythology

this is quite original and good in sence of storyline, with expleining a way to mix aztec norse greek and egyption mythology quite well together, with good skills and nice builds. No charcter costmostion but you don't really need it here i guess. the game is kind've repedetive in a sence of fixed locations and maps, but original ideas for classes and enemies and good graphic, although slightly bugged, some community refuse to let it go and continue to patch it.
Verdict : Diablo meets thor
Torchlight 1 & 2

its good, its cartoony althought , which a downside, but its overroll not bad at all, almost entirely copied from Diablo (first game proteganist becames second's antegonist) but despite all its captivating, the amount of costomustion and endless amount of items to farm and builds to work on.
not mention levels.
Verdict : Diablo meets wow
Path of exile

this is a good game indeed. if you don't mind the endless microtransection (which i understand since they need moneies for a F2P game that is so heavily loaded, with alot of contant and endless vartions for build (even though classes are sex fixed but we see it very often in this genre) however for me 3.0 and newer kind've made it worse because of increased requirements and i dont think ARPG should focus on that, made it laggish to extream, and i can't play it no moar. the plus is the originality of the designe, the darkness aura that D3 failed to give, as a someone noted in this very forum, and repaliblity value of over 9000.
Verdict: Diablo 3 could be vanquished.

Challanging, Fun, overroll good game , which is very much hmmm..competion to D1, the biggest differnce its a bit sandbox , and not much of a dungeon crowel so i can't really define it... it has some bugs, and some unbeatble bosses, and annoying quests...but I think it should get an HD remark still
Verdict : Demordy is Diablo?
Mu Legends

we can't talk about korean MMo's without mentioning webzen, and we can't mention webzen without MU legends.
a much better cooler version of MU . if you playd this years ago(and its still online) stop. move to this. and we can forget Mu even existed. mu legends is better much more fun. actually have storyline. and overroll good. althought its OPEN BETA TESTING, i have only few concerns that as a singleplayer mostly its quite difficult ... that being said its on the same scale as D3,POE.
Verdict : diablo is sankekuimem something
Titan Quest

how can i even mention diablo clone and not mention one of the very best? Titan quest, that recently got a second expension and an aniversly edition, is a fine exemple of originality in storyline, fun gameplay,replablity value and Co op options. i cant rent much on the game itself, except for the new expension regnarok , that is unimpressive. the new skill tree is mostly passive , and the item designes of the north are , well LOKI did it better. the only good thing in this expension is the trailier , and the suprisingly good plot twist in the final quests..
Verdict : Diablo meets Alexander and Bruce li
Grim Dawn

Great Game indeed. i like it alot, really.sometimes too challanging even.. its creepy, its unforgiving , its Very nice indeed.
Verdict : Diablo meets steampunk England

Its cute, its fun, its difficult, but i like it overroll, i didn't understand why the models are "childlike" while there are adults in the game.
Verdict : Daggerfall meets diablo meets torchlight meets sacred.

Diablo 1 2 3

one cannot talk about diablo clones and not mention the game that made it all happen.
diablo is one of the best games i can proudly say i own, i think we all can agree it remaines undesputed (the first and second, not so much on the third) but still.
i really really enjoy this , even though it has hardly any costumostion and thegame is linear, it still have replability over 1000).
Verdict : i don't think one is needed here.

I will note that i didnt add sacred 2 yet , because im not sure what ot make of it , i need more playing hours on it and we don't talk about sacred 3 because i can pretend it did not really happend.
I also didn't add Van helsing advantures because all items look the same on the model and it ruins it for me.
if you have any comments or suggestions i would love to hear it,
sorry for bad typing i'm pretty tired.

types in obscure english

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