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Heroes Community > MapHaven Guild > Thread: "A Strategic Quest" remake for HotA
Thread: "A Strategic Quest" remake for HotA

Hired Hero
Map Renovator
posted January 12, 2018 01:47 PM

"A Strategic Quest" remake for HotA

Hello in 2018! After a long break I finally found enough time to finish my HoMM1 campaign remake in HotA.

A Strategic Quest

Few things that you should know:
- Kilburn carries over to the next maps,
- it has selectable difficulty. It is in few moments quite difficult, altough not as hard as last map of my PoL remake (or maybe it was just me?),
- the maps are as close to the original as possible, although I took some liberty in a few places to make the experience more unique,
- I also restricted magic guilds in earlier maps a little bit in order to make them harder, besides Morglin writes in letters that his army wasn't that proficient in magic from the very start and I wanted to recreate it,
- Fly, Dimension Doors, Town Portal, Water Walking and Boat manipulation spells are banned on all maps, as well as Diplomacy,
- from map 3 on you will be able to read original letters that were inside of HoMM1 manual. They are split over a few days in each scenario just in case they were too boring to read in one go,
- all maps are beatable and should work as intended.
- also to prevent Slayer/Lamanda/Alamar from rushing your starting area I changed their color and gave them patrol, they are now a unique boss encounter.

If you have any questions, or any kind of feedback, leave it here.

Otherwise, enjoy!

Below I'll write more info about specific maps, you don't have to read it:
1. This map is basically a tutorial. I changed the dragon guarding the Gateway town to Rust Dragon just to make the map a little longer. It was way too easy to rush it especially in Heroes 3.
I also didn't know that "vying" is an actual word.
2. You can beat the map without using the boats despite original scenario heavily suggested it.
3. The AI may rush for the grail, altough I did my best to tweak it.
4. This map can get very chaotic, but is actually quite easy.
5. I changed ~250 goblins that were guarding Slayer's land into an actual garrison.
6. I made Lamanda's forest enchanted (magic plains) because I thought it fits her kingdom.
7. In HoMM1 you wouldn't be able to play this map as Knight faction so I changed its narrative to fit with lore that was in Morglin's letters.
8. I'm not fully satisfied how this map turned out. In HoMM1 it looked terrible. Maze was empty (plain mountains and some treasures) and Alamar was surrounded by the exact same volcano pasted in special patterns. I did all I could to pretty it up but I'm still not satisfied, maybe I'll change it somewhere in the future.
9. I wanted neutral towns to not be player aligned and still have shipyard. Fortress it is. Maybe I'll change it later to something different.

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Supreme Hero
posted January 12, 2018 10:28 PM

Very nice work. Its in fact new camp.  HI camp is another style and very easy. Will be good make it little bigger and little more complicated.  Remastering is a good idea.

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