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Heroes Community > Other Games Exist Too > Thread: Creature Quest, My Favourite Game EVER!
Thread: Creature Quest, My Favourite Game EVER!

Adventuring Hero
posted March 03, 2018 02:20 PM
Edited by StevenAus at 20:12, 03 Mar 2018.

Creature Quest, My Favourite Game EVER!

Originally Posted Here:


You're Very Welcome to Explore CelestialHeavens.com and Join the Celestial Heavens Heavenly Community!

"As you know my issues and complaints with this game are Old News.

Creature Quest is my Favourite Computer Game Ever and In My Opinion, the most Internally Consistent and Balanced Game I have EVER come across.  :left:  :right:  own:  :up: :applause:

In my opinion, even the Freemium model is perfectly integrated into the structure and mechanics of the game. :tsup:

You can't just go to the Cash Shop and buy in-game gold.

You can't spend money to win battles you haven't won on your own first.

The most Lucrative and Abundant Expert Quests Require a Powerful, Synergistic and Expertly Built Team.

Expert Quests Require Expert Tactics and Strategy at Every Turn, because the Diamonds you paid for are not available to be used for be used for infinite revives!    :yes:  :tsup:  :applause:  :creative:  :-D

If your strategies and tactics are crap, spending tons of cash money will not help you AT ALL.

You get Rewards no matter where you place in Dungeon Challenge and Battle Tower.

Even if you place in the last slot in Battle Tower and even if you never even PLAYED it you still get rewards!  ex:  :tsup: :yes:  :applause:  :-D

Even if you finish last in Bronze Tier Dungeon Challenge and win no Dungeon Challenge Battles you still get rewarded!          

All you need to to do is Choose to Activate Your Dungeon at least Once each Event to get a Guaranteed Dungeon Challenge Reward!  :creative:  :creative:  :creative:  :creative:  :creative:  :creative:

Guild Rewards are Guaranteed for Battle Tower and Dungeon Challenge if you Simply Join ANY Guild and stay for the Conclusion of the Event (and for Guaranteed Guild Dungeon Challenge Rewards) Activate Your Dungeon at least Once! :tsup:  ex:  ex:  ex:  ex:  :hug:

Guild Members get Rewarded when they Open Swag Bags, each Swag Bag can be opened 5 times and they are NEVER deleted for the Life of the Guild!  :up:  :-D    :creative: :yes:  :tsup:

ALL Guild Members Get Rewarded With Shiny Treasure Every Time their Guild Gains at least 10 Crowns from a Swag Bag Event, and More the Higher They Go! :up: :up:  :up:  :up:  :up:  :up:

Even if the Guild always places last in Battle Tower and Dungeon Challenge!  :tsup: :tsup:  :tsup:  :tsup:  :tsup:  :tsup:

Even if You ARE the Only Guild Member! :tsup:

You Always Get Rewards just by logging in Once A Day!  :creative:      :-D  :applause:

You get Guild Login Rewards for logging into your CQ account when you are a member of a guild, REGARDLESS of Number of Guild Members or how competitive the Guild is in Battle Tower or Dungeon Challenge. :tsup:  :-D    :hoo:  :yes:

When You Become a New Creature Quest Player, you get a Guaranteed Legendary Creature AND Special Rewards just for logging in Once A Day in the First 7 days!  :up:  :tongue:  :applause:  :yes:  :tsup:  

You Will ALWAYS get a Reward for Logging In Each GMT +0 Day!        

You ALWAYS Keep your Individual Quest Progress unless you specifically Choose to Abandon a Quest, and all Quest Progress is Remembered as long as Your Game Remains Open and you don't force close the game before it has saved!  :creative:  :left:  :tsup:  :yes:  :hug:

As long as you link your game to Google or Facebook which is FREE: lost progress will be EVEN MORE minimal.  :right:  :tsup:  :yes: :hug:  :applause:

ALL Quest Completions, Battle Tower Completions and Dungeon Challenge results will be saved provided the Client Can Communicate Successfully with the Server on Battle Completion. :applause:  :tongue:  :up:  :tsup: :tsup:  :yes:

Dungeon Challenge or Battle Tower Battles completed after the Event will still give that Player Treasure Rewards Including Gold and XP Gems.

In the case of Battle Tower Battles, you can even receive Creatures even After the Event.

In Dungeon Challenge Battles, You Can Receive Energy Rewards to Quest Further even if your Energy Points are temporarily low.

If you have linked your account to Facebook or Google, your Quest Progress is Saved and Backed-Up every few minutes.  :tsup:

It is very rare that a crucial error like lost gold or delayed updates ever happens, and the CQ Team will always do their Utmost to Quickly rectify it.  :up:  :tsup:  :yes:  :hoo: :-D

If a rare game crash happens when you are summoning a Creature/Multiple Creatures through Ticket, Idol or Diamond Summoning, Your Idol will not be lost!  :yes:  :yes:  :yes:  :tsup:  :tsup:

The Creature Quest Team gives out Diamonds when game issues or crashes have impacted the Player/s, sometimes even without the Player/s having actually lost anything!  :tsup:  :up:  :tsup:  :yes:  :hug:  :applause:

Completed Difficulties will ALWAYS be remembered provided the client can successfully communicate with the server on Quest Completion.  :-D  :-D  :-D  :-D  :-D :-D

No Completed Quest Progress will EVER be wasted, as even Seasonal Events come Around A-Gain The Next Year.  ex: :tsup:  :yes:  :hug:  :applause:  :creative:

I can even play using my Mobile Internet, even when my house's power is off, my Wifi is off and I have no other lights, as long as my Mobile Phone is Charged Up And Functional!  :up:  :creative:  :hoo:  :tsup:  :tongue:

You get MASSIVE Free Value just by turning up, playing once a day, joining ANY Guild, Activating Dungeon Challenge at least Once Each Individual Tournament!  :up:  :yes:  :hoo:  :creative:  :applause: ex:

You are GUARANTEED Battle Tower rewards merely by creating a CQ account and keeping it Open.  :tsup:  ex:  :right:  ex:  

Even with NO Real World Money spent, CQ Rewards you the more the more you put into it.

More than any other computer, console, mobile phone or arcade game I Have EVER Played, Creature Quest by Jon Van Canghem's VC Mobile Entertainment provides more value the more you put in. :tsup:  :yes:  :yes:  :yes:  ex:  :tsup:

Not to mention the Glorious and Beautiful Game Graphics, Animations, Colours, Interface, UI and Sound Effects which Complete-ly Complement ALL of the game's Diamond/Shining Facets Of Quality!  :up:  own:  :left:  :right:  :yes:  :tsup:

Commitment and Dedication and the Love/Passion/Player Focus/Continuous Player Responsiveness/Support /Continuous Improvement the Game SHINES through and throughout EVERY part of the Game!  :applause:  :applause:  :applause:  :applause:  :applause:  :applause:

The game is Beauti-FULL and Extremely Creative!  :yes:  :applause:  :tsup:  :hug:  :up:  :creative:

Creature Quest is Visceral and Flashy while still BEing Economical, with no wasted and expensive animations and with Extremely Reasonable System Requirements. :tsup:  :hoo:  :yes:  :hug:  :applause:  :-D"

Well Done JVC And Team!

All In All, My Favourite Computer Game EVER!  :tsup:  :tsup:  :tsup:  :tsup:  :tsup:  :tsup: "

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Hero of Order
Li mort as morz, li vif as vis
posted March 03, 2018 03:15 PM
Edited by Galaad at 15:16, 03 Mar 2018.

I agree this game is fantastic, been playing daily for more than a year now.
You're very welcome to come hang around with us in HC's dedicated subforum for CQ.

Quest on!

BTW, CH's formatting does not look so good on HC.

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Adventuring Hero
posted March 03, 2018 08:02 PM
Edited by StevenAus at 20:06, 03 Mar 2018.

I posted it here for players looking for a cool and fun new game.

Existing CQ Players already Know.

I know about the quotes, which is why I posted the direct link.

It also invites them to Explore CH and Join the Wonderful CelestialHeavens.com Community.

Posting this post in the HC Creature Quest Forum would be like preaching to the choir.

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Hero of Order
Li mort as morz, li vif as vis
posted March 03, 2018 09:03 PM

Ah no you got me wrong mate, I agree with you posting here, I just said, you could also hang out with us in Summoners, if you want.

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Adventuring Hero
posted March 04, 2018 04:17 AM

I All-Ready AM.

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