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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Modders Workshop > Thread: Heroes 5.5 Impossible Strategies Part 2
Thread: Heroes 5.5 Impossible Strategies Part 2

Adventuring Hero
posted May 12, 2018 05:47 PM
Edited by azalen at 09:23, 22 May 2018.

Heroes 5.5 Impossible Strategies Part 2

[under construction]

This is part 2 of my post containing an explanation of more advanced strategies you can use on impossible...

These tactics are from the perspective of a fairly resource rich map with an early town level start (1st level units upgraded) and can be shifted 1-2 days depending on the town level you start with and the resources of the map.

What to Do Day 1:

I usually start with a minor artifact, but what initial advantage you start out with (gold, recruitment, minor artifact) can depend greatly on the map.  

If you allow reloading to get a favorable start, then you can target certain artifacts...

For might heroes, the ideal artifact to start with is Ring of Caution (with the exception of Dungeon).  Sword of Might is good and Armor of Valor is also good.  Edge of Balance is good for good factions (+3 attack mode).   You want attack stat over defense, because you won't be making much use of defense when relying on your ranged force and 1 unit blockers.  

For magic heroes, if you intend to get/start with  summoning, then Elemental Waistband is really good.  If you don't intend to get summoning, than it is a mix between Beginners Magic Wand, Eldritch Breastplate or Necromancers Helm depending on hero beginning stats.

If you allow reloading, pay attention to the identity of the wood/ore guards.  Large groups of Assassins/Scouts, Dryads/Sprites/Pixies, Gremlins, and Skeleton Archers are problematic and can impose significant delays on your creeping.  You might want to reload if you see those groups at either mine on turn 1.

On the first turn, the first thing you want to do is hire a second hero in your faction.  This hero will transfer all of his units to your main.  Also, if that hero has additional war machines, don't forget to transfer those to your main as well.  

This secondary hero will also have the important job of collecting all the free/non-guarded resources on the map.  The main should not waste movement points to collect these.  Send the second hero immediately out to collect resources after transfer.  

Once your main starts out, he will generally never return to the town until very late game to pickup spells (I usually never return to the main town until I have level 5 guild and access to town management portal).   If your main needs troops or artifacts (bought at town merchants), secondary heroes will shuttle those to your main.   The one exception to this rule is early in week 1 if your main needs access to a critical creature upgrade (like Arcane Archers, Blood Furies, Crossbowmen etc..).

Remember that you can only hire a secondary hero with a full army each week.  If you try to hire a second hero in the same week, he will only come with a stack of 1, so you aren't getting your money's worth.   In general, hire a hero each week so you can get a fresh army stack, unless it is absolutely critical you get a second hero in that week.  


When you start out, the first thing you need is a creeping strategy.   This strategy will depend greatly on your hero, town type, and spells.  A good creeping strategy conquers the map with minimal losses to your army with each encounter.  

The most common creeping strategy for both might and magic heroes is the ranged unit with 1 stack blocker creeping strategy.  With this strategy, you get a large group of ranged units and a set of 1 unit blocker units to take hits while your ranged units continually shoots at the enemy.  Because most of the hits you take kill 1 unit blockers, you aren't losing any offensive army potential with each encounter.  You will usually have one stack with all of your blockers that haven't been split out to 1 unit stacks.  This stack can serve as a finisher stack to attack anything that gets too close to your ranged.

Ranged units vary by faction for week 1:

Academy: Gremlin/Gremlin Sabatoer
Haven: Archers/Crossbowmen
Sylvan: Elven Archers/Arcane Archers
Inferno: Succubus/Succubus Mistress
Necropolis: Skeleton Archers
Fortress: Blood Fury, Blood Sister (not ranged, but serve a similar purpose)
Stronghold: Centaur/Centaur Nomad

You will also need a stable of Blockers/Finishers

Academy: Gargoyles
Haven: Peasants
Sylvan: I usually use Blade Dancers here as Pixies are more valuable
Inferno: Horned Demons
Necropolis: Zombies/Ghosts
Fortress: Mountain Guards
Dungeon: Assassins (unfortunately, as they are valuable - you can also use minotaurs)
Stronghold: Goblin Trappers

Creeping as a Magic Hero:

One of the great advantages of a magic hero over might is that you can creep with practically no investment in an army.  You also don't need to invest skill points in skills that are great for creeping, but are questionable in the end game (like Combat and War Machines).  All of your skill investments for creeping, for the most part, also contribute towards your end game effectiveness.  

A critical element to the effectiveness of magic heroes is how many magic wells (restore all of your mana) are on the map.  If there are a lot, that they can creep more effectively than might heroes.  If there are few/none, than you probably shouldn't play a magic hero.  Relying on mana regeneration will not win against might heroes.  Most duel maps are balanced to have a pretty good amount of magic wells to make magic heroes competitive.  

With a destruction/summoner magic hero, the primary goal of your army is to extend the number of turns you can cast spells against the opponent without taking heavy losses yourself.  Here, your hero is the main damage dealer, and your army is simply a mechanism for your magic hero to survive.  They contribute some damage (your ranged unit), but they are just one contributory aspect of your offensive arsenal.   Therefore, you are very interested in towns that provide good blocking units.  

Dungeon possesses the best magic blocking units in the game in the form of Stalkers.  Their invisibility means you get a full 3 turns to do what you want against the AI without having to block any attacks.  Not only that, stalkers have high initiative, so you are almost guaranteed they will turn invisible before ranged attackers strike them.  Stalkers don't necessarily have to turn invisible on the first turn if they are facing an enemy that can't cross the screen/attack 1st turn.  They can wait until the enemy gets in striking range and then turn invisible, extending out your magic heroes turns to turn 4-5.  Finally, you can do tricks at the end like run 1 unit stalkers to each corner of the map, forcing the enemy to waste a lot of turns killing each individual stalker.  Stalkers are also fast enough to outrun many creature types, giving your hero even more turns.

Necromancers posses the best traditional blockers in the  game in ghosts.  Etherealness means, on average, the enemy needs twice as many attacks to get to your ranged, giving the necromancer a lot of turns to cast spells.  

Academy gets the best tier 1 ranged unit and a decent blocker in gargoyles, who can fly/have ok initiative, and are pretty tough for their tier.  


An alternative to the 1 unit blocker strategy is to race to a level 5-6 unit with high defense and hit points, and use those to block for your ranged.  Here, the high defense mitigates the hits, and First Aid Tent can heal up/ressurect any lost units.  Examples of this would by Deep Hydras (that come packaged with regeneration), Foul Wyvern, Ancient Treants (that can be resurrected by pixies), etc... In some encounters (particularly with ranged), you may not expose your ranged units at all, and simply let the tough level 5-6 unit take hits until the enemy runs out of ammo.  
For this type of creeping, Defense->Stand Your Ground is a good talent to have.  

Once you get level 7 units, you can perform the same style tactic, but with an even higher defense unit and even more powerful replenishment strategies (like regeneration, resurrection, and celestial shield).  

A third approach, available only to dungeon, uses invisible units like stalkers, and relies on a destruction/summoning hero to take out the enemy while the stalkers stay invisible for 3 turns.

The Squire Hero:  

Every main hero needs a good squire hero, who essentially follows your main around.  The purpose of the squire hero is 2 fold:

-Prevent wasting of movement points by picking up resources that are not necessary for your main to pick up like treasure (when you intend to take gold), mining resources, mine ownership, artifact (which you trade to your main)  etc... picking up resources costs a lot of movement points... movements points that you can put towards your main creeping faster.  

-Provide additional army slots for you main.  When your main needs to go to a pure ranged force + all 1 unit blocker configuration or go into a particular configuration to take on a ranged force (like 7 1 unit blocker stacks), the squire hero provides the flexibility for your main to do so.  

Do I take Gold or XP from Treasure boxes?:

This is a very map dependent question.  My best answer is that you should take XP with your main all throughout week 1 - UNLESS, it impedes you getting your town to Capitol as early as possible.   All of your secondary heroes should take gold.  

After week 2, you should pretty much be taking all gold with your main.    

Do I take Attack or Defense from Buildings:

This is an easy one... you take Attack 99% of the time.  

Do I take Spell Power or Knowledge from Buildings:

Another easy one... you take Spell Power 99% of the time.  

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Legendary Hero
modding wizard
posted May 13, 2018 05:54 PM

you speak of materials start bonus but i thought i had replaced it with a troops bonus.
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Adventuring Hero
posted May 14, 2018 11:27 AM

Impossible plus any other option except "Casual Game", is nearly impossible. I get a lots of anxiety overdoses, every time an A.I. hero will raid near my castle, when i'm still trying to build some elementary powers.
And those numbers...damn...So far only my Warlocks could challenge those raskals and their "cheating" behavior.
For example, lets say you play inferno, and you manage not to loose even a sinlge imp. You hire them all and you manage to stack 120 imps for example. Then an inferno A.I. arives and challenge you. You try not to snow your pants when you see about 300 imps in his ranks. Tough Tough Tough. Love it...hehehehe.

Just another turn and i'm done...

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Legendary Hero
modding wizard
posted May 14, 2018 01:10 PM

Well impossible with casual game is not really impossible it basically combines stronger neutrals with a weaker AI, a casual AI on hard will end up with bigger armies. Hard without casual game may already be tougher than playing impossible casual.
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