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Heroes Community > Tavern of the Rising Sun > Thread: The HC Fountain of Youth
Thread: The HC Fountain of Youth

Undefeatable Hero
posted June 19, 2018 09:51 AM
Edited by fred79 at 09:57, 19 Jun 2018.

The HC Fountain of Youth

In this thread, all of HC are little kids again(which means, NO GROWN UPS TO TELL US WHAT TO DO!!!(except following the CoC, of course). Which means, that everything you learned, and the way you acted after you grew up, is now gone! Your childhood is back, and in full swing! Yaaaaaaaay!

AND, this is an RPG.

Blah blah blah, enough intro! Ready? Let's begin!


It is a very pleasant summer day; about 80 degrees, with sporadic fat white clouds in the sky; that throw nice cool shadows on the ground as they lazily drift past. There is a decent breeze that blows the smell of warm grass and flowers, and there are butterflies flitting about and honeybees buzzing through the air busily. In a clover-and-wildflower-dappled field lies a very large playground, which is the base of operations. There are many HC kids playing here, with plenty of room for everyone; some on the swingset, some on the slides, and some in the huge sandbox next to the kid-propelled merry-go-rounds and see-saws. Laughter and squealing can be heard from the children in the heights of their play. Dogs can be heard barking not far away; friendly dogs that don't bite, but only tackle and subdue their targets with sloppy wet kisses(if they pounce at all). Mostly, they just chase and bark happily at kids, songbirds, and dragonflies. Some kittens are scattered here and there around the gently rolling meadow, pouncing on one another and chasing bugs. It is an idyllic and lively scene, and one completely devoid of menace.

Down near a softly-flowing creek with clear water that meanders around the great meadow, Fred, shirtless and sweating slightly, is lifting larger rocks, using a walking stick nearly as tall as himself as a lever. He is pursuing one of his favorite hobbies: searching for, and catching, snakes. He is alone for the moment, as the other kids are busy playing on the playground. Fred is bent at the waist, with his eyes trained on the ground around him, hunting for any sign of the neat little critters. His shoes and socks are off, as his search sometimes takes him into the water for better angles, or pivoting points. He is wearing his white t-shirt over his head, with the neck of the shirt pulled down over his forehead, to provide more shade; and to keep the sweat out of his eyes as he hunts. Along the creek are trees, and some of them have wooden treehouses in them.

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