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Heroes Community > Volcanic Wastelands > Thread: Alcohol & Drug slang
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Supreme Hero
Therefore I am
posted July 27, 2018 02:22 PM

NoobX said:
phe said:
Did you try all of these?

We fear he might have tried them, yes.


In Finland my old-timey drug gang bought a 1g hashish for €10, marijuana €10, amphetamine €50, a piece of LSD for in about €16,50, heroin €1000, and different drug tablets were paid in about 0,85 sent per one tablet. And then over 90% hashish, second amphetamine, third heroin, fourth marijuana, fifth drug tablets, and then LSD. I'm old pro, if we go to Amsterdam. I say to smoke hashish, to drink magic mushroom, and to take MDMA. No other! Bomb for magic mushroom isn't a true, if you eat a sugar, mushroom-intoxicated comes less, if you take more sugar, you're back to home or smoking hashish destroys mushroom trips. No fear, when I'm your with. You stand the mushroom-intoxicated in 4 hours. Yeah I stopped using drugs in 2000, when I have a workplace. A fine is really great sum, if I haven't a workplace, a fine pays €50-85

G (n) 1 one gram of drugs 2 GHB
gack (n/UK) cocaine
gage (n/US) 1 marijuana 2 alcohol, especially whisky
gage butt (n/US) a marijuana cigarette
gaged (adj/US) drunk or drug-intoxicated
gage party (o) a marijuana party
galar (n) hashish
galloping horse (n) heroin
gam[m]ot (n) 1 heroin 2 morphine
gandscha (n) hashish
gangster (n/US) a marijuana cigarette
ganja (n/US/Jam./Ind.) marijuana
ganzar (n) a combination of hashish and opium
gar (n) marijuana rolled in cigar paper
garbage (n/US) 1 inferior quality drugs 2 heroin 3 amphetamines
garbage freak (n/US) polydrug abuser
garbage rock (n) crack
gard (n) a hashish powder
gasgish (n) hashish
gash (n) marijuana

and to weekend with slang Peace work!

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Supreme Hero
Therefore I am
posted July 28, 2018 07:58 PM

Now's H

gue (n) marijuana
guerilla (n) PCP
guinea red (n/US) cheap Italian red wine
gum (n) 1 hashish 2 opium
gumdrop (n/US) a drug tablet
gun (n/US) syringe
gungeon (n/US) strong marijuana
gunja (n/US) marijuana
gunk (n) morphine
guru (n/US) 1 experienced LSD user 2 a person used to LSD who guides unexperienced users
gutta (n) smoking cocaine
guzzle (verb/US) to drink
guzzled (adj/US) drunk
guzzle-guts (pn/o/US) a drunkard
guzzler (n/US) a drunkard
guzzlery (o/US) 1 a bar 2 a liquor store
guyed out (adj/US) drunk
gypsy (o) dark strong hashish
gyve (n/US) marijuana
gyvestick (n/US) a marijuana cigarette
H (n/US) heroin

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Supreme Hero
Therefore I am
posted July 30, 2018 03:56 PM

Now's I

hessle (n) heroin
hierba (n) marijuana
high (adjº/US) drunk or drug-intoxicated
High (n/US) Miller High Life beer
him (n/US) heroin
Hin[c]kley (n/US) PCP
hip (n/US) a heroin addict
hippie-flipping (n/US) using an inorganic drug immediately after an organic drug, especially MDMA after psychotrobic mushrooms
hit (n/US) 1 syringe 2 a dose of a drug 3 a marijuana cigarette 4 drink 5 one unit of drug, e.g. one snort of cocaine 6 crack 7 glutethimide; Doriden 8 LSD (verb/US) 1 to inject drugs 2 to smoke marijuana
hits (pn/o) sedatives
ho (n) marijuana
hoary-eyed (adj/US) drunk
hocus (n) 1 opium 2 morphine 3 marijuana
hog (n/US) PcP or other drug
hogleg (n/US) a large marijuana cigarette
hoja (n) marijuana
hokus (n/US) a drug
holiday cheer (n/US) liquor
holyfield (n) heroin
home-brew (n/US) homemade beer or liquor
honey blunts (pn/o) marijuana cigars sealed with honey
honey oil (n) hashish oil
hong-yen (n) heroin in pill form
honk (n/US) drink
honked (adj/US) drunk
honkers (adj/US) drunk
hooch (n/US) 1 liquor 2 moonshine 3 alcohol 4 marijuana
hooched [up] (adj/US) drunk
hoocher (n/US) a drunkard
hook (n/US) heroin
hootch (n/US) liquor
hootcher (n/US) a drunkard
hootched (adj/US) drunk
hooted (adj/US) drunk
hooter (n/US) a large marijuana cigarette
hop (n/US) 1 drugs 2 a narcotics addict 3 beer
hopfest (n/US) a beer party
hop fiend (n/US) narcotics addict
hophead (n/US) 1 a drunkard; alcoholic 2 narcotics addict
hop joint (n/US) a place where opium is smoked
hop-pad (n/US) an opium den
hopped [up] (adj/US) drug-intoxicated
hops (pn/o/US) 1 opium 2 a drug 3 beer
horner (n/US) 1 a drunkard 2 a cocaine user
horrors (pn/o/US) 1 delirium tremens 2 scary drug hallucinations
horse (n/US) 1 heroin 2 PCP
horsed (adj/US) heroin-intoxicated
horse heart (n/US) a tablet of Dexedrine
horseradish (n/US) heroin
horse trank (see) horse tranquilizer
horse tranquilizer (n/US) PcP
hoska (n/US) drugs
hoss (n/US) heroin
hot and cold (n/US) a combination of heroin and cocaine
hot H (n) heroin
hot hay (n/US) marijuana
hot stick (n) a marijuana cigarette
house (n) heroin
howling (adj/US) drunk
huasca (n) ayahuasca
hubba (n/US) crack
hug drug (n) MDMA
humble [weed] (n) marijuana
hunter (n) cocaine
hurt (adj/US) drug-intoxicated
hyatari (n) peyote
hype (n/US) 1 syringe 2 a narcotics addict who uses syringes
hype-up (adj/US) drug-intoxicated
hypo (n/US) 1 syringe 2 narcotics addict

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Supreme Hero
Therefore I am
posted July 31, 2018 06:51 PM

Now's J

in (adj/adv/US) marijuana-intoxicated
inbetweens (pn/o) 1 depressant 2 amphetamine
incense (n/US) marijuana
incense burner (n/US) a amphetamine pipe
incentive (n/US) cocaine
Indian hay (n/US) marijuana
Indian hemp (see) Indian hay
Indian oil (n) hashish oil
indo (n) marijuana
Indonesian bud (n) marijuana mixed with opium
initiative (n/US) cocaine
inside-outer (n) PCP
instant psychosis (o) DMT
instant zen (n/US) LSD
intelex (n) 4-methylaminorex
Irish coffee (n) coffee with whiskey and whipped cream
isda (n/US) heroin
itog (n) PCP
ivory flake (n/US) cocaine
J (n/US) 1 marijuana 2 a marijuana cigarette

Not much sooner than ready. I think in autumn you will get a perfect slang notepad. I will be taken to Tavern vocabulary library in Tavern of the Rising Sun, where there are also some 4567 slangs. I think you hope that alcohol & drug slang is more than 4567, but we will see the result later.

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Supreme Hero
Therefore I am
posted August 01, 2018 04:28 PM

Now's K

Juana (n/US) marijuana
juane (n/US) marijuana
Juanita (n/US) marijuana
Juan Valdez (n/US) marijuana
jug (n/US) 1 a liquor bottle 2 chap wine 3 a beer can 4 amphetamine (n/Austr.) a glass of beer
jugged (adj/US) drunk
jugs (pn/o) amphetamine
jug wine (n/US) cheap wine
juice (n/US) 1 liquor 2 alcohol 3 methadone in orange juice 4 crack mixed with marijuana
juiced [up] (adj/US) drunk
juicehead (n/US) 1 a drunkard 2 an alcoholic
juice house (n/US) a liquor store
juicer (n/US) a drunkard
juicy (adjº/US) drunk
juju (n/US) 1 a marijuana cigarette 2 a drug tablet
Jumbo's trunk (adj/UK) drunk
junco (n/UK) heroin
jungled (adj/US) drunk
jungle fever (n) heroin
jungle juice (n/US) 1 moonshine 2 liquor (n/Austr.) alcoholic drink
juniper juice (n/US) gin
junk (n/US) 1 liquor 2 a drug 3 cocaine 4 heroin 5 methadone
junked (adj/US) drug-intoxicated
junker man (o/US) a marijuana smoker
junk hog (n/US) narcotics addict
junkhound (see) junk hog
junt (n/US) a large marijuana cigarette

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Supreme Hero
Therefore I am
posted August 02, 2018 06:54 PM

Now's L

KJ (n/US) 1 high quality marijuana 2 a marijuana cigarette enhanced by PCP 3 PCP
kleenex (n/US) MDMA
klingon (n/US) a crack addict
klor (n) barbiturate tablets
knaber (n) a heroin capsule
knocked out (adj/US) drunk or drug-intoxicated
knocked up (adj/US) drunk
knock together (verb/US) to prepare a marijuana cigarette
KOed (adj/US) drunk or drug-intoxicated
kokomo (n/UK) crack
Kona gold (n/US) potent marijuana from Hawaii
Kona Kona (see) Kona gold
kong (n/US) 1 liquor 2 moonshine 3 cheap and potent alcoholic drink
koolle (n) a cigarette soaked with PCP
Kools (pn/o/US) cigarettes made with tobacco mixed with marijuana
krystal joint (n/US) PCP
kumba (n) marijuana
kushempeng (n/UK) marijuana
kutchi[e] (n/Jam.) marijuana
KW (n) PCP

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Legendary Hero
posted August 03, 2018 08:28 AM

well I didn't know that about klingon and I'm a star trek fan. but it fits somehow.

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Supreme Hero
Therefore I am
posted August 03, 2018 08:11 PM

Now's M

loco (n/US) marijuana
locoweed (n/US) 1 thorn apple 2 marijuana
log (n/US) a marijuana cigarette (n/UK) PCP
logor (n/UK) LSD
lola (n/US) cocaine
lombo (n) hashish
Long Island iced tea (n/US) a mixed drink of tequila, rum, vodka, gin, curaçao, cola, lemon juice, and sugar
looped (adj/US) drunk
looping (see) looped
loop-legged (see) looped
loopy (adj) drunk
loopy dust (n/US) PCP
love (n) crack
love boat (n) marijuana dipped in PCP
love drug (n) 1 MDMA 2 MDA 3 depressant 4 methaqualone
love weed (n) marijuana
luba[n]ge (n/US) marijuana
lubed (adj/US) drunk
lubricated (adj/US) drunk
lubrication (n/US) liquor
lude (n/US) methaqualone; Quaalude
lum (n/US) hashish from Colombia
lumbo (n/US) marijuana from Colombia
lunatic soup (n/US) alcohol
lush (n/US) 1 a drunkard 2 liquor (verb/US) to drink
lushed (adj/US) drunk
lusher (n/US) a drunkard
lushhead (see) lusher
lush hound (see) lusher
lush merchant (n/US) a drunkard
lush up (verb/US) to drink
lushy (adj/US) drunk

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Supreme Hero
Therefore I am
posted August 05, 2018 03:25 PM

Large M! It takes two days! Now's N

moocah (n) 1 marijuana 2 morphine
moon (n/US) 1 liquor 2 moonshine 3 hashish or other drug 4 mescaline
mooner (n/US) a drunkard
moonlight (n/US) moonshine
moonlit (adj/US) drunk
moonrock (n/US) a combination of crack and heroin
moonshine (n/US) 1 liquor 2 moonshine (verb/US) to cook moonshine
moony (o/US) moonshine (adjº/US) drunk
moosemilk (n/US) 1 moonshine 2 a cocktail with whiskey or rum and milk
moota (see) mooter
mooter (n/US) marijuana; a marijuana cigarette
mop (n/US) drink (n) heroin
morals (pn/o/US) pethidine; Demerol
morning after (n/US) hangover
Moroccan gold (n) hashish from Morocco
morph (n/US) morphine
morpho (n) 1 morphine 2 a morphine addict
Mortal combat (n) high potency heroin
mosaic (n) LSD
mosquito (n) cocaine
mother (n) marijuana
mother snower (n) methamphetamines
mother nature (n/US) marijuana
mother of god (o/UK) LSD on paper
mother of pearl (n/US) cocaine
mountain dew (n/US) cheap whiskey; moonshine
mouse (n) LSD
mouth (n/US) hangover
mouthwash (n/US) 1 liquor 2 drink
movie star drug (n/UK) cocaine
Mr Jack (n) Jack Daniels whiskey
Mr Lovely (o/UK) marijuana
mu (n/US) marijuana
mud (n/US) 1 hashish 2 marijuana 3 morphine 4 opium
mudbud (n/US) homegrown marijuana
muddled up (adj/US) drunk
muddler (n/US) liquor
muggled (adj/US) marijuana-intoxicated
mugglehead (n/US) a marijuana user
muggle[s] (pn/o/US) 1 marijuana 2 a marijuana cigarette
muggy (adjº/US) drunk
mujeritas (pn/o) psilocybin
munsh (n) opium
murder weed (n) marijuana
mushrooms (pn/o/US) 1 mescaline 2 any mushroom with an hallucinogenic effect (n) LSD on paper
musk (n) psilocybin
musta (n/US) marijuana
mutah (n/US) marijuana
muzzle (n) heroin
my friend (n) cocaine
mystic biscuit (n/US) a chunk of peyote cactus

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Undefeatable Hero
posted August 05, 2018 05:04 PM

Ghost said:
muggle[s] (pn/o/US) 1 marijuana 2 a marijuana cigarette

heyyyyy, wait just one minute...

if a muggle is someone that smokes weed, and all non-muggles are wizards, then what do wizards put in their pipes? because i'm pretty sure gandalf was smoking the ganja, mayne...

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Supreme Hero
Therefore I am
posted August 05, 2018 05:25 PM

Ok exception to ganja (n/US/Jam./Ind.) marijuana

Yeah muggle, and muggles are the same in American slang book I invent a muggle[s], when the same words

Marijuana species are difficult to accomplish! Even if we have a words something, example of

Mexican brown (n/US) 1 brownish Mexican marijuana 2 a dilute Mexican heroin 3 heroin
Mexican green (n/US) a greenish variety of marijuana from Mexico
Mexican milk (n) tequila
Mexican mud (n/US) 1 a dilute Mexican heroin 2 heroin
Mexican red (n/US) a potent variety of marijuana from Mexico

The same M thing

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Supreme Hero
Therefore I am
posted August 07, 2018 05:07 PM

Boring N takes two days. Now's O

nexus (o/n/US) 4-Bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine
nice and easy (o/US) heroin
nickel (n) marijuana
nickelonian (n/US) a crack addict
niebla (n/US) PCP
nigra (n/UK/Ital.) dark marijuana of high potency
nipped (adj/US) drunk
nixon (n) low quality drugs
noble weed (n/US) marijuana
no brand cigarette (n/US) a marijuana cigarette
nod (verb/US) to be drug-intoxicated
nodded out (adj/US) drug-intoxicated
noise (n/US) heroin
non compos [poopoo] (adj/US) drunk
nordle (n/UK) marijuana
nose (n/US) cocaine
nose candy (o/US) cocaine
nose garbage (n/US) poor quality cocaine
nose packer (n/US) a cocaine user
nose paint (n/UK) any alcoholic drink
nose powder/stuff (n/US) cocaine
no way (n) heroin
nubs (pn/o) peyote
nuclear cloud (n) cocaine smoke in a pipe bowl
nug (n/US) marijuana
nugget (n) amphetamine
nuggets (pn/o) 1 crack 2 marijuana 3 amphetamine
numbed out (adj/US) PCP-intoxicated, nearly paralyzed by PCP
number (n/US) a marijuana cigarette
number eight (n/US) heroin
number four (n/UK) heroin (n) LSD
number thirteen (n/US) morphine
number three (n/US) cocaine

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Supreme Hero
Therefore I am
posted August 08, 2018 03:27 PM

Now's P

orange (n) 1 amphetamines 2 a combination of amphetamines and LSD 3 orange tablet of LSD, usally mixed with methamphetamine 4 LSD
orange barrel (n/UK) a type of LSD
orange bud (n/UK) marijuana
orange haze (n/UK) a type of LSD
orange line (n/UK) heroin
orange magic (n/UK) a type of LSD
orange micro (n/UK) a type of LSD
oranges (pn/o) amphetamine
Orange Sunshine (n/US) LSD
orange wedge (n/UK) a type of LSD
organized (adj/US) drunk
original (n) heroin
ork-orks (pn/o/US) delirium tremens
osley (n) LSD
ossified (adj/US) drunk
out (adj/US) drunk or drug-intoxicated
outfit (n/UK) heroin UK (n/US) the needle and syringe used to inject a drug
out of sight (phrase/US) drunk or drug-intoxicated
out of the way (phrase/US) drunk
overamped (adj/US) amphetamine-intoxicated
overboard 8adj/US) drunk
overjolt (n/US) a drug overdose
owl (n/UK) marijuana
owl-eyed (adj/US) drunk
Owsley [acid] (n/US) high quality LSD; (see) Augustus Owsley
oyster stew (n/UK) cocaine
OZ (n/US) an ounce of marijuana or other drugs
ozoned (adj/US) PCP-intoxicated

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Supreme Hero
Therefore I am
posted August 18, 2018 10:22 AM

I created Chaotic Event map, it took time.

Now's Q

prime time (n/UK) cocaine; crack
primo (n/US) 1 a very high grade of marijuana, consisting of a high degree of potent flowering tops of the plants 2 marijuana mixed with crack (n/UK) 1 a conventional tobacco cigarette laced with cocaine and heroin 2 heroin
Prince Albert (n/US) marijuana
product IV (n) a capsule containing a combination of PCP and LSD
proppers (pn/o/US) an amphetamine tablets
psych (n) PCP
psychedelic martini (n/US) DMT
psyl (n/US) psilocybin
puddle (n/US) a generous dose of liquid LSD
puff (n/US) smoking drug (marijuana, hashish and opium) (n/UK) marijuana (verb/UK) to smoke marijuana
puffer (n/UK) a marijuana smoker (n/US) a crack user
puff the [magic] dragon (verb) to smoke marijuana
puk (n) hashish
pulborn (n/US) heroin
pull jive (phrase/US) to drink liquor
pummelled (adj/US) very drunk
pumpkin seed (n) mescaline
punish (verb/US) to drink
punk (n/UK) marijuana
punk pills (pn/o/US) sedatives
pure (n) heroin of high potency
pure love (n/US) LSD
purge (n/NZ) an alcoholic drink
purple death (n/NZ) inexpensive red wine
purple gnome (n/UK) a variety of LSD
purple haze (n/US) LSD (n/UK) a potent variety of marijuana
purple Jesus (n/Can.) an alcoholic drink based on grape juice
Purple Nike Swirl E (n/UK) a tablet MDMA
purple Owsley (n/US) a powerful type of LSD
purple passion (n/US) red wine
purple Thai (n/Can.) a variety of marijuana
pushed (adj/US) drunk
put (verb/US) to dilute a drug
puti (n) marijuana
pyramids (pn/o) LSD

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