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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Modders Workshop > Thread: Have you seen this deamon?
Thread: Have you seen this deamon?

Adventuring Hero
posted January 12, 2019 03:04 AM
Edited by zAhAr at 03:16, 12 Jan 2019.

recently i came across this strange daemon model on one site.

here is link to the site, in case if anyone interested

as you can see, it is extremely similar to the model of the demon from heroes 5, and yet it is quite different. so when i downloaded model and took a better look on it, i realized that the demon's body's, geometry, and unfolding are completely identical to the model of the heroes 5, but it's head, spikes, some minore parts and texture is completly diffirrent, as if it's were made from scratch.

the question is, did somebody seen this model before? did somebody know where it came from, or who its author? maybe it is the model from early version of the game (which i sincerely doubt) or something like it.

as you can see this model would be a perfect material for the mod. so if we can find author of it, we can ask him permission to port it to the h5 game.

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Supreme Hero
disrupting the moding industry
posted January 12, 2019 02:00 PM

Hello Zahar,

You are correct, it seems very very similar.
A while back there was a discussion with Magnomagus that if we ever swap in-game creature textures for a better remastered ones this should be planned for all creatures. Otherwise the game will look like a mess with a mixture of high quality and low quality models.

May be if the team gathers back again we may announce the plans and if designer person wants to participate. Now when we are on discord it is so much easier to convey messages and talk with players.


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Adventuring Hero
posted January 12, 2019 03:18 PM

it is as they say, rome wasn't built in a day. so, i mean, in case of replacing the models you have to start with something, rather than expectin to do all at one time. besides heroes 5 vanila models doesn't look that bad either so contrast would be realy noticitable.

anyway it is really interests me who made this demon model, and why. and why does it so similar to heroes 5 model. i'm realy interested in finding author, so if anyone have any information, pleace, share it.

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