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Heroes Community > Library of Enlightenment > Thread: HoMM 3 (Small tricks vs AI) Trick 18 - Dragon Breath Attack
Thread: HoMM 3 (Small tricks vs AI) Trick 18 - Dragon Breath Attack

Adventuring Hero
posted June 29, 2019 06:30 PM

HoMM 3 (Small tricks vs AI) Trick 18 - Dragon Breath Attack

Hello, guys! This is Richard. I am an amatuer player and a video maker of HoMM3. As this game can be really popular in 20 years, I wish I could be a full time game player or streamer to share my tricks or game walkthrough with you guys!

When you've played the map Xiedu / Blasphemy, you will never forget a boss hero - Casinalas! He is really an insane monster hero and seem impossible to fight:
(1)He has Armor of Damned (4 weakening spells auto-cast in the beginning of fight), Badge of Courage (+1 morale and all psychic spells immune) and Golden Bow (no penalty in long distance shoot)
(2)He has 1000 Devils, 1000 Arch Devils, 4800 Medusa Queens, 2400 Medusas and 600 Rust Dragons!
(3)He is a stand-still hero, no terrain advantage in this fight.
(4)He has Expert Leadership (and a Badge of Courage), do not think about save and load for high morale.
(5)His A/D/P/K data is 73/74/67/66, with Expert Intelligence gives hime 1320 mana points.

How many days will you take to defeat this monster? How many creatures will you bring to fight him?


Now here comes the eighteenth trick - Dragon Breath Attack!

Basic Tricks of Heroes III (SOD)
Map: Xiedu / Blasphemy (Difficulty: 200%)
Battle 18: Luoge (Specialty: Intelligence) vs Casinalas (Specialty: Armorer) (Month:? / Week: 2 / Day: 4)
Battle Field: Lava
Primary skills: Luoge (A/D/P/K: 33/36/32/38, MP: 1606) vs Casinalas (A/D/P/K: 73/74/67/66, MP: 1320)
Secondry skills (All Expert): Wisdom, Intelligence, Water Magic, Earth Magic, Air Magic, Fire Magic, Archery, Logistics.
Key Artifacts: Armor of the Damned, Sharpshooter's Bow, The Spirit of Suppression, Ring of the Wayfarer, The Second Sight Pendant.

Hope you enjoy this video. If you like my video, please subscribe my channel^_^

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Tavern Dweller
posted December 31, 2020 12:58 AM
Edited by Inscizor at 01:36, 31 Dec 2020.

breath attack map chart info diagram idea theory

I hope you're a system analyst Mr. Chen! That was educational! Here is the breath attack chart every1 wants:
https://postimg.cc/RNNRwBvr/8dbbd5f8]    copy and paste the link and push enter*********************************************************************************************************************************** Look to the thumbnail on the left and click! Happy Homming!


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