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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Modders Workshop > Thread: [Mod] Clan Wars edition
Thread: [Mod] Clan Wars edition

Tavern Dweller
posted June 02, 2020 09:23 PM bonus applied by Galaad on 03 Jun 2020.
Edited by paintingTs at 12:00, 03 Jun 2020.

[Mod] Clan Wars edition

Clan Wars edition version 1.3.

I’m yet another fan of the series. I started with HoMM1 and HoMM2 and my favorite is HoMM 5. Fifth game was a great inspiration for me, but the more I played, the more I found some little issues that I would like to change. So I decided to create a mod that will preserve all the original atmosphere of the game but will fix what I considered the flaws.

What I wanted to achieve:
- Improve some faction mechanics such as Dungeon and Inferno Pits to make them viable, add some more faction mechanics;
- Reconsider double upgrade system where both upgrades available at the same time which I don’t like both visually and gameplay-wise;
- Reconsider some strange developers’ decisions such as: Dungeon has no inclination into Dark Magic and Sylvan – into Summoning (the school of Nature among other), Demon Lords have more Knowledge than Spellpower and not good in Destructive Magic, etc.;
- Find some solutions for very strong mechanics like late game Runic Magic and others;
- Introduce some very small visual changes in creatures’ appearance.

Some of the core features of this mod:
- "Clan Wars" mode in which you can use only one of creatures' upgrade - you can decide which one or leave it to be set randomly;
- "Special Paths" mechanic: choosing some skills depending on hero’s faction will lead to transferring point from one primary stat to another. Might heroes can become stronger in Magic using “Special Path” and vice versa;
- Improved Dungeon and Inferno Pits, new functions of some other faction buildings;
- Changes for magic inclinations and skills&stats distribution probabilities for several factions;
- Resource limit per battle for Runic Magic;
- New faction mechanics, and there is more! Read about all of the features in this manual

Little visual changes:

Download links:
- CWE-Changes-v1.3-eng - manual and full description of the changes (except visual).

- CWE-Mechanics.h5u - .h5u file of the mod without visual stuff.
- CWE-Visual.h5u - .h5u file with visual changes only.

- CWE-MapPatcher.zip - a tool for patching RMG maps allowing to play them in "Clan Wars" mode.

- Skillwheel-3.1.h5u - base skillwheel for ToE 3.1 by Azard,
- CWE-Skillwheel.h5u - skillwheel patch for Clan Wars edition.

Installation: copy *.h5u files in '{gameDir}/UserMODs' folder; unpack CWE-MapPatcher in any folder

- Gold Dragon, War Dancers’ orange blades are from a mod called “UNIT” by Frozensoull;
- Skillwheel based on a mod created by Azard.

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