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Heroes Community > Heroes 4 - Lands of Axeoth > Thread: Is Pyromancy really more valuable than Sorcery?
Thread: Is Pyromancy really more valuable than Sorcery?

Tavern Dweller
posted June 08, 2020 07:45 PM

Is Pyromancy really more valuable than Sorcery?

Pyromancy is required for advancement in Chaos Magic. However, it is not otherwise really more valuable than Sorcery. In, fact Pyromancy is a tax on the Chaos Mage. The traditional thesis is that Pyromancy is better than Sorcery and that you should skip Sorcery, at least until you get Grandmaster Chaos Magic. However, Sorcery is actually superior to Pyromancy. Pyromancy increases only Chaos Magic spells' effectiveness, while Sorcery increases all damage spells of all spell schools. Now, Pyromancy technically increases all spells' effectiveness that have a variable spell power. However, most Chaos Magic spells are not variable. The ones that are all damage spells. Even Fire Shield counts as a damage spell. So, there is not a single spell that benefits from Pyromancy that does not benefit from Sorcery.

However, Sorcery affects all five magic schools' damage. Sure, Nature has no damage spells, Life has two very situational damage spells, and Order has a handful of damage spells, which are not that strong. However, Sorcery affects Death damage spells, including Poison, Plague and Hand of Death. Even if you discount the rest, the these three spells make Sorcery better than Pyromancy, not taking into account the Pyromancy tax, where you have to take Pyromancy to advance.

In terms of Sorcery's usefulness outside of dedicated Chaos Mages, it clearly is better than Pyromancy. However, even for a Chaos Mage, Death Magic is usually easy to get. In either a Death or Chaos city, Chaos and Death Magic go well together. It is really easy to get one good Death Magic damage spell even in a Chaos city. I think Life Drain counts too, but I was not even counting that. You just need one good Death Magic damage spell to justify considering Sorcery more desirable than Pyromancy.
Thus, it is clear that notwithstanding that Pyromancy is force on you, you would prefer Sorcery over Pyromancy.
Think about this way, if you created a Chaos Mage for buffing purposes or debuffing purposes, you would probably not want either, but you would need some levels of Pyromancy. If you want to take the highest buff/debuff spells, you need Master Chaos Magic, which required Expert Pyromancy, so a tax of three useless levels of Pyromancy. If you can settle with level 3 buff/debuff spells, you need Expert Chaos Magic. That means that get a much more bearable tax with Pyromancy, with just one level of Pyromancy needed.
To me, Chaos Magic is super awesome, so I would spend all of the points for all of the skills and use a lot of damage spells. By biggest problem is that my Chaos Mage remains a Sorceror very long, because I only want Chaos Magic skills until I have them all.

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Known Hero
posted June 21, 2020 10:52 AM
Edited by TheUnknown at 10:53, 21 Jun 2020.

moarbarmu said:

However, Sorcery affects Death damage spells, including Poison, Plague and Hand of Death.

It does not affect Hand of Death as much as I know.


Sorcery is very good but for a very small set of spells and they are usually from Chaos school.
Order and Nature need a specific up to third level damaging spell like Life and Death have.

If the map doesn't have good access to higher than level 2 spells, then sorcery is definitely a must over pyromancy.

Above level 3, if the magic tower hands you mass misfortune, or Disintegrate, getting pyromancy is pretty important for those spells.

If it gives me cat reflexes, first strike and chain lightning and I have Black Dragons, I would go for sorcery for sure.

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