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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Modders Workshop > Thread: Adding a spell through Bloodrage
Thread: Adding a spell through Bloodrage

Famous Hero
posted July 03, 2020 02:21 PM

Adding a spell through Bloodrage

Hi there,

I can't quite figure out the code for the Bloodrage ability in DefaultStats.xdb to simply add a spell - seeing as there is a spell field there.  I can't find a website anywhere that explains what code I would use (what I specifically have in mind is Lay Hands - even though there is an "Ability" for it, technically it is the spell that makes it work).  What code do I use to activate this?


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Tavern Dweller
posted July 17, 2020 11:01 AM

I'm not sure... but I think

I've been playing HOMM V for few years now, sense I repurchased in about 2 years ago. I'm not expert at it, but among my playthrough, I also try building my own custom maps.

One thing for certain, the Bloodrage ability pertains ONLY to the Barbarian faction!

To my understanding, I could be wrong, but the way I understand them, the Barbarians are a 100% MIGHT faction, unable to cast ANY spells. Their Spell casting ability only pertains to "SHOUTS" the Hero uses in combat, to I guess, motivate his troops. These are unique ONLY to the barbarian faction, no other hero can obtain/use the Shouts in the game. Think of the RuneMages (Dwarves faction ability of using RUNE abilities, whereas they only pertain to the Runemage faction, and no other hero can attempt to use Runes).

Further, the Bloodrage is actually an ability the entire faction of barbarians use, all the creatures are effected by BLOODRAGE during their battle, the higher their blood rage gets, the more intense the creatures fight. It's a way the Hero can BUFF his army during the combat, using his SHOUT skills to increase the creatures BLOODRAGE levels... Each of the 7 creatures all react differently at each level of Bloodrage, but in general... they increase attack, defense, initiative, HP, damage absorbed, etc... it's almost like the Bloodrage becomes a BLOOD SHIELD, where as, the creatures in the heros army are protected against attacks, the higher the bloodrage gets.

Futhermore, having no spell casting abilities, the hero can learn ANTI Spell skills. A sort of way to BUFF his magical defense, per choice. All Barbarian heros start off with a simple buff against magic, but can learn any of the four spell books, as an ANTI magic against those spell books, increasing their anti magic buff against specific spell books, and further skills, like reducing effectiveness, increasing mana cost, reducing initiative against those casting, etc etc.

So... back to your question, if I understand you correctly, your trying to add a SPELL ability/skill to a Barbarian? Or you think you can add a Bloodrage ability to any other Hero? You can't. Neither can be criss crossed, that I know of.

NOW... their ARE EXCEPTIONS. And I personally have not figured out HOW to make work, could be a glitch. But. The barbarians, despite not casting any COMBAT spells in a fight... do gain ability to gain an Adventure Map Talisman. So the usual spells other hero's factions have, Summon boat, Town Portal, Summon Creatures, and Teleport?? Can be found on these Talisman's... i think! Again, I haven't figured out how this works. It never has worked for me playing the Barbarians.

I hope this answers your question!!

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