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Heroes Community > Heroes 3.5 - WoG and Beyond > Thread: Luck: Morale's uglier, less popular sister
Thread: Luck: Morale's uglier, less popular sister

Hired Hero
posted September 25, 2020 07:00 PM
Edited by pizdabol at 19:17, 25 Sep 2020.

Luck: Morale's uglier, less popular sister

Beside the triggered effect Morale also provides a kind of a passive bonus in allowing you to mix creatures without penalty, which in a pitched battle could be quite severe. Luck lacks that kind of effect completely.

So I was thinking it might be a pretty neat idea to also give Luck a passive bonus of giving your Hero a slightly better chance to get higher rewards from stuff like Mills, Skeletons, Wagons (all the stuff with randomly generated rewards) on the adventure map and a slighty better chance for creature specials to trigger in combat.

Now I know snow about coding so my question to any modders out there is: Is this even doable and to what extend? For example I know number of resources in loose piles is genereted when a map is loaded, so if working as I've described it would have no effect on those, but what about stuff like Mills and Skeleton? Are those also pre-generated?

PS. Actually, now that I think about it Skeleton rewards seem to also be generated when the map is loaded, so this wouldn't work with them as well, and while you could probably give a small chance to get an additional few resources regardless of what was in the pile instead of what I initially thought this is totally out of the question for Skeletons since getting two artifacts form one is way strong.

Another option would be to just give a small chance to get a little bonus resources from anything that gives whatever reward (possibly more the higher the value of the Map Object is), but that sound kind of... loose

Also is the increased chance to trigger combat specials readily doable? Say 3,5 per level of luck, so 10 percent max? This would spell two percent more for most skills, I think that's pretty tame while still descent. Actually this alone sounds pretty nice without the adventure map stuff and more consistent - Morale only provides bonuses in combat.

And a question to the whole community: what do you think about this idea? Good call, too random, unnecessarily complicatd, could take it or leave it aka nothing special... I'd post a poll if only I could find the damn link to do so

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Legendary Hero
Heroes is love, Heroes is life
posted September 25, 2020 07:29 PM
Edited by Phoenix4ever at 19:30, 25 Sep 2020.

Luck has one thing over morale though, it affects all creatures. Morale does'nt affect undead, elementals, golems or ballista/cannon.

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Legendary Hero
Celestial Heavens Mascot
posted September 25, 2020 08:37 PM
Edited by PandaTar at 20:40, 25 Sep 2020.

pizdabol said:
I'd post a poll if only I could find the damn link to do so

It's on the left side of the New Topic option.

Regarding the overal picture of luck. It should be an isolated major force, uncontrolable, and yes, which could influence other aspects of the game. But given that battles and interactions within battle seem a bit more fit as to have means to provide some sort of luck instance, finding other instances on the map, or even in town, might be a bit tricky to design. Minding that luck could just add something good, or also the concept of being unlucky could be considered. Some ideas:

*    An additional creature becomes available for hiring in the first day of the week (or the opposite)
*    Less units die when traveling through whirlpools (or the opposite)
*    Random Pathfinding bonus when walking on rough terrain (as if finding by luck a better path, but just occasionally or the opposite)
*    Random digging can find some other treasure chests, secret resources (it's a funcion that seemingly has just the use of finding the grail)
*    Spare of building costs at town (as if, 'somehow', not all required materials were needed or worse)
*    Some bonus barter in market (as if there was some surplus of something and you can actually exchange certain resources with different ratio; for the better or for the worst)
*    Script-like events, like you get a message saying that some lost travelers found their way to your town, if you allow them to stay there and provide your with goods, additional troops etc.; or they could be plagued and actually cause negative effects.
*    Luck cannot be tinkered with, nor changed, nor enchanced nor influenced in any way.

Well, some other things can be thought. However, I am not considering what can be modded or not. Just random stuff for consideration.
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Famous Hero
Moist & Creamy
posted September 26, 2020 07:42 PM

The advantage of Luck over morale is that it would trigger a less severe - or no - retaliation from an enemy unit where morale would not.

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Tavern Dweller
posted October 15, 2020 12:12 PM

I think it's too random, what makes you think that they are the strongest [url=https://skribblio.co]skribblio[/url]

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Legendary Hero
Heroes is love, Heroes is life
posted October 15, 2020 12:27 PM

Another beautiful spambot.

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Known Hero
King of the ogres
posted October 15, 2020 12:33 PM

I think luck was already buffed quite significantly by the introduction of bad luck in HotA. In my experience, having bad luck is much more harmful than having good luck is useful. I find myself being much more happy about taking luck than I was before HotA.

And it actually becomes quite significant when fighting against Inferno, because otherwise arch devils will decrease your luck to -2.

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