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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Modders Workshop > Thread: Few heroes I like
Thread: Few heroes I like

Known Hero
posted November 26, 2020 05:53 PM

Few heroes I like

Been eyeballing the mod 14 changes for some hero synergies to try out...

One hero that caught my eye is Vidomina: Hero special Lich recruitment, starting with Occultism offers a fast path to Cult Master, and already built-in Raise Dead and Dark Magic.  Sounds like a nice combo for a big stack of Lich Master & Raise Dead combination.  Not dominant or anything because of Lich big size deficiency on blocking, but a nice combo.

Another hero I like is Mephala: She starts with Logistics and War Machines (great starting combo).  I think Treant retaliation strike builds are going to be more desirable with the HP change, and she is setup quite well for such a build.  Her hero defense hero multiplies with take roots, moving to Ranger class further increases defense, and she has a fast path to first aid tent and double ballista.  A bit slow in the beginning to get going, but worth a try.

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Famous Hero
It's a fixer-upper
posted November 27, 2020 02:18 AM

Just FYI, it looks like you accidentally posted this twice haha.

I do really enjoy discussions analyzing specific heroes, though. I don't really have a go-to hero, but some of my favorites are:

Laszlo, mostly because his model is cool and campaign nostalgia, but also his vindicators hit like a tsar bomb late-game.

Guarg, because light magic is awesome for Inferno, although I know Deleb and Grok are probably better gatekeeper picks.

Kaspar, first aid tent is amazing.

Arantir with his raise dead specialization.

Ossir, for obvious reasons.

Anwen, the only avenger that gets summoning magic plus a powerful late game specialization.

Raelag, campaign nostalgia but also a great specialization.

Zehir, great boxing and creeping.

Bart Brimestone, same thing.

Ingvar, for obvious reasons.

Rolf, makes much better use of aura of swiftness than Agrael does.

Matewa, soul hunter is fun and interesting to use with Stronghold

Kragh, strongest stunning blow.

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