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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Modders Workshop > Thread: GEMNOD: GEM Orange + ENOD
Thread: GEMNOD: GEM Orange + ENOD

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posted March 04, 2021 01:42 AM bonus applied by Galaad on 04 Mar 2021.
Edited by xuxo at 02:25, 04 Mar 2021.


I add the Discord of GEMs, where we invite you to propose your suggestions about new changes in GEM Red and future modifications.

GEM Red 0.4 ------------------------------------

GEMNOD 0.3.2 -------------------------------

After a long wait, and many tests, GEMNOD was born, which is the fusion of the first version of GEMOrange, which will add new elements to HeroesV, and ENOD, which will be created by our friend }{0TT@6bI4, and It will consist of the creation of sets of objects and buildings (from GEMOrange and already existing in the game), to be easily used by Mapmakers from the editor menus. We will soon explain how to create these "blueprints" or constructions for ENOD. I invite you to suggest any ideas for future objects or themes.

GEM Orange 0.3 -------------------------------

The main theme of Testing the new objects has been related to farms, as I intend to graphically remaster the campaigns in the future, starting with map C1M1. I want to dedicate a priority attention to the creation of new types of subways and alternative versions of buildings for all factions, currently designed mostly for Haven.Random a group of 5 different chests added.

Regarding the 20 news terrains, I have decided for the moment not to add ambient sound effects, for the next version I hope to be able to add them to RMG. There is a new transparent texture (not used before in the game) to create more realistic snow gradients. It must be applied gently, because if the TILE reaches 100% transparency, it will disappear and it will be completely transparent. Slightly applying the lower texture will correct it.

The icons in the "Monsters" tab have been replaced to make them more intuitive, and I will soon do the same with Artifacts and Heroes. Regarding these 3 sections, I would like to be able to collaborate with NCF, NHF and NAF, including all their new elements to the editor.

You must unzip the 3 folders in the root path of the game, replacing the existing ones. Only 1 file will be modified, Mapfilters.xml, which will add the new menus to the editor, you can replace it without fear.

New Icons:
When opening the editor, it will read the icons located in the "Complete" folder and create its own format in / Editor / IconCache. In order to use the new icons of elements already existing in the game, they must be removed from this folder and the editor reopened.

Coming soon!

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