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Heroes Community > Heroes 3.5 - WoG and Beyond > Thread: My changes to H3 SoD
Thread: My changes to H3 SoD

Legendary Hero
Modding the Unmoddable
posted February 07, 2022 08:21 AM
Edited by NimoStar at 11:52, 19 Feb 2022.

My changes to H3 SoD

Well if Phoenix has his thread about the unreleased and unreleasable mod, why not me?

Let's call this "Heroes 3: Shadow of Armageddon". Hey, it just fits!


+ Added Poison spell to Earth. Level 3. Reduce 10%/20%/30% the HP of a single stack. Cannot be dispelled.

+ Added Gauge Eyes spell to Fire. Level 2. Mass at Expert. Gives all own creatures the troglodyte's blindness. Cannot be dispelled.

+ Added Reconstruction to Water. Level 2. Rebuilds destroyed Golems and Gargoyles. Acts as a resurrection for unliving units. Permanent on Advanced. Only Tower, Conflux and Mountain may get this spell in guilds.

+ Added Nature's Vengeance to all schools. Level 4. Acts as a resurrection for Elementals. Only Conflux gets this spell in gluilds.

* Summon Elemental spells work opposite at before. Instead of banning all other elementals, it bans itself for rest of combat. Thus, you can only summon each elemental once per combat.
* Summon Elemental spells summon upgraded elementals on Expert.

* Moved Dimension Door to Fire Magic.

* Berserk expertise works in a row (as Fire Wall) instead of a radius. 1 hex/2 hex/3 hex

* Hypnotize counts as a Visual spell. Hypnotize max HP power multiplied by 2.5 times.

* Town Portal consumes 1400/900/500 movement points. 1400 is minimum daily movement for heroes.

* Reworked spell damage equations to give more importance to Power and less to base damage. Expertise bonus now is proportional to bonus per spell power point. Base damage bonus is 33% more per expertise in the area (base damage +33%, meaning +17 per 50 damage per spell power point).

* Magic Mirror now:
+ Basic 25% deflection.
+ Advanced 33% deflection.
+ Expert 33% and it's mass for your units.
** Cannot be dispelled.
** Can now reflect targeted spells cast by creatures.

* Gold Dragon can be resurrected with Sacrifice.
* Faerie Dragon now has 25% spell reflection chance (from 20%), can reflect spells by creatures.


* Archery artifacts work without Archery skill, as a straight damage bonus for ranged.

* Eagle Eye artifacts also work without Eagle Eye as a straight bonus to % of learning enemy spells.
TODO** Combination artifact from three Eagle Eye stuff gives ALL spells, but you still need required Wisdom to cast them. It also transforms Eagle Eye skill into +2/+4/+6 spellpower.

* Helm of Heavenly Enlightement gives +4 to each skill instead of +6.

* Mysticism replenishes 10%/20%/30% of regular spell points per day.
* Scouting additionally increases the bonus from some adventure objects in  resources and/or gold, rounded up with +10%/+25%/+50%. Works for next objects:
* Treasure Chest
* Sea Chest
* Flotsam
* Campfire
* Pile of Gold
* Pile of Wood/Ore
* Pile of Crystals/Gems/Sulfur/Mercury

* Learning gives 15/30/50% more experience from all sources (will only be 1/2 more levels at high, since required XP is not linear).

* Diplomacy will always ask for money. Doubled base amount.
TODO* EXCEPT if your army is composed of seven different creatures in the same alignement as the diplomated one.
* Diplomacy will also multiply your chances for Knowledge and Power, not just ATK and DEF.

TODO* Eagle Eye
* Will learn spells cast by creatures.
* Works 70%/85%/100% of the time.
* Will learn 1-3/4/5 level spells.

TODO* Necromancy will generate a dialogue asking if you want to PAY for the raised Skeletons/Whatever. They cost 50% of normal price.


* Fixed Armorer working opposite with arrow towers.
* Halved Logistics specialty bonus.
* Halved Armorer and Offense specialty bonuses.


* Instead of +3/-3 morale and luck, you get up to +4/-4.

* You can have negative luck, but negative luck triggers when being hit. It doubles the amount of damage you take.

- Arrow Tower base damage -15.
+ Arrow Tower gets +5 base damage per Attack skill of the defending hero.

TODO* Walls have 250/500/750 HP, 10/15/20 DEF and can be attacked by creatures. Each HP level down is one level of destruction. Only one level of destruction can be applied per attack.


* Ballista +1 base damage per Attack of using hero.
* Ballista +10 HP per Defense of using hero.

TODO* Replace the former for: Machine shops can only sell two siege machines per week. War Machines can be stacked. Stacks of War Machines, such as Ballistae, will be treated in combat as creature stacks that don't count for victory.
** Catapult, Ammo Cart, Firt Aid Tent, and Ballista HP reduced.
** Catapult stacking doesn't increase "damage". First Aid Tent will increase heal.

TODO * Add Fire Trebuchet that replaces Ballista in some cases. Can also attack walls. Deals fire damage to units. Controlled with Ballistics.
TODO * Add Poisons cart that replaces Ammo cart in some cases. Casts Poison to enemies.
TODO * Add Blood lab that replaces First Aid for Necropolis (modeled on their building). Drains life from enemies and gives to own.
Map Objects:
* Removed Creature Banks from RNG

* Upgrading in Hill Fort costs 100% more than normal.

* Reconfigured Mercenary Camps so that each has a different creature each week.
** Creatures cannot be repeated between camps at the same time, nor in the same camp in consecutive weeks.

* Added level 4 spell shrines.

TODO* Defeated Pyramids become level 5 spell shrines for their spell, so it's never "Lost.

* Added Highlands, given to Conflux.
** Mountain town terrain is also Highlands (so it's 2-2 with Grass)

* Added lighter water: Shoreline.

* Artifact Merchants for every town.
* Artifact Merchants price is 4000 (from 10000) but also costs 4 wood 4 ore and 1 of each special resource.
* Artifacts in Artifact Merchants base price doubled.

* Conflux Aurora will work for all spells in the corresponding level of Mage Guild. However, it WILL give out spells banned for Conflux.

TODO * Fortress has a building that makes attacks from Arrow Towers cast Disrupting Ray for -1 Def. Requires Blood Obelisk and Glyphs of Fear.


* Dendroid Guards given golden leaves.

* Infernal Troglodytes now have Vampirism.
* Beholders/Evil Eyes can now spellcast a basic Blind with 1/2 spell power once per combat to a non-immune target they could shoot.
(This is a compensation for losing Artifact Merchants advantage while not being an already overpowered town.)

* Buffed Magma Elementals with +2 ATK and Fire Wall. Earth Elementals now cheaper (-50 gold).
* Fire Elementals can now Fly. Fire/Energy Elementals hate Water/Ice Elementals.
* Water Elementals defense increased, get bonuses on sea combat. Water/Ice Elementals hate Fire/Energy Elementals.
* Psychic/Magic Elemental, which is OP, switched for Gold/Diamond golems. Growth increased. Psychic/Magic elementals are now neutrals and can appear on Pyramids.

* Lizardmen applies Poison in 50% of ranged attacks. Effect is Basic/Advanced on upgrade and instant. Lasts 5/10 turns.
* Both Gorgons reduced 5 HP and 1/2 DEF.
* Wyverns apply Poison 100% of the times they attack. Effect is Basic/Advanced (on upgrade) (10/20% of HP reduced) and instant. Lasts 5/10 turns.
(Buffs compensate loss of Wyvern creature bank in RNG)


* Depths. Underground watery town. Aligned as Evil. Native terrain is water. Starts in underground in RMG templates (like Dungeon and Inferno). Think Illithids, Beholders, Deep Ones and Cthulhu.
* Added navigatable subterranean water lakes and tunnel courses to RMG. Whirpools spawn in them. Added some underwater abandoned ships to board (may spawn in shore or not, requiring Summon Boat spell).
** Depths has 50% chances of having a water body that enables constructing port in city.
* Depths already has creature DEFS from acidcave.

TODO* Mountain. Chinese town based on Taoist alchemy. Aligned as Good. Has fireworks-launching oriental dragon unit.
1* Zhengguo Peasant/Farmer (More HP than the original one but still economic bonus)
2* Terracotta Golem/Painted Golem [Spell resistance, Unliving. Relatively high HP/Def but low DMG.]
3* Clay-Worker/Porcelain-worker [ranged, can once cast advanced Reconstruction on unliving creatures, when upgraded cast Misfortune on basic level and spell power 2 on non-immune units hit with the ranged porcelain plates.]
4* Po/Yaoguai (evil spirit) [flying, Undead, ranged upgrade. Drains life on ranged attack.]
5* Sage/Immortal [Friendly/Mass friendly spellcaster (genie-like, but just 1 spell), melee, unlimited retaliation.]
6* Heavenly Spirit/Heavenly Deity [flying, counts as Elemental, attack and return when upgraded, can cast all four spell Protections at the same time to an ally, but on Basic level.]
7* Eastern/Oriental Dragon [Flying. +1 to army Luck. Upgraded casts Fireworks [like Fireball but deals double damage on central hex] once per combat, 40 damage per dragon to center hex and 20 to near ones. Melee attacks leave target hex on fire [like a 1-hex Fire Wall] for 2/3 turns, dealing 15/25 damage per dragon.]

* Has Rocket Artillery instead of Ballista. Cannot be controlled even with Artillery, but will attack a random enemy and has area effect (similar to a Fireball but with double damage on center hex). Color of effect is different than Dragon one.
* Mountain units don't get morale penalties for sharing armies with Undead.

* Castle recolored Red.
* Rampart in Autumn.
* Replaced some bad sprites.

TODO: Alternative upgrades for every creature. Can only be switched by re-paying upgrade cost.
Never changing = never improving

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Legendary Hero
Modding the Unmoddable
posted February 19, 2022 11:27 AM
Edited by NimoStar at 12:04, 19 Feb 2022.


TODO- Skeleton Transformer converts according to AI value at max, not individual unit (so no getting 100 skeletons from 100 peasants).
Skeleton Transformer price increased, regardless.


TODO- New skill: Alchemy.
* Get 10/20/30% of the gold value of non-living enemy troops after a combat. (Elementals, Unliving and Undead)
This is considered an opposite to Necromancy.
Several Alchemist heroes from Tower will start with this skill.
It is banned for Rampart heroes.
If adding new skill doesn't work, replace Mysticism or Eagle Eye.

+ Now gives 150/250/400 gold in base, but increases in 10% for every Knowledge point of your hero, making it scale better into the late game. Estates specialists increase earning in 5% for each other primary skill (ATK, DEF and SPOW) as well, instead of the previous bonus.

TODO* In addition to the pay 50% price for the raise mechanic, Basic, Advanced necromancy and Expert necromancy will raise only 5%. But Advanced necromancy will raise Zombies and Expert necromancy will raise Wights. AI value of raised can't exceed 5% of the defeated army.

Expert Artillery
TODO* Can buy ballista for self from hero dialog without being in a town. Limit 1 per such hero per day.

Expert First Aid
TODO* Can buy first aid tent for self from hero dialog without being in a town. Limit 1 per such hero per day.


Warmachines bought in towns cost 25% less assuing such town has a Market, and 25% less additionally if it has Artifact Merchants (which all towns can buy now).


"+350 gold" specialty changed into +300 gold at base, +5% per hero level including the first (so, base is actually 315; at level three you will be earning 345, but at level 15 it will be 525)


TODO* Reconfigure RNG so that Necropolis only spawns underground in default templates, similar to Dungeon and Inferno. More undergound space: Underground is "spacey" instead of pitch blackness, more use of underground lakes and stalagmites, as well as volcanoes and lava lakes, to block (as mountains and forests are used above ground).
Never changing = never improving

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