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Heroes Community > Heroes 6 - The New Beginning > Thread: Heroes 6 SoD mod - Additional heroes offline & tutorial
Thread: Heroes 6 SoD mod - Additional heroes offline & tutorial

Tavern Dweller
posted May 28, 2022 07:40 PM
Edited by RedTreant at 16:34, 02 Jul 2022.

Heroes 6 SoD mod - Additional heroes offline & tutorial

Hello! I'm happy to present a mod made for a Shadow of Darkness. It introduces two additional heroes with unique models per faction in the offline mode and while online to play against. Additionally, below you will find all information required to make it yourself and all I've discovered while trying to modify version 2.1.1.

Heroes will be available when choosing main hero in single scenario, duel mode, but won't be available for hire in Tavern, unless to resurrect them, same way as Dynasty heroes.

1. Mod installation and restrictions

In order to install it:
a) Download mod from following [url=https://mega.nz/file/oDFFCQaL#AUNpsFDf3E_cblL339zlO4xdSGgrBNCc0ldTyZbWJQE]link[/url]
b) Put Data22.orc file into your installation folder. If you are using latest version without mods, Data21.orc shall be the last one
c) If you have been playing offline previously, go to your Documents, find Might and Magic VI folder and under your profile delete or backup DynastyData.bin as game may not automatically do it.
You may now launch it on offline mode, in example by creating shortcut and adding -offline to starting parameters.

Currently known issues:
- Michael which I built as separate completely new hero entity has improper animation while upgrading to Life/Death reputation where body stays above the head. No idea how evolve animations are handled... Kraal just skips it...

Fixed issues:
- Update 1: Using mod in online mode is possible but equipping traits in any map will crash the game. If you unequip them in Dynasty window, you should still be able to verse new heroes.

2. Tutorial on how to reproduce it using modified GameEditor

In order to mod the game I used old GameEditor from game version 1.1 published already here previously, and widely used, as a base. Unfortunately I wasn't able to force recent EXE file to launch in editor mode. On the other hand I've introduced some changes to the old EXE to make it kind of work
a) Fixed never-ending loading of Game.orc - simply removed window definition. Then loading proceeded with warning regarding version if used file from SoD. Very old Game.orc shouldn't have this issue.
b) Fix Dungeon Heroes ID while saving - I've hex edited launcher so editor views certain unique IDs drop down fields of Dungeon as Academy, but while saving retains correct Dungeon ID. This enables to immediately use save Game.orc file, in most cases, and test it in-game, without hex post-processing.

Here are all the [url=https://mega.nz/file/9G1llBzY#jigCtt0wVJaAnv3EsLdT0TldwJwMRkBeh7khYZopxIA]tools[/url] needed in one place.

For those that are unfamiliar with the modding process. It's the same as in modding thread.
a) use orc2zip to extract all DataXX.orc files to one folder replacing newer files.
b) to edit main settings launch GameEditor i.e. using provided RunEditor.cmd command file. Press "ok" on pop-up. Ignore error about invalid data when it opens.
c) Open Game.orc file from unpacked data in first step

As some data get lost while we overwrite using old editor, after you do all changes there are some steps that have to be done using Hex editor mainly to correct empty or incorrect IDs which appear as old version does not have drop down definition for Shades of Darkness or DLCs. Personally I used HxD but it's up to you. Each hex represents certain readable text values, some look like complete gibberish at first site. You won't need knowledge like one below, it's just an example I worked at the beginning You can find instruction along with the mod in plain text where text strings are provided where to replace what exactly. It's actually pretty simple, just copy, replace accordingly. If you are not sure about something, easiest way to check what is wrong it so open and save Game.orc without changes and compare side by side.  

1. Fix Dungeon Heroes
Following fix will restore fully dungeon heroes and correct their armies. Otherwise there is fallback to Necro on default

Look for these two strings. They correspond to Dungeon Tavern heroes might/magic
2E 00 00 32 04 00 00 00 00 00 3C
0A 00 00 32 04 00 00 00 00 00 3C

after value 04, replace with 56 C8 07 00. This new value represents ID of dungeon faction. You can confirm it yourself in GameEditor, Other Editor (the "O" icon"), Other->Races->Dungeon

2. Fix Duel modes
This is required to fix crashing of the game in duel mode.        

Find "Dungeon 1" string. They will start like ones below with exception of last four empty bytes (8 zeroes) Replace them with dungeon ID
44 75 6E 67 65 6F 6E 20 31 00 00 1E 04 56 C8 07 00
Do the same for "Dungeon 2", which is just below.
44 75 6E 67 65 6F 6E 20 32 00 00 1E 04 56 C8 07 00

3. Fix Campaigns
Without this fix all new campaigns will have Duke Slava as starting hero. There are two fixes required hero. One in the list of campaigns and other in list of heroes.

a) Look for "Campaign NecExpan Might". This will be section with campaigns. Below you should have Offline avatars. Make yours way through up through all 4 campaigns Might/Magic
Necro Expansion Vein: 6E 04 0B
Dungeon: 6E 04 0A
Sandro and Dance Macabre: 6E 04 08
Crag Hack Pirate Campaign: 6E 04 09
b) Look for "PreSet Campaign" Default and Alternative. Somewhere below SourceAssets link you will have "6E 04 00" Replace it with relevant


Remaining are small fixes of buildings and pets that came with DLCs to make them work, like Training Center. See instruction for this step as look up codes are too long to post here.

3. SWF Editing

This may be a great way to actually unlock whole Dynasty in offline (or maybe not). SWF files hold not only interface graphics and information which can be changed, but also UI behaviors. The main issue is that these are compiled files and conversion to FLA seems very faulty. Nevertheless I've discovered still supported free program JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler which experimental ActionScript editor works without decompilation of files. This allowed me with small adjustments to unlock adding heroes to Dynasty while offline! They are saved even in the DynastyData.bin which was weirdly empty at the end! It didn't allow me to choose them in games as this is governed by some other scripts

Thank you for reading. If you know how to fix anything let me know. I may work slowly on fixing and expanding it myself.

Disclaimer: All files are provided as is and I claim to right of ownership to tools or programs etc. I'm also not connected to any of recommended editing programs

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Legendary Hero
Modding the Unmoddable
posted May 29, 2022 02:17 AM

Very interesting study in H6 modding.

I have never played H6 or 7, but i'm sure this will come in handy for future modding reference if nothing else. There is valuable information about making mods work.
Never changing = never improving

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Tavern Dweller
posted June 19, 2022 12:30 PM

Mod Update 1

I've managed to solve most important issue of the mod, crashing when having mod installed and using traits while connected to Conflux. This required additional understanding on how Game.orc works. There are places which specify address number/length of section and whole file which need to be adjusted after additional hexes are added to the file. There were also more drop down definitions missing in old Game editor than in other cases. I've updated links and instruction.

This also marks point when all known issues I encountered playing have some patching available one way or another after saving Game.orc

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