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Heroes Community > Library of Enlightenment > Thread: Heroes 3 Strategy Guide
Thread: Heroes 3 Strategy Guide

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King of the Elder Dragons
posted January 08, 2023 10:43 PM

Heroes 3 Strategy Guide

Unit Guide:
Pikemen are a staple unit, toughest for their level, not much to say, except that halberdiers are a good shooter guard.

Archers are average, but their upgrade is awesome, upgrade ASAP, only bad part is low defense.

Griffins are average, but their upgrades can be used to intercept enemy offensive units, as they will probably get distracted and attack them instead, only to be retaliated every time.

Swordsman are fine but a little too slow, their upgrade is great but still a bit slow.

Monks have decent stats, and zealots' no melee penalty make them great against fast low-tier melees.

Cavaliers are quite good, and champions are even better with high attack and defense, 2nd highest for level 6, I believe.

Angels are great, awesome units, totally worth expensive price, archangels are best non-expansion units in the game, however their cost is a problem.

Hero Guide:
Good Heroes:
Valeska easily makes a good main as archer specialty and archery really make marksmen deadly, good hero.

Edric- another good hero, griffin specialty with armorer makes the royal griffins even better at their job.

Catherine/Sorsha- these two are identical except for portraits, offense and specialty makes crusaders even more effective.

Adela- diplomacy is quite good, while bless specialty is great too, not much else to say.

Adelaide- most clerics are bad, so adelaide is here, wisdom and frost ring are fine.

Ingham- as I said, most clerics are bad, ingham is here for specialty.

every other hero is not that good as main for skill and specialty reasons.

Build Strategy:
Turn 1: Guardhouse (needed for everything else)
Turn 2: archer tower (for upgrade)
Turn 3: town hall
Turn 4: blacksmith (needed for barracks)
Turn 5: barracks (needed for griffin tower)
Turn 6: griffin tower
Turn 7: mage guild level 1 (needed for monastery)
2nd week: try to build monastery, training grounds, city hall, upg. archer tower, upg. barracks.
if you have low starting resources, build town hall on turn 2 instead.

Combat Strategy:
Guard archers/marksmen with pikemen and halberdiers, use royal griffins as midfield interceptors, crusaders should engage high priority targets, monks/zealots just do their job, champions should charge the farthest enemies, archangels should just smash and resurrect high valued dead allies.

Unit Guide:
Gremlins are only better than imps, not very good un-upgraded, upgrade them fast.

Stone gargoyles make good shooter-blockers and cannon fodder use them to intercept high-value enemy shooters.

Stone Golems should be there to protect the shooters, use them as frontline meatshields when you don't have shooters, upgrade is quite good.

Magi are good shooters, and their mana cost reduction can be very useful to spellcasters, their no melee penalty is good but magi are fragile, upgrade is useful but not necessary.

Genies must be upgraded ASAP as they are quite fragile, but master genies' beneficial spellcasting really makes it much better, as it can usually buff your needing troops before enemies get to act due to its very high speed.
I'll do the rest of the factions' guides later.
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