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Heroes Community > Bards Glade Pyre (RPG) > Thread: ArdentWyrm's RP
Thread: ArdentWyrm's RP

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posted January 15, 2023 07:16 PM
Edited by ArdentWyrm at 00:40, 17 Jan 2023.

ArdentWyrm's RP

OK, I already have an RP in altar of wishes, but this one is for Glade active participants.

Part I: The Story
The God of War and the God of Peace have had a very brutal arguement recently, in fact it was so brutal the God of War ended up destroying the kingdom of Ironfell, causing angry survivors from Ironfell to rally against the God of War with help from the God of Peace, while, in the meantime supporters of the God of War from the kingdom of Winterhold have rallied against the God of Peace, the world is torn apart by a primeval war between War (Winterhold) and Peace (Ironfell).

Part II: Rules and Gameplay
OK, so everyone creates a character that is picked from a list of available races and has a class picked from list of available classes, and chooses to side with either War (Winterhold), or Peace (Ironfell).
Fire Elemental
Water Elemental
Earth Elemental
Air Elemental
Light Elemental
Darkness Elemental
Werewolf, Were-rat, Were-jackal, Were-bear
Young Dragon
Avatar of Astral Entity (say gods, angels, demons.)
Sentient, Speaking animals (think talking and thinking cows, birds, and lions.)


a martial soldier capable of enduring the frontlines for extended periods of time, their primary focus is melee weapons, heavy armor, and shields.
Warrior Class Features:
Level 1: Melee Proficiency: when performing an attack with a melee weapon, the chance for a critical hit is increased by 20%.

Fighter Sub-Class:
Level 2: Crippling Blow: attacks by two-handed weapons also have an additional 20% chance to stun the opponent.
Level 3: War Charge: if the warrior moved at least 50 feet before striking its target, the attack deals an additional +25% damage.
Level 4: Cleave: when making an attack with a melee weapon, the warrior can attack two enemies if they are at most 5 feet apart for +25% damage.

Shieldguard Sub-Class:
Level 2: Ally Shield: the warrior can choose to take 60% of the damage an ally would be dealt, with the rest of it not being dealt to anyone.
Level 3: Shield Wall: the warrior and an ally at most 5 feet apart both gain a +3 armour bonus if both of them are wielding a shield.
Level 4: Adamant Shield: once every two battles, the warrior can cause his or her shield to automatically absorb all damage directed within 20 feet of it and not break, no matter the damage amount.

skilled with the bow, bowmen devote their spare time to the archery range, and thus, as a result their skill with a bow is ever-increasing.
Bowman Class Features:
Level 1: Ranged Proficiency: when performing an attack with a ranged weapon, the chance for a critical hit is increased by 20%.

Ranger Sub-Class:
Level 2: Tracker: the bowman has a +30% chance to notice footprints and other tracks left behind by humanoids and beasts alike.
Level 3: Wild Ally: the bowman chooses a wild ally from wolf, mouse, deer, owl, and fox, which will follow them around and take orders from the bowman.
Level 4: Spirit of the Wild: the bowman has an animal spirit imbued within it allowing the bowman to choose between a +3 armour bonus, a +3 eyesight bonus, a +3 agility bonus, a +3 strength bonus, a +3 intelligence bonus, or a +3 divinity bonus, able to switch between each of these bonuses at will.

Marksman Sub-Class:
Level 2: Keen Shot: the bowman can fire arrows at +2 eyesight if no distractions such as loud sounds and constant movement are not in the area.
Level 3: Piercing Shot: the bowman's ranged attacks ignore 50% of the target's armour.
Level 4: Rain of Arrows: once every two battles, the bowman can fire an arrow on all enemies at once.

rogues are thieving, stealthy scoundrels that always find a clever way to elude law and its enforcers, causing most commoners to think of them as evil villains.
Rogue Class Features:
Level 1: Stealth: the rogue has a +20% chance to go unnoticed anywhere.

Assassin Sub-Class:
Level 2: Sneak Attack: the rogue's melee attack deals an additional +20% damage if the target is unaware of the rogue.
Level 3: Killing Blow: the rogues's attack will kill the target if it has 10 of fewer HP left, regardless of damage.
Level 4: Black Hand: the rogue's melee attacks become un-evadable and deal +50% damage to targets unaware of the rogue instead of +20%.

Shade Sub-Class:
Level 2: Shroud of Darkness: the rogue now has a +40% chance to go unnoticed anywhere.
Level 3: Shadow Beam: once every day, the rogue can cast a shadow that only he or she and his or her allies can see through, it lasts for 6 hours.
Level 4: Shadow Step: the rogue can teleport from one shadow to another at will.

wizards are scholars of the arcane arts, learning to bend reality to their will by magical means, therefore making them a formidable yet usually fragile opponent on the battlefield:
Wizard Class Features:
Level 1: Magic User: the mage may cast the following spells:
Mage Arrow: sends a magical teal projectile at the target, dealing minor damage, higher intelligence increases the number of projectiles.
Mage Armor: the mage gains +2 to armour for 1 hour.

Elementalist Sub-Class:
Level 2: Elemental Affinity: the mage can cast the following additional spell:
Lightning Bolt: sends a bolt of magic lightning to strike a desired target.
Level 3: Elemental Proficiency: the mage can cast the following additional spell:
Fireball: sends a burning ball of fire at the target exploding on impact, dealing damage to target and all creature within 10 feet of the target.
Level 4: Elemental Mastery: the mage can cast the following additional spell:
Meteor Shower: burning meteors fall on a 10 foot by 10 foot area, causing massive fire and earth damage to all targets in the vicinity.

Illusionist Sub-Class:
Level 1: Illusion Affinity: the mage can cast the following additional spell:
Minor Illusion: creates a small, illusionary object that lasts 1 minute, but looks very realistic.
Level 2: Illusion Proficiency: the mage can cast the following additional spell:
Major Illusion: creates a life-size illusionary object that can be smelled, but not touched, it lasts for 30 minutes.
Level 4: Illusion Mastery: the mage can cast the following additional spell:
Conjuration: summons 2-3 elementals, animals, or 1 young dragon to fight at the wizard's side.

holy worshippers, priests have received divine power from their patron god, proving them worthy allies.
Priest Class Features:
Level 1: Bless: grants target ally +2 to one attribute, or +1 to two attributes, the effect lasts for 1 hour and can't stack up.

Healer Sub-Class:
Level 2: Healing Touch: the priest can lay his or her hands over an ally, restoring 20% of their HP worth of hit points back.
Level 3: Healing Word: the priest can utter a magic phrase, restoring the HP of target ally by 20% of their hit point total every 30 minutes for the next hour.
Level 4: Mass Healing: the priest can restore the HP of all allies by 40% of their HP worth of hit points every two battles.

Inquisitor Sub-Class:
Level 2: Holy Judgement: the priest reduces one attribute of an enemy by 2 or two attributes of an enemy by 1 each, the effect lasts for 1 hour and can't stack up.
Level 3: Smite: the next attack the priest performs on a chosen target deals an extra +20% damage.
Level 4: Divine Vengeance: all enemies take +30% damage and get -2 strength for 1 hour.

Weapons and Armor
Light Melee
Dagger: 2-3 piercing damage.
Shortsword: 3-4 piercing damage.
Crowbar: 1-3 blunt damage.
Hunting Knife: 1-3 piercing damage.
Hand Axe: 3-4 slashing damage.
Quartersatff: 2-4 blunt damage.
Heavy Melee
Battleaxe: 3-5 slashing damage.
Longsword: 4 slashing damage.
Mace: 3-5 blunt damage.
Flail: 4 blunt or piercing damage (piercing if spiked).
Greataxe: 6-8 slashing damage, two-handed.
Greatsword: 7 slashing damage, two-handed.
Warhammer: 5-8 blunt damage.
Light Ranged
Sling: 1-3 blunt.
Bow: 3-4 piercing damage.
Throwing Axe: 2-3 slashing damage.
Throwing Knife: 2-3 piercing damage.
Dart: 1-2 piercing damage.
Net: 40% chance to capture targets with low agility.
Heavy Ranged:
Longbow: 4-6 piercing damage.
Trident: 3-5 piercing damage.
Greatbow: 7 piercing damage.
Musket: 7-8 piercing damage, only available when I say so.

Cloak: +0 armour, +10% stealth advantage.
Leather: +1 armour.
Studded Leather: +2 armour, -10% stealth advantage.
Scale Mail: +3 armour, -10% stealth advantage.
Chain Mail: +4 armour, -20% stealth advantage.
Padded Armor: +5 armour, -10% stealth advantage.
Plate Mail: +6 armour, -50% stealth advantage.

Magic Weapons and Armor (only available by special trait or quests):
Flame Tongue: 4 slashing damage and 3 fire damage.
Frost Brand: 4 slashing damage and 3 ice damage.
Sword of Might: 4 slashing damage and +2 strength to wielder.
Sword of Sharpness: 4 slashing damage and +1 to damage for every consistent attack.
Gorgon's Tongue: 4 slashing damage and 3 poison damage.
Crystal Sword: 8 slashing damage and 4 magic damage.
The Sun Sword: 7 slashing damage and 5 light damage, two-handed, if picked for special trait, no other magic item can be picked for special trait.
Black Sword: 7-9 slashing damage, targets get -2 armour for 1 hour, two-handed, if picked for special trait, no other magic item can be picked for special trait.
Dwarven Battleaxe: 7-9 slashing damage.
Bow of the Wood Elf: 5-8 piercing damage, +2 eyesight to wielder.
Dragon Scale Mail: +10 armour, wearer is immune to either fire, ice, earth, electric, poison, acid, darkness, or light damage, depending on the dragon the scales came from,  if picked for special trait, no other magic item can be picked for special trait, -20% stealth advantage.
Anti-Magic Armor: +5 armour, renders the wearer immune to all magic, if picked for special trait, no other magic item can be picked for special trait.
Elemental Mail: +5 armour, renders the wearer immune to either fire, ice, electirc, or earth damage, depending on the armor, -20% stealth advantage.
Dwarven Breastplate: +6 armour, renders the wearer +2 strength, -50% stealth advantage.
Elven Mail: +4 armour, renders the wearer +2 agility.

the six attributes strength, eyesight, intelligence, agility, divinity, and armour determine certain things:
Strength determines if you can break a door, how damaging your melee attack is, and so forth, it is crucial for the warrior class.
Eyesight determines how well you can see things, if your arrow hits or not, and if it hits, how damaging is it, it is crucial for the bowman class.
Intelligence determines how smart you are, how knowledgeable are you with the arcane arts, and so forth, it is crucial for the wizard class.
Agility determines well, your agility, can you dodge an attack, and so forth, it is crucial for the rogue class.
Divinity determines how much proficiency you have with the religious and divine arts and practices, it is crucial for the priest class.
Armour determines how tough you are, how much an attack damages you, and so forth, it isn't particularly fitting for any class, but is quite useful for warriors.

Everyone starts with 1 of each attribute and has 6 points to spread among their attributes, increasing an atrribute by X requires X attribute points, you can also lower eyesight and divinity to 0, you gain one attribute point per every attribute lowered to 0.

Special Traits
special traits are a unique feature every character has, picked from a list of available traits (see below), for example a character may start with up to 2 magic items as a special trait, however if that character picks one that says if picked, you can only start with 1 magic item, then the character must abide by the item's rule. Please note that you may NOT pick a trait that has already been picked by another character.
Special Traits List:
Enchanted Weapons: the character starts with 2 magic items of their choice, but must abide if an item says if picked, you can only have this one (note which items you start with).
Earth Affinity: the character can lift and hurl boulders. dig tunnels and. build stone forts with ease.
Fire Affinity: the character can shoot fiery rays, throw explosive fireballs, and set flammable things on fire by touching them.
Ice Affinity: the character can make snowmen at will, throw explosive ice and snow balls, and build igloos at will.
Air Affinity: the character can control gusts of wind, hurl lightning bolts, and attempt to cook up a thunder, rain, or wind storm.
Supreme Magi: the character starts with the mage arrow and mage armor spells, the mage arrow spell now fires 2 projectiles rather than 1, and mage armor now gives +3 armour for an hour and a half.
Supreme Melee: the character inflicts an extra 3-5 damage when fighting in melee.
Supreme Ranged: the character inflicts an extra 3-5 damage when attacking with ranged weapons.
Bardic Tongue: the character knows a variety of songs, including magical songs and is proficient with a variety of musical instruments.
Uncanny Luck: the character has a +40% chance to succeed on whatever he or she is doing.
Hands of Death: the character's hands deal an extra 2-3 darkness damage when used as a weapon, in addition they trigger a random negative effect such as temporary blindess, deafness, mute, hypnosis, poison, or
intense fatigue.
Free Will: the character is immune to all effects that would influence or control his or her mind.
Chaos Shield: the character is surrounded by an elemental aura, depending on their mood, if angry, sad, or depressed, the aura is fiery aura that deals 3-5 fire damage to anything in its vicinity, if happy, joyful, or calm, the aura is a freezing aura that deals 3-5 ice damage to anything in its vicinity.
Fencing Master: the character deals an extra 20% damage when wielding a dagger or sword, and enemies have a -20% chance of dodging attacks by these weapons.
Summoner: the character can summon 1 elemental to fight at his or her side.
Wanderer: the character can teleport to a desired location at will 5 times per day.
Necromancer: the character can raise 3 corpses or skeletons as zombies or skeletons to fight alongside him or her.
Lieutenant: the character can give all allies +2 strength and +10% damage for 1 hour 3 times per day.
High Priest: the character can ask for divine intervention in the form of increasing someone's attributes by +5 for 3 hours once per every 2 days.
Polymorph: the character can transform into any animal and back 5 times per day.
Rebirth: the character can rise from the dead once per year.
Spectral Form: the character can become incorporeal 5 times per day.
Time Master: the character can complete tasks faster than usual, example read a 5000-page book in a few hours, build a castle in 1 day, etcetera.

each character starts with the following equipment depending on their class:
Warrior starts with one heavy melee weapon of your choice, a shield, either scale mail, chain mail, or padded armor, two weeks food and water and a bedroll.

Bowman starts with one heavy or light ranged weapon of your choice, 60 ammunition, either leather or studded leather, a spare light ranged weapon of your choice and spare 20 ammunition, two weeks food and water, plus a bedroll.

Rogue starts with two light melee weapons of your choice, a cloak, one vial of lesser poison, two weeks food and water, a lock pick and a bedroll.

Wizard starts with a quarterstaff, a set of colored robes, a magic crystal, spellbook, two weeks food and water, plus a bedroll

Priest starts with one light melee weapon of their choice, religious outfit, holy and magical symbol, two weeks food and water, a bedroll and a holy book (say bible).

Critical Hits
every time a character makes an attack, there is a 10% chance it will be a critical hit, critical hits do +50% damage and stun the enemy.

I've covered all the rules except that all players side with either the War team or the Peace team, and fight each other.

Part III: The Player Characters
No one yet, but I'll post my race, class, and team (War or Peace) later in a character sheet as an example to the thread participants who copy my example when creating their character.

ArdentWyrm's Character:
Name: ArdentWyrm.
Race: Minotaur.
Class: Warrior.
Age: 38.
Level: 1.
Special Trait: Ice Affinity: the character can make snowmen at will, throw explosive ice and snow balls, and build igloos at will.
Class Features: Level 1: Melee Proficiency: when performing an attack with a melee weapon, the chance for a critical hit is increased by 20%.
Sub-Class: Fighter.
Equipment: a greataxe, a shield, padded armor, two weeks food and water and a bedroll.
Strength: 5.
Eyesight: 2.
Intelligence: 2.
Agility: 2.
Divinity: 0.
Armour: 6.
Team: War (Winterhold).
Backstory: ArdentWyrm was a strong and tough minotaur in a tribe of minotaurs, in fact he would have been the chief of his tribe if not for the intervention of the God of Peace, whom saw ArdentWyrm's violent and dangerous personality and decided to replace him with a wiser and more just minotaur, causing his tribe to shun him forever, overcome with fury, ArdentWyrm slew almost his entire tribe, save the "chief" and fled to the kingdom of Winterhold where he made a living as a mercenary, when the God of War destroyed Ironfell causing a war against the God of Peace, ArdentWyrm supported the God of War because of his ancient grudge toward Peace.

that is a standard character sheet.

Torment is blinding. It lies. Its pollution steals my sense. It promises: destroy everything and the pain will cease.
- Kralkatorrik

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