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Heroes Community > Tavern of the Rising Sun > Thread: Alphabets
Thread: Alphabets

Undefeatable Hero
My BS sensor is tingling again
posted July 21, 2023 06:56 AM
Edited by artu at 06:57, 21 Jul 2023.


Lol, I just realized Turkey can be the country surrounded by most alphabets.

Latin alphabet is very easy to learn and quite practical since it is fully phonetic. Anybody who uses and sees practical upsides to other alphabets?

Are you pretty? This is my occasion. - Ghost

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Undefeatable Hero
Therefore I am
posted July 22, 2023 12:55 PM

Yes Latin is an easy, thus loanwords, but you meant alphabet. I tried Herbew, only I know the God name.. When I loaned Fin-Herbew dictionary from library, but I gave up, I haven't a motive anymore.. What I loaned? No idea.. Another I tried Russian.. But I didn't get it without translated alphabet.. Only Russian alphabet.. But I was 16-18yo.. Yup Herbew and Russian.. I'm boring, so I write this thread.. And you can read loanword in the wikipedia tells about Turkey too..

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