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Heroes Community > Heroes 4 - Lands of Axeoth > Thread: Aargh! Tutorial how NOT make a Scenario - see H4 campaigns...
Thread: Aargh! Tutorial how NOT make a Scenario - see H4 campaigns...

Tavern Dweller
posted May 22, 2002 03:13 AM

Aargh! Tutorial how NOT make a Scenario - see H4 campaigns...

I am trying to stick by this game but stupid mistake after stupid mistake and I'm really having trouble maintaining any respect for 3DO here. This game was rushed out, we all know this. The lack of real multi told us this. The AI is beyond a joke.

But how the heck can the campaigns be so crappily designed.

I have wasted my time bothering with two of the campaigns now.

1) The stupid might campaign. Champion setting was not considered in the design and it is only beatable by the very few vet players who can be bothered with the persitance required to keep starting again until they luck out with the right potions or artifacts - took 9 attempts and many hours of bored time pressing end turn and restarting till I finally got artifact required just to be able to get first town in first map - ack.

2)Against better judgement, I tryout a second campaign (on champ cos it's the only way you might have a distant hope of some challenge - not yet...). I load up the Death guy campaign. Good I think, not forced on luck, i take bottom isle and underground no prob. Can't get to blue or green till figure out what the ferry does (lol). No prob accross, green seems to have strangely lost his Hero and never bothered to try again, just massing forces sloooooowly. I kill the garrison, take all mines, can't get to blue again, need blue tent. Can't go underground, says I have to kill green. Green has nothing anywhere. Back and forth back through entire map, enter everything, run mouse slowly over every inch looking for a hidden sprite or something... nothing anywhere. WTF is that!!!! Masochistically persistant, I spend another 30 minutes back and forth, trying everything - nothing , green wont die. Only thing of greens is the gravestone of his dead Hero which I cannot affect (orange had one too from suicide attack, but he eliminated fine). WTF!!!

2 Campaigns, both practically unplayable on champion unless BOREDOM and FRUSTRATION as opposed to an actual strategic CHALLENGE of any kind.

Am working on own maps since the users seem to have to do everything themselves but would be a lot easier if they could at least go to the trouble of making a frigging manual for the editor.

I believe this game has actually managed to rival the infamous Pool of Radiance for being rushed out nowhere near completion. Well they got my 90 bucks (AUS) so the joke's on me. Ha! Good one 3DO you vile bastards, good one...

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Known Hero
posted May 22, 2002 03:22 AM

lol... Smart players don't play on Champion.

Play on Advanced level and you'll feel much less frustrated.
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Famous Hero
of Clear Water Mountain Clan
posted May 22, 2002 01:49 PM

Yeah, the comp has problems understanding when your opp's are dead. If he has any boats, and mines or anything else that can be flagged or owned, you should try taking it.

I once spent 2 months "beating" a long dead opponent. The game ended when I finally entered a boat some of his troops had used once a decade ago. Another example of an unfinished game.

There are 10 types of people: Those who read binary, and those who don't.

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