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Heroes Community > Heroes 4 - Lands of Axeoth > Thread: Champion difficulty........campaign 1 with Lysander hints and tips
Thread: Champion difficulty........campaign 1 with Lysander hints and tips

Hired Hero
posted August 17, 2002 12:36 AM

Champion difficulty........campaign 1 with Lysander hints and tips


I just started the campaign with Lysander at Champion difficulty and i wanna share my "experience" .I started the game and when i saw that almost everything is guarded by strong enemy's and they have scores and company i thought god  ill f****n leave but i was bored playing at novice difficulty where it was to easy to play ,so i started playing.I took with every hero the troops from the castle and started exploring the map collectiong resources and treasures,meantime i upgraded the Castle that Lysander "lived in" and hired a Priest. Every week i hired the troops from the creature bank and got stronger and stronger .With Lysander and the Priest only took experience from the treasures and i always choosed with the priest the Resurrection skill and i recomend that for u doing this too because when u suffer casualtis the priest ressurect them..... .
So after a while when the other heroes where a bit stronger i took the troops from the other castle as well with Lysander.Of course i went to Proetho but he needed the Ankh of Life .Dont mind that just be sure that Lysander and the priest get stronger and stronger and that finding the Ankh of Like is your secondary thing to do.Slowly i got so powerful that i reached with Lysander level 15 and having GM at all the skills and with the priest i was level 14  with GM resurrection when fighting i only lost half of troops .I elminated the Teal player and i have now 193 Monks,139 Baslistas,853 Squires,317 Pikemen and 1225 Crossbowmen (huh).If u dont believe me email me and i'll send the save with Lysander.Thats all because i couldn't play anymore because my father had to work.As soon as i finish this level i'll write down my "experience". One more thing when fighting try to protect Lysander and do not expose him ,with the priest cast Mass Fervor then mass Bless .Always have 2-3 immortality potions with u.          Bye
    Blade 2002

        "  Heroes are power ,power is experience ,experience is The Hero,The Hero are YOU.     "        

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Known Hero
Dirty MoFo
posted August 17, 2002 07:32 PM

Who cares ? h4 sucks anyway.

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Adventuring Hero
posted August 17, 2002 09:28 PM

Concerning Resurrection: I would recommend against upgrading resurrection. On the surface it looks quite powerful (I mean, resurrecting half of your army), but it has two severe flaws that make it pretty much useless in my eyes:

1) You must win a fight in order to resurrect anything. But resurrection in itself does nothing to help you win your fight, as opposed to skills like tactics, combat or various magics. An example that should illustrate the problem with Resurrection: GM Resurrection will essentially give your creatures 50% additional health if you win a battle. GM defense will do almost exactly the same, but the effect applies even during the battle, where it is far more useful.

2) To actually utilize Resurrection, it means you must play your fights in such a way that you actually lose creatures. Only then can Resurrection start doing its work. But if you chose skills like Melee or Order instead, you could play your fights without actually harming your creatures!

Concerning the champion difficulty: I like to play on champion, simply because I like to get as much points as possible. I can tell you this: You will be hard pressed in Waerjak (Might) and Tawni (Chaos) campaigns, but don't give up. It is possible to win all campaigns on this difficulty, although it is extremely difficult with Waerjak. The satisfaction from winning this campaign is immense!

Concerning Lysander's campaign: You don't actually need to hoard creatures in the beginning. The neutral armies look impressive, sure enough, but with a little experience you shouldn't have any problems with them. Your starting army (what you have in your towns) along with Lysander can easily defeat most of the level 1 stacks on the whole map. Once you get Monks, you become a force of destruction unmatched by anything but the big Griffin guards stacks.

Oh, and DO train your Lysander in Combat - you WILL need grandmaster Combat and either GM Melee or GM Archery (preferably both). Don't bother with Tactics! Make sure you have a hero with at least expert Order, too.

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