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Heroes Community > Heroes 4 - Lands of Axeoth > Thread: Strategies
Thread: Strategies

Wandering Thief
posted October 15, 2002 01:38 PM


I want to make a strat / build order thread.

to start it of ill give out my sucky build ordeer for order :

On first day build a university. have hero learn all magic skills at it and maybe scouting. buy a lord or a death knight. split army between two and go gain levels.

Day two build a city hall. keep up collecting levels ( tip : give meelee atttak def. speed gems to knight / lord and sp to the mage.

day threee build a magi tower. hire all the troops and send them two the weaker of the two armies.

day 4 : buy the secondary magic school for the magic in the umiversity. if u have both buy the  one for life. start the heroes towards the town

day 5 build order magic tower level 2.

day 6 build genie thingy u might need to trade but u need to get it hire evrything u can

day seven the heroes reach ttown hire everything u can and split it between them.

u r now free to roam
Dont mess with the best cuz u aint got no contest.
Forget the rulz they were made to be broken

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Famous Hero
baking cookies from stardust
posted October 15, 2002 04:26 PM
Edited By: Nidhgrin on 15 Oct 2002

Hmm, well.  Were do I start?  I have the impression I play order completely differently (not necessarily better ).
- Do not build a university on day one, that's just tossing resources down the drain.
- Make sure you have at least an order mage, secondary hero is chosen according to taste.  I prefer a necromancer(often without developing necromancy) because those become very powerful in time, but that's my choice.
- Day 2 you should not build a city hall.  Go for golems asap, they will allow you to do some serious killing in week one already and by the end game they still count in combat.  I agree that magi are great in huge numbers, but they fall like flies and will be the worst choice in the end.  Especially when you take both magi and genies, you'll have a problem since you don't have a tank unit to guard them.
- You should have genies before the end of week 1, even if it means you have to trade heavily.
- Titans or dragon golems?  Depends on spells in mageguild, enemy L4 choice counts also.  I go for titans usually, but the dragon golems are also good units.  Anyway, you should have them a good deal before the end of week 2.
- In really poor maps you could consider to go for gold first, but usually there are enough loose resources, and treasure chests(always take the cash) lying around.

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Supreme Hero
Zapper of Toads
posted October 15, 2002 05:06 PM

Order builds ...

I would priritize the builds as follows, depednign on what comes pre-built:

1. Tavern
2. Fort
3. Halfling dwelling (Unless the dwarf dwelling is prebuilt)
4. Level 1 Mage Guild.
5. Level 2 dwelling (choose your preference), unless built you may have to build the pre-requisite to the level 2 also.
6. Clerical Library
7. Level 3 dwelling (Genie)
8. Alchemist shop (To buy Immortality Potions.)
9. Second level 1 dwelling (unless prebuilt)
10. Upgrading the Hall building or Mage Guild.
11. University.

Recruiting Heroes on day 1.
If the Map is poor, recruit a Lord otherwise the Lord can wait until week 2.

Otherwise recruit:
- Necromancer (do this only if plan is to develope the Necromancy skill to GM for said Necromancer. The necromancer may be short of spells initially.)
- Priest (You're going to build the clerical library so spells will be available.)
- Mage (Order has also a lot of good spells.)

Both Knights and Death Knights are a bit slow in developing and won't help you much on low levels.

I'd not buy the Knight or Death Knight day 1 if I could only afford 1 Hero, better to take one of the magic users or the Lord. But I may take Knight/Death Knight if I already have a Mage as a starting Hero on a rich map.

The tactics depends on levels and guards. On higher difficulty splitting can be a bad mistake because neutral stacks are just too tough.

On day 1 send out 1-2 single creature scouts to determine what is flaggable in the neighbourhood and pick up freebies.

Flag/visit things in the following order:
Mines: Ore, Wood, Gems, Gold are important early on. Take others only if you can take them with negligble losses.

Creature dwellings: Flag them early on.

Beastmaster/Witch Hut: Visit these early on.

Dream Teacher/Learning Stone: Try to visit these early on. You can afford to lose a few troops taking them.

Places you can wait with:
School of War/Magic: A secondary alternative to the Beastmaster/Witch Hut. These cost money and generally you don't have any money to spare early on. Don't lose creatures early on to take on guards for these. (The same applies for other tuition which costs money.)

Tree of Knowledge: Avoid these early on. Clear the guard only if you can take them on without losses.

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Undefeatable Hero
Daddy Cool with a $90 smile
posted October 15, 2002 07:56 PM

Err... Can I post H3 build order here?
Yolk and God bless.
My buddy's doing a webcomic and would certainly appreciate it if you checked it out!

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Wandering Thief
posted October 15, 2002 09:55 PM

whatever the reason i made this post is for publicity on the library and such
Dont mess with the best cuz u aint got no contest.
Forget the rulz they were made to be broken

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Famous Hero
posted October 16, 2002 02:23 PM
Edited By: Wub on 16 Oct 2002

This is how I generally build up my town when playing against the AI on 200% (against humans it isn't too different). Some alignments may diverge from this building path, but not too much. The only exception is 'Might' if you go for a hero-with-immortality-potions rush.

The key is to get your critical unit as fast as possible, for example: vampires for death and genies for order.

Build fort (usually prebuilt)-if map is poor go for tavern

Build level 1 dwelling (usually prebuilt) -choose your fastest scout. Make sure you build a dwelling that is a prerequisite for your intended second level unit.

Build level 2 dwelling prerequisite (if there is one)

Build level 2 dwelling.

Build level 3 prerequisite (if there is one)

Build level 3 dwelling.

Hire your key army and start cleaning your area. Your area should be clearly defined by your scouting units by now and the loose resources should have been taken.

Build a tavern (usually prebuilt) -hire a hero for your economy (thief, lord) and let him visit experience locations.

Build your other level 1 dwelling (only if your financial situation is good)

Build a mage guild level 1 if your magic hero is near and needs spells.

Build a blacksmith. Buy armor, bows and immortality potions and chain it to your main army.

Consider building an other hero now. For example: a might hero if you had a magic one. You can also choose to recruit the rest of your army. Or if you have many cash, you can go for a level 4 dwelling. Keep your mage guilds 'up to date' too.

Well that's it. You're right, I never or very rarely build a city hall. It hardly ever pays off for me.


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