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Heroes Community > Heroes 3.5 - WoG and Beyond > Thread: Unique Spells for WoG
Thread: Unique Spells for WoG

Supreme Hero
posted March 28, 2003 04:17 PM
Edited By: Lich_King on 14 Apr 2003

Unique Spells for WoG

OK... Here you can post your Unique(The spells which not exist in original Heroes III) spells for 8 Commander classes.

Basic: "Holy Arrow" - Deals damage to evil creatures.
Advanced: "Protect from Undead" - Gives aditional defence against Necropolise's creatures, comanders and neutrals, which are undead.
Expert: "Holy Shout" - All Evil creatures suffer damage. (Like "Destroy Undead")
Master: "Holy Sword" - Gives +150 % extra damage against Evil creatures.
Grandmaster: "Guardian Angel" - Gives aditional lives to Creatures/Comanders.

Temple Guardian:
Basic: "Random Spell" - Casts random beneficial level.1-3 spell on allied creature/commander.
Advanced: "Repair" (or "Recycle") - Animates number of Mechanical creatures (Golems, Gargoyles (They are more elemental, but let's leave that in Heroes 4) and War mashines (Very usefull, when Catapult is destroyed)).
Expert: "Steal Spell" - Transfer beneficial spell(s) from enemy creature(s)/commander(s) to allied creature(s)/commander(s).
Master: "Flight" - Gives creature/commander the ability to fly over the obstacles.
Grandmaster: "Teleportation" - Gives creature/commander the ability to teleport everywhere on the map.

Soul Eater:
Basic: "Cancelation" - Cancels current beneficial spell(s) from enemy creature(s).
Advanced: "Raise Mummies" - Raises current number of mummies from foe/allied army.
Expert: "Death Call" - Animates any dead creature on the combat map. Creatures gain "undead" properties.
Master: "Touch of the Vampire" - Adds "Life Drain" property to the allied creature's melee attack.
Grandmaster: "Death's touch" - Kills certain amount of enemy creatures/commanders. (Very good against Azure, 8 level creatures and other "tough" units).

Basic: "Poison" - Deals damage every round, but more than Wyvern's poison...
Advanced: "

Other ideas are welcome and futher list is comming soon.

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Supreme Hero
Former Chessmaster
posted April 12, 2003 11:46 PM
Edited By: yasmiel on 20 Aug 2003

1- Fear (33% chance of inflicting fear in enemy unit)
2- Magic resistance (gives 20% MR to all stronghold units, cumulative with lv.5 spell but not with itself)
3- Crumble (lowers defence of enemy unit by 50%)  
4- Might of Krewlood (Increases the ATT,DEF and speed to 150% for units in "fireball" radius)
5- Valhala protection(50% magic res, cumulative with lv.2 spell but not with itself)

1- Fire: Scorch (fire ring around commander)
2- Earth: Earth Power (doubles one unit's defense)
3- Air: Avenging Wind (Enemy ranged units have 33% chance that their missiles will change direction and hit them)
4- Ice: Chill (Halves unit's ATT, DEF and Speed)
5- Magic: Spell Beacon (targeted unit takes triple damage from spells)

1- Burden (+1 to cost of enemy hero's spells, cumulative)
2- Wine (Binds unit in place; only works in swamp terrain)
3- Mass Poison (all enemy units lose 33% hits each round)
4- Regeneration (All friendly units)
5- Invoke Swamp (20% chance for each non-swamp unit to be caught in wines; 50% if battle is in swamp; for 3 turns)
*- wines can look like dendroid special ability

1- Mana leech (transfers 3 mana points from enemy to your hero)
2- Go to hell! (Instantly kills a number of lv.1 creatures and ads that to number of imps/familiars)
3- Fiery blood (all units get fire shield)
4- Unholy sword (units in 3 hex radius deal 150% damage to Good creatures, 200% to Angels)
5- Cursed realm (Casts expert fortune, misfortune, curse, bless and weakness)

1- Eagle eye (steals lv.1-3 spell from enemy spellbook permanently)
2- Summon Elf (summons wood elves)
3- Call the woods (summons dendroids)
4- Deconcentration (enemy hero or commander has 50% chance of spell failure)
5- Dragon cry (summons green dragons)

1- Mana mastery (-1 to cost of hero spells, cumulative)
2- Hatred (unit does 33% bonus damage to same level units)
3- Downgrade (downgrades lv.1-5 unit 'till the end of battle)
4- Mutate (lv. 1-5 unit changes into it's level + 1 random monster 'till end of battle, once per unit)
5- Dragon heart (all dragons do double damage)

1- Encurage (temporary +1 to hero ATT, DEF or SP, cumulative)
2- Displacement (teleports enemy unit)
3- Repair (repairs mechanical units or WALLS)
4- Golem Mastery (permanent upgrade to golems: stone=>iron=>gold=>diamond)
5- Double Shot (all ranged units can attack twice and have no range penalties)

1- Heal

1- Dispell

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Famous Hero
Dead Man
posted April 13, 2003 07:22 PM

Hey nice thread  The WoG team is already looking into new spells and has a list of over 40 already.  I am sure they would't mind anymore suggestions.  I will keep a close eye on this thread and make sure they get the new ideas.

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Supreme Hero
Former Chessmaster
posted January 26, 2004 05:10 AM

what will be with comander spells in 3.58 (i havent been here for quite a time so i might be mising some info), i heard there will be "only" 2 spells per comander, that true?

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