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Heroes Community > Heroes 4 - Lands of Axeoth > Thread: battlefield tips and tricks
Thread: battlefield tips and tricks

Hired Hero
posted April 15, 2003 02:43 PM

battlefield tips and tricks

You find a lot of information in the various threads about manual addenda stuff, town strategies and creature properties, but when it comes to battles, comparatively little is posted about the tactics you apply. On the other hand, battles became more important since multiplayer is possible. Therefore I'd like to start a thread which aims to collect (more or less) valuable battlefield tips, tricks, and strategies. Among interesting questions is e.g. the timing of your spells. Do you wait until the other side casts a spell or not? Best lessons are teached by examples. May be you can simply tell us a story of a battle of your last multiplayer game.
I start and try to contribute myself, although I am an unexperienced player.

During the course of my first hot seat game I developed a battle strategy for my death troops: devils, vampires, ghosts, death knight hero, necromancy hero. I split my vampire stack in two, and place my troops with vampire, vampire, ghost in the front (because of their high defense values and the vampires' regeneration capability), back row with devils, might hero and magic hero in that order (to protect the heroes from shooters, details see mmportals.com/h4/h4strats5.html). Sometimes I split a small stack of ghosts from the main stack to age a target and/or to absorb the retaliation. Against heavy shooters I choose tight or square formation, otherwise loose formation to put the vampires a bit more forward towards the enemy. Sometimes I am lucky and they can reach them in one turn, but more often the rear row is protected by the zone of control of the front row stacks.
My last fight was against about 50 air elemantals (four stacks) and about 80 waspworts (three stacks). Square formation on my side, loose formation (the AI always chooses this) on the other side. I waited will all my troops, weakened the waspworts with spells (scroll of disrupting ray on behalf of my death knight, my spellcaster casted sorrow). Air elementals advanced, wasports killed about 4-5 vampires. Vampires and devils attacked air elementals (three stacks) decimating them considerably. Second turn: Vampires and devils attacked shooters, each one a different stack. Vampires regained their killed units, shooters are prevented from shooting on my heroes. Heroes and ghosts attacked the most powerful stack of air elementals, my troops killed the rest in retaliation. Losses: One ghost.

This is by far not a very sophisticated strategy, it should merely serve as a role model for the contributions of the more experienced players. Go on!

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Hired Hero
posted April 17, 2003 12:35 AM

Interesting strategy...
I think I'l try it first for a while,and come back with my opinion.I think anyway that is good enough for anyone who hasn't got any strategy at all.

The Undead Hero

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Known Hero
Destroyer of Liver
posted April 17, 2003 06:18 PM

cool thread idea...

yet the battle description was against AI, not multiplayer as promised...

anyway, 2 of my most interesting battles (against my brother who kicks ass):

1. Chaos vs. Chaos
Cant remember what exactly it was, except that i had a lot of medusi and efreets, and ok hero, thus was fairly confident when he attacked my with 1 sorcerer hero, 5 slots of single nightmares, and one more group of some buggers. My confidence turned to terror, when the nightmares started casting away, not giving my units a single chance to move before it was to late: the hero and the other buggers had their numbers reduced to a minimum. I lost and learned a lesson: doesnt matter how strong army you have if they cannot move.

2. Order vs. Order

The wickedest battles of them all. There were fairly nice armies with both sides having GM Order Mage, him having titans, me having dragon golems, and (since I had already learned from the chaos battle) both well endowed with genies. The make or break thing in this battle was GM Order guy. Get rid of the opposing hero and the battlefield is yours... Most of the army was nicely switched out, due to genies from both sides casting songofpeace. Hypnotizing the opposing hero would have been best, yet we both failed to accomplish that for some reason. A lot of back-and-forth action happened that i dont remember exactly, except that it did not have much effect. What made the day was unexpected: mirth from a genie gave my hero chance to go first and teleport dragongolems next to enemy hero. Before he could teleport them back, they killed him (on account of being a fast and mechanical animal).

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