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Heroes Community > Turban Tribunal > Thread: Thoughts about quality and responsibility
Thread: Thoughts about quality and responsibility

Famous Hero
posted July 20, 2003 12:33 PM
Edited By: Odvin on 20 Jul 2003

Thoughts about quality and responsibility

Before reading, please note that the following post is just my thoughts and is not a proposal for any changes in HC, just a suggestion that may or may not be implemented (that depends on Val's decision of course) in any way. I only want to know others' opinion on that.


You all know the current system of quality points in the Heroes Community. Moderators, responsible and experienced people (or at least I believe so), and of course the administrator of the Community, give bonuses or penalties to members, thus increasing or decreasing their Quality Count and rank.
In no way do I want to discuss whether they do or do not give the bonuses and penalties correctly, to those who deserve it. But I find it obvious that these decisions are subjective. Thus, many people start to argue about their penalties and that they don't receive any bonuses. One of the last examples is the member who calls himself soccerfeva.
On one of the Russian boards I saw another system of 'quality'. There it is called 'reputation'. Members can give 'bonuses' and 'penalties' themselves. Once they reach a certain amount of post count (on that board it's 300 posts, but note that it's a large board and it's not too difficult to gather many posts there), they are given the right to change the reputation of other users.
Currently it looks like this: say, member A can increase or decrease the reputation of member B by 1 point every week (the one-week limit only prevents him from giving a bonus/penalty to the same person during the same week, but he can also change the reputation of other members in that week). Thus, members who are considered 'responsible' by other members, not moderators, have higher reputation.
Of course this is not a universal system and it brings up many problems. (E.g. what is called 'reputation diplomacy', when members that want more reputation 'exchange' bonuses with others.) However, noone prevents from changing it in some way to make it better. On that board, it works well. (After all, it's even a way to talk -- there, the IM system is much less convenient than on HC.) The point is that along with moderators' view on quality and responsibility, members could have their own view on it.
Isn't that an interesting idea?

EDIT: a little offtopic but I didn't want to create a new thread: is there any way to check who and when gave somebody a +/- QP?

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Supreme Hero
Zapper of Toads
posted July 20, 2003 12:44 PM
Edited By: Djive on 20 Jul 2003

Moderators can't check who gave or withdrew a +QP or a -QP.

I don't know about the Admin. Possibly, but he hasn't mentioned anything about it.

And any Mod can give/take QP in any forum. Mods are recommened to post information about +QP and -QP in the thread, but there is nothing forcing them to do so.

(I generally follow this in the Altar, through the Poster of the Month Awards are announced in the Newcomers Please Read thread and usually not in the thread where it is given.)

"A brilliant light can either illuminate or blind. How will you know which until you open your eyes?"

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Legendary Hero
posted July 20, 2003 04:42 PM

Back to the real subject i think that odvins suggestion is really good.

the QP:s might stay, but the reputation that the QP gives (promising, responsible....) should IMO like Odvin says to be the reputation that the members of the board can hand out.

This way also the mods will get an idea how the members of the community feel about the poster.

Ya i like this idea alot.

Good thinking odvin

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Mage of the Land
Naughty, Naughty Valeriy
posted August 02, 2003 02:33 AM

Interesting idea Odvin,

To implement it on HC however, it would require quite a bit of programming and adding new table to the HC database. I think two ratings of a member would be a bit too much and as you mentioned rating exchanges are a bit worrysome.
You can wait for others to do it, but if they don't know how, you'll wait forever.
Be an example of what you want to see on HC and in the world.

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