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Untitled Post in Official VCMI Thread - 68 (WOG)
For me it still crashes when I try to generate a random map in hot-seat mode.

Untitled Post in Quantomas AI (older version!) for NCF (Workshop)
[quote name=rpgyay]Just a little update: The latest version seemed to work fine for me on 1 playe...

Untitled Post in Unit order in war (WOG)
[quote name=revolut1oN]Actually you don't need stack queue - just memorise units speed and voila :)...

Untitled Post in Unit order in war (WOG)
Yeah I know, I have tried the VCMI. I need that mod for the WoG. :) B.

Unit order in war in Unit order in war (WOG)
Hello guys! Is there any mod outthere for the WoG for showing the unit order in war? Like in the...

Untitled Post in Hotseat slow AI turn (Temple)
yeah, but we play hotseat multiplayer...we have to use the RTMG for the option of team coop. than...

Untitled Post in Hotseat slow AI turn (Temple)
Thank you, I will try it. I use the RTMG mod, does it work with it? I renamed the .exe (to H5_Game)...

Hotseat slow AI turn in Hotseat slow AI turn (Temple)
Hello there! Sorry for the new topic, but I fed up with the H5 (Collectors Ed., with all patch) hot...

Untitled Post in [Mod] Remove the Black Background in HotSeat (Workshop)
Problem solved... :) It's not working with saved games, that's all. Thank you anyway, B.

Untitled Post in [Mod] Remove the Black Background in HotSeat (Workshop)
Thank you, I do not exactly understand it, but I tried "something" similar. :) Not working. :P ...

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