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25 Jan 2015: Necropolis Reveal, Academy Faction Theme and More!! - read more
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Date Registered: January 8, 2003
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Untitled Post in ~ Might & Magic X : Legacy ~ - 23 (Gates)
[quote]All I can say is... Ashan :( No undeads :( I'm not playing this, sorry. It's not MM X...

Stem Cells in Abortion/Contraception/Stem Cell Research - 85 (Other Side)
Because its such a long thread i apologize if this has already been touched on. Regarding stem cell...

Random Maps in Random Maps (LRHT)
Is Textedit still available somewhere for editing the rmg.txt file for random maps. Or does anyone ...

Untitled Post in Wizardry 8 (Other Games)
Version 2.4 full is available now here: http://www.divshare.com/download/8328427-c7c No patch ne...

Untitled Post in Wizardry 8 (Other Games)
From time to time i will drop by to ammend the above post whenever the mod version changes. Updat...

New Mod for Wizardry 8 in Wizardry 8 (Other Games)
I have just completed a mod for Wizardry 8 using Madgods Cosmic Forge editor. Here is a brief des...

Mayweather vs Hatton Who wins? in Mayweather vs Hatton Who wins? (Tavern)
Only 2 more days to go before the big battle. Who do you think will win? I am going for Hatton on ...

Untitled Post in Any Wizardry 8 Fans here - 2 (Other Games)
Do you have the game Wizardry 8 then ? If not then the only way to get it that i know of is ebay. I...

Untitled Post in Any Wizardry 8 Fans here - 2 (Other Games)
Ok then go here. http://vnboards.ign.com/wizardry_8_spoiler_board/b21210/p1 You will find not ...

Untitled Post in Any Wizardry 8 Fans here - 2 (Other Games)
Not really. I got ribbed a lot by Andiangelslayer when i first joined because of the threads i made....

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