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Date Registered: August 7, 2001
Status: (Moderator) Hero of Order, INSANITY and DELICIOUSNESS!!!
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Personal Info: 29 year old Male. Pisces star sign.
Location: My own twisted mind
Occupation: IT Specialist - US Army
Current Email: doug.mcclain03@gmail.com
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ICQ Number: 493336525
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Untitled Post in HC is worth 15k bucks - 2 (Wastelands)
[quote name=fred79]OR if valeriy is making bank off of our hard-working posts(and free moderation by...

Untitled Post in You tell a story - 2 (Tavern)
"Ahhh, my flannel outdoorsman shirt. This is a far better choice. Not sure why I even have a cape...

Untitled Post in Heroes 7 in Volcanic Wasteland (Wastelands)
So are we just pretending Heroes IV didn't happen now?

Untitled Post in Ungooglable Questions - 4 (Wastelands)
I'm not entirely sure why this is in the Otherside but seeing as it currently is, keep the SPAM to ...

Post in MOD SQUAD HQ: Access Denied

Post in MOD SQUAD HQ: Access Denied

Untitled Post in Pokemon - 86 (Other Games)
While they're at it, they need to re-make emerald. I loved me some Emerald back in the day.

Untitled Post in What Are You Listening To Now? Again - 63 (Wastelands)
[url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F90Cw4l-8NY]Bastille - Pompeii[/url] I've been listening to...

Untitled Post in Game Of Thrones Discussion ~ *OURS* is the fury - 8 (Tavern)
NOOOOOOO! Not Good King Jeffery! He was so young and full of wisdom. A true leader. I'm...

Post in MOD SQUAD HQ: Access Denied

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