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1 Jul 2015: Heroes VII Beta: Phase 2 Announced, Sylvan Reveal! - read more
4 Jun 2015: Heroes VII Beta Available for Download! - read more
30 May 2015: Might & Magic: Heroes 5.5, Announcement & Beta! - read more
25 May 2015: H7 Beta delayed, Stream Round-up, ICTC 8 Results!! - read more
18 May 2015: Dev Team Livestream on Twitch.tv next Thursday! - read more
4 May 2015: Might & Magic Humble Bundle! - read more
24 Apr 2015: Heroes VII: Beta in May, Release in September!! - read more
31 Mar 2015: Introducing Stronghold Faction + Community Interviews! - read more
26 Mar 2015: Vote for the Vampire & Lich Designs! - read more
21 Mar 2015: Tidbits of Information before the Stronghold Reveal - read more
1 Jul 2015: Heroes VII Beta: Phase 2 Announced, Sylvan Reveal! - read more
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Status: Promising Legendary Hero, fallen artist
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Personal Info: 24 year old Male.
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Occupation: student of electronics, DJ, programmer
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Untitled Post in WoG and Beyond: moderation complaints/feedback - 24 (WOG)
Could you please change VCMI official thread rating from "philosophy" to something more meaningful, ...

Untitled Post in Which is the strongest creature of any mod? (WOG)
[quote]RMG not placed them yet[/quote] It depends on creature AI value. For example Azure Dragon ha...

Untitled Post in The 8 skills of a hero - 28 (Library)
[quote]spells like fireball, inferno or [b]land mines[/b] adds a lot more to your firepower (...) es...

Untitled Post in What games are you looking forward to? - 23 (Other Games)
Dungeon Defenders 2. Have access to pre-alpha and see how this game gets better and better, but j...

Untitled Post in [Official Thread] Heroes of might and magic I... - 144 (WOG)
[quote]I believe that it's not finality or purpose of the fact that you are using copyrighted mater...

Untitled Post in new town: Oasis - 9 (WOG)
[quote]I like the look and idea of the Fire and Ice Wands, but those items will also strenghen might...

Untitled Post in Help me out with spells - 4 (WOG)
The problem is you can get idenfinitelly large army, but spell power is very limited. There needs to...

Untitled Post in Help me out with spells - 4 (WOG)
[quote]have no will to learn this game, the editor and the thousand tools it gives you for making an...

Untitled Post in Horn of the Abyss Proposals/Wishlists - 11 (WOG)
...you can choose spells avilable in every Shrine or Pyramid, as well as customize spell pool for en...

Untitled Post in HD Future of Heroes III? (WOG)
[quote]And VCMI is on 0.98 so we can expect a 1.00 soon.[/quote] These are only numbers. I can rele...

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