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Heroes Community > Bards Glade Pyre (RPG) > Thread: Legend of the Great Tiberia RPG
Thread: Legend of the Great Tiberia RPG

Supreme Hero
[ Peacekeeper of Equilibris ]
posted March 26, 2004 04:33 PM

Legend of the Great Tiberia RPG

Story about each of the classes were shown in the other thread which I forgot to write is OOC.

Now the story and the game:

Legend of the Great Tiberia

Once upon a time, there was a well-known place called Middleearth. Middleearth was separated into two continents: Plagraya and Tiberia. Tiberia spread over 95% of the Middleearth.

Tiberia, often called as the “empyreal garden”, was bowery, with loads of rivers, springs, waterfalls and other great features of nature. Cities were always built nearby the river, lake or a forest, because many of the people got all the vital resources from there. People were as peaceful and quiet as animals. Everybody had what they want. There were no robberies, no deaths, no evil things.

But years have past, peace and silence was disturbed: new evil things spread throughout the lands: plagues, deaths, abominal creatures. This was like a long time forgotten evil from the lands of Plagraya.

A little guild of mighty heroes dedicated their lives to stop the evil. They searched the document files in the greatest academy just to find what thing could lie behind it all.

After long searches they found that it’s the evil trio of dead knights who were able to spread evil. Each of them overruled the farthest lands of Tiberia with only five minutes of walking. Their names were Genocide, knight of the Plague, Grasp, knight of the Plague and Grim, knight of the Hekatomb.

So when they were rampaging the lands, a group of heroes dedicated their lives just to destroy and vanquish the evil once and for all. Soldiers, rangers, rogues, druids, wizards and the fallen necromancers went against the evil.

Everything started when the famous wizard named Roin Pellagasth (owned by regnus_khan ) thought to create an Anti-Demonic Guild. He offered that to everyone, but nobody responded. But after a few days few odd people came in. First people to fight against the were willing to join the party.
But they saw the sign:

“If you are to join Anti-Demonic Guild, ask Roin Pellagasth.”


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