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Heroes Community > Tavern of the Rising Sun > Thread: How to get M&M10 back on track.
Thread: How to get M&M10 back on track.

Famous Hero
Watcher of All
posted October 09, 2003 09:25 AM

How to get M&M10 back on track.

Granted, it is not part of HoMM5, but the two stories are related anyway. This more refers to the storyline.

The most common criticism concerning M&M9 is their weak storyline. Personally, I found the storyline better than in M&M8, but fact remains that many people were disappointed that the old story of the Ancients and the Kreegans had been eliminated.

The series is now in the hands of a completely new developer and we have no clue what they are going to do with it, if anything. That is why I am offering this storyline, which takes place in the world of M&M9 and still connects to their storyline, but also picks up the old Ancients story again. This way, the series could continue their original story without nullifying M&M9. Here it is. What you see here should be the introduction movie, written down in the form of a play.

The initial setting is a hall, with a table in the form of a half circle on one end. There are a number of people, completely covered in cloaks, sitting around the table. The whole setting appears to be a mixture of a fantasy royal court and a science fiction control room.

A woman with a cape, but not entirely cloaked enters and kneels before the cloaked figures.

Center cloaked figure: Rise, Ethiril. The council is eager to hear about your recent findings.

Ethiril: Thank you, High Wisest.

Room turns a bit darker. Galactic map appears in the middle.

Ethiril: As you have all heard, the planet VARN-C3, more commonly known as "The Battle Sphere", has been destroyed recently by an extremely violent fluxuation in the flows of magic. The most common theory is that the inhabitants started to experiment with two opposite sides of magic and united those in one of their many battles, thus momentarily cancelling the force field and...

Cloaked figure #1: We are all quite familiar with the destruction of VARN-C3. In fact, we send Escaton some time before that to eliminate the planet, but the inhabitants eliminated him. However, by the time we received word of his destruction, the planet had already been destroyed, which is why we did not investigate the matter in more depth.

Ethiril: Indeed, Wisest. But my findings show that the people of VARN-C3 did not all perish during the cataclysm.

Ethiril walks towards a certain point in the optical map of the galaxy.

Ethiril: It turns out that they managed to create magic channels, using our old network through the galaxy. Since the network is so severely damaged, they could only aim these portals at one specific point in the galaxy, which is at this planet. We know it as PXI-563, but the locals call it Axeoth.

Cloaked figure #2: I have to admit that these crude wielders of metal and magic have more abilities than we give them credit for. But PXI-563, or Axeoth, is a barbarian and uncivilized world. It has been cut off from us for too long. I suspect that the survivors from VARN-C3 had no trouble taking control over the planet.

Ethiril: Very true, but may I add something here. A few people of higher power still live there. They are not of our people, but we share common ancestors. They have some of our abilities, like immortality and they are capable of a crude form of soul storage. However, they only focus their abilities on one part of the planet and leave the other parts in darkness. Besides that, they tend to struggle among each other. Still, they are capable of maintaining power and the locals have started to refer to them as gods.

Center cloaked figure: Practically, this would be considered renegation and should be treated accordingly. But I am afraid that we have more urgent affairs to look after.

Ethiril: Yes, high wisest. Here is the point where our risks are. A few of the Kreegan also escaped from VARN-C3 and fled to Axeoth. They are too weak and too few in number to fight the rest of the forces that are present, but they are still there.

Ethiril starts drawing lines in the map with her finger.

Ethiril: Axeoth lies in the force field of the Daron Star. We still do not fully understand the capabilities of the star, but it does mean that Axeoth cannot be reached by ordinary space travel, neither by us or the Kreegans. However, the survivors of VARN-C3 have shown us that it is possible to create portals to this world. It was a stroke of luck that VARN-C3 was just in the correct line with Axeoth to form such a portal. The connection between Axeoth and Varn-C3 is still open, but cannot be used because of the powerfull radiation that the remains of the planet emit.

Cloaked figure #1: But if Axeoth is fully isolated, then it should be no concern to us. Let the locals fight out their own problems.

Ethiril: I do not believe this, Wisest. I believe that it is possible to create another portal, using the fragments of our old network, which is still in place there. The only requirement is that the portal is initiated from the planet itself. It is very likely, that given a certain amount of time, the Kreegans there may be able to figure out how to do this. That would give the whole Kreegan race free access to the planet. This would mean that they can have a save haven to rest and reproduce, without us being able to do anything against it.

Center cloaked figure: Is there any possibility that we can restore the network to the planet, before the Kreegans do?

Ethiril: Not without the same requirement. Someone on the planet must initiate the portal, before we can access and fortify it.

Center cloaked figure rises and walks towards Ethiril.

Center cloaked figure: Then go to the Planetoid TLX-26, which is still connected to our main network. If you manage to establish a portal from there, we can quickly secure Axeoth. Use the powers of your mind to guide someone, anyone, to the create this portal for us, before the Kreegans do.

Ethiril takes a step back and starts to sound frightened.

Ethiril: Me, High Wisest? I am a lowly observer. What can I do? I do know the process, but it requires objects of immense power and highly skilled mages, skilled in webcasting and porting. I am certain that these are not even present in Axeoth.

Center cloaked figure: I realize that it is a heavy burden, my child, but I see no other option. You have the power to see the world and communitcate with those who would help you. If you cannot find a solution, then neither can we. We have become so much weaker by the war and the Kreegans are starting to take the overhand. We cannot stand against them if they manage to hold a strong base like Axeoth.

Ethiril: (stammering) Yes, High Wisest.

Ethiril bows and walks quickly out of the room.

End of introduction.

The whole point is that Ethiril is going to give a few basic instructions to a few inhabitants of Axeoth to create a portal. However, the natives and the survivors of VARN-C3 are constantly at war with each other. The renegate ancients (M&M9 Gods) may also play a role and the Kreegans will also try to create a portal. If they beat you to some crucial locations or artifacts, things will get nasty. Another possibility is a trip to the ruins of VARN-C3 to search for ancient relics that may have been preserved.
Perception is everything.

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Famous Hero
Yeah, right
posted October 10, 2003 04:05 PM

I've heard that there won't be MMX
But your scenario is interesting, maybe the creators will takes some ideas from it and create MMX
Great job, Marelt. As always
Guardians Grove forum

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Famous Hero
Watcher of All
posted October 10, 2003 05:10 PM

If I may ask, where did you hear that. As far as I know, Ubisoft hasn't even given a clue yet what they are going to do with the M&M title that they bought.
Perception is everything.

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