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Heroes Community > Turban Tribunal > Thread: S P A M
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Legendary Hero
Fan of Red Sox
posted December 19, 2003 03:18 PM
Edited By: RedSoxFan3 on 19 Dec 2003

I have a few thoughts to put forward. My plan is to give out more penalties for spamming. However since QP's are difficult to get for some people I would like to propose something that will let all responsible posters earn QP's.

Consistant responsible posting = QP

This means that active members who consistantly follow the rules will get a QP every once in a while. If we are to give penalties for spamming then we should give bonuses for the other end of the spectrum.

I've also noticed some problems with wastelands. I created the thread Jumble, based on the game in the newspaper. Within about 5 or 6 posts there were already links to anagram websites. For about 2 or 3 pages the game was filled with spam. So I decided to create a new thread in Wastelands. In less than a page it's already full of spam and another anagram link.

First of all, I consider this to be one of the few word games that could be read for enjoyment. Even if the thread became 20 pages long, I would still browse back through it and try to unscramble the words. If I got stuck I'd go on to the next one. This is certainly not like word association game. Who wants to read this? Although this is a word game, I think it is worth being read and should be kept as a clean thread.

Would you consider word games (or for that matter any thread in wastelands) that are worth being read to be kept in VW or tavern? Should these threads be kept clean if they are to stay in wastelands? Should these threads be deleted regularly if they are still interesting and readable?

Last week I had a conversation with Dingo about Thread Necromancy. He told me that if he revives a good thread then it's certainly good for the forum. If it's an old spam thread, then he's helping the cleaning process.

I would agree with him. When he revives a thread it is either cleaning bad spam or reviving a good thread. However, I consider this to still be flooding the forum with spam.

What should we do about thread necromancy? With two different perspectives on the issue I can not decide whether or not it should be against the rules.

Perhaps we could make a sticky thread where people can post links to old spam threads. This way if Dingo wanted to help clean the forum while he searched for threads to revive then he could. I would also consider giving QP's for such help in cleaning up the forum.
Go Red Sox!

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Legendary Hero
posted December 19, 2003 03:56 PM

First off, "earning QP:s" already exists. Ive seen and heard alot about it during my days here. Last one i know of that earned a QP was consis in a TOH/MAH thread.

If this is the way to go is IMO as i said in last post discussable. However i will make another thread when this discussion about SPAM is over, that discussion will primarily be about QP:s and "earning QP:s/penalties" will be a part of it.

But for the moment i dont want to make that thread yet as i want the main focus to be on this thread and get a solution as soon as possible.

As for the word game problem i still believe that VW is the place for them. Though as any thread and as valery said above you should be able to request to get the spam deleted from a thread.

If you are to seperate word games because of how good they are and therefor which can be in tavern/VW there will only be problem IMO and wont make the life here easier for the mods.

Thread necromancy is IMO a problem, and the way dingo does it makes it even more of a problem. Because he doesnt reply to thread as a whole, he just makes a one line comment about it. That isnt the way to get a thread back on track if that was what you wanted.

If you want a thread to be active again (the point of reviving a thread) you should contribute to it and try and get members interested in it. Not make a one line comment that most would concider spam.

As for the bad threads i see no use whatsoever in reviving them, they should be listed as above in this thread and brought up to discussion if they are to be deleted or not.

Make a "trial" thread here in turban tribunal if so wish where members can put up there ideas of bad threads which could be deleted (author of thread always should get an IM about to alert him/her though).

Then if suggestion these threads should be rewarded or not is as stated earlier another matter IMO.

Frankly im starting to become alittle concerned about where this is going, or rather why there are yet so come little responses from primarily tavern mods. Afterall they if any should be interested where this is going since it mainly concernes them. Thats why i think they should take a more active part of this thread without IM:s from me asking for their opinions...

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Legendary Hero
Fan of Red Sox
posted December 20, 2003 12:03 AM
Edited By: RedSoxFan3 on 25 Dec 2003

First of all, they could certainly be discussing this at great length in Mod Squad HQ. However, I would like to hear some of their opinions. The problem is that if several mods disagree on the situation at hand then HC will get a mixed message of what is allowed and what is not allowed. In fact, Valeriy's post was more than likely a summation of a thread about this in Mod Squad HQ. Although I'm simply speculating.

Secondly, have you noticed how active many of the mods have been lately? Most of them used to post nearly everyday here. I haven't seen Hexa in an eternity (outside of Tell The Truth). Lith comes and goes. RMS has been pretty active, however he has always been more of a janitor rather than an enforcer. He'll say so himself and has said so many times. KittenAngel has truly been the only other moderator who has been active lately. But she runs a Homm3 tournament, so it's not like she has all the time in the world. Plus she's gone for a week or two. So who is moderating Tavern right now? One active mod, meaning comes almost everyday. No one is moderating VW, because Kitten is the only one assigned to it.

Basically, I think that we need some more people to be moderator around here if we are going to cut down on spam.

Edit: I have noticed that all the Tavern mods are now also in VW as well. Thank you for responding so quickly.
Go Red Sox!

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