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Heroes Community > Heroes 4 - Lands of Axeoth > Thread: The best spell per lvl...
Thread: The best spell per lvl...

Tavern Dweller
posted March 30, 2004 09:09 AM

The best spell per lvl...


Ok a little poll... here is my answers:

lvl 1:
blur,displacement,bind wounds,poisen,Pathfinding.

bind wounds wins.

lvl 2:

*heal* wins.

lvl 3:
lightning,forgetfullness,teleprot,aura of fear,regeneration

*teleport* wins. it is amazing how this spell is usefull.

lvl 4
implosion,vampiric touch,mass slow,blind.

*mass slow* wins after harsh battle against vamp touch.

lvl 5
disintigrate,hypnotize,guardian angel,devine intervension,
hand of death,summon mantis.


boy this was the hardest.
*hypnotise* win because he is the one I mostly, I guess some of you w'd say the 'd rather disintigrate the enemy rather than hypnotize it...

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Hired Hero
Trying to defend a castle
posted March 30, 2004 09:23 AM

lvl 1 - Precision should be amongst the candidates; Summon leperchaun too; +10 luck is a cool thing.
lvl 3 - Summon water elemental is great.
lvl 5 - Summon phoenix may be stronger than summon mantis as they ressurrect more and more with each next summoning. Depends on the case.
Mass snake strike or the Chaos analogue are fine spells too.
Dispells are very important because they easily can counter even great spells.
Against stupidity the very gods themselves contend in vain.

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Supreme Hero
Disciple of Herodotus
posted March 30, 2004 11:42 AM

Well, I don't agree too much with Opeth, and I think it's almost impossible to say that one spell is the best, but I'll give it a shot anyway...

Lvl 1:
I tend to like the Speed/Haste spells, and all kinds of blessings. The one i find most useful may be the Blur spell though. Nice to have when fighting ranged creatures early in the game.

Lvl 2:
Mana Flare is great. Ice/Fire bolt. Illusion. Lots of great Lvl 2 spells, But I think I'll say I like Illusion the best. Make Illusions, let them fight, let them "eat" retaliations, let them die. Your own creatures live on

Lvl 3:
Perhaps the level with most great spells. The mass lvl3 spells of Life are perhaps, in combination with each other, the best around, IMO.
But the victory goes to an Order spell here as well. But I just can't seem to make up my mind which one... Either Teleport or Town Gate. Both are swell spells!

Lvl 4:
Nature and Chaos have some great spells here, such as mass snake/first strike. Life's Mass Wards are also great.
So I'll give my vote here for a Mass Ward spell. Which one depends on who I'm fighting

Lvl 5:
i usually don't use these much, but Natures Summoning spells are wonderful to have in a tight spot and Dragon Strenght is neat, but they don't beat Orders Hypnotize. The ultimate nightmare spell....

Well, that's my five cents...
"Sometimes I think everyone's just pretending to be brave, and none of us really are. Maybe pretending to be brave is how you get brave, I don't know."
- Grenn, A Storm of Swords.

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Famous Hero
Chaotic Good
posted March 30, 2004 11:57 AM

Hey, you're forgetting all of the Death - spells!!!

At least Hand of Death and Plague should be in there....
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Adventuring Hero
The Surgeon of Death
posted April 03, 2004 03:43 AM

1st level- Poison is great in seiges, Bloodlust and Spiritual Armor are good too.
2nd level- Confusion (or Wasp Swarm).  
3rd level- When can't you use Teleport? Bloodfrenzy and Celestial Armor are great too.
4th level- Pick an Order spell.  Any one.  They all rock.
5th level- Hypnotize, Disintegrate, Hand of Death, Dragon Strength- all good, but I say Hypno takes it. I just like enemies dying for me.

Doctors are not necessarily your friends.

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Supreme Hero
Heroine at the weekend.
posted April 03, 2004 03:51 AM

Lv 1. Precsion. Great with halflings and open up those mines quickly. Bless is another good one.

Lv2. Wasp swarm/Song of peace. Keeps those Lv4/Ranged troops from causing trouble until you're ready to deal with them.

Lv3. Teleport/Lightning/Aura of Fear. Get those Gold golems up there now! Or rain electric death on your enemies! No retaliation is never a bad thing.

Lv4. Vampiric Touch/Mass Snake strike.. Turn anything into a Vampire! Or cast this and throw those griffins up there - infinite retaliations and they always go first!

Lv5. Hand of Death/Dragon Strength/Hypnotise
All of these spells speak for themselves.
The summoning ones are good too, but you need high level heroes to raise more than 3 of anything.

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Known Hero
who loves to script.
posted April 03, 2004 04:37 PM

i dont see how its possible to rate the usefulness of any spells. they are all extremely helpful in their own situations. take pathfinding for example. if you are traversing through a swamp and your army gets bogged down, pathfinding is the best spell for that situation. you really cant judge which spell is the best
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Adventuring Hero
answer seeker
posted April 03, 2004 04:52 PM

With the awe inspiring power to slightly damage a castle wall in sevrel places, I name earthquake THE MOST POWERFUL SPELL IN ANY HEROES GAME EVERE!!!

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Supreme Hero
[ Peacekeeper of Equilibris ]
posted April 03, 2004 05:04 PM

IMHO all spells are good. It depends what are the situations, which town and hero do I play or, for example, who am I playing against.

I don't prefer spells, but I like to use some full-o'-my-friend guarantee spell combos.

Anyway, if I have to list 'em:

1 - Poison and Precision
2 - Confusion and Mire
3 - Magic Mirror and Anti-Magic
4 - Life Drain and Blind
5 - Divine Intervention and Disintegrate

I choose spells like a n00b. That's who am I

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Adventuring Hero
posted April 03, 2004 06:11 PM

Level 1- Haste/Speed

Level 2- Was p Swarm/Song of Peace

Level 3- Plenty of the Nture summoning spells come from lvl 3, but I'd have to go with Town Gate (I know, it's overpowered) or possibly Forgetfullness.

Level 4- A huge tie between all of the Mass-Wards and the more direct spells "Vampiric Touch" and "Implosion".

Level 5- Divine Intervention and Disintegrate (I can bring all of my heroes back to life, but you can't raise vapor =) )

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