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Heroes Community > MapHaven Guild > Thread: got owned :( 9 ( Tried Sanders Folly )
Thread: got owned :( 9 ( Tried Sanders Folly ) [ This thread is 3 pages long: 1 2 (3) ]

Known Hero
posted December 05, 2009 11:35 AM

@Corribus: i was talking about Astrogonia

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Supreme Hero
Everywhere and nowhere
posted December 05, 2009 01:00 PM


That's possible. Eric Leblanc also has powerful artifacts,like the Sword of Judgement,Lion's Shield of Courage,Helm of Havenly Enlightenment,Golden Bow...so I think that with the aid of the artifacts and with Jared Morgan's tactics,the undead were defeated.I have a question: How did Leblanc get the Orb of Inhibition in the first place?I know it doesn't matter very much,but I was always curious about this.

Good question.  I guess we'll never know.

Anyway,I love this map.It's one of the best maps I've ever played.Great ending too ("at least these kids are warming my house" )
GoldHeart is also one of my favorite maps.Great story.You're an awesome map maker

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Known Hero
posted December 30, 2011 02:07 PM
Edited by heroes_player at 21:13, 30 Dec 2011.

Good evening

I'm playing this map at the moment and I do not know how to continue.. I have defeated sagimyris (necros were really easy to defeat ) and rescued some heroes.

Now what should I do ? There are some tasks i haven't done yet (killing zealots and giving some troops like faerie dragons etc..). Also there are some area which i haven't explored yet.

I don't know are they key to win but at least two areas: one is in the sea behind the rocks (under Gaylin Dale (necropolis)) and the lake around the underground. I have sent christiansen to explore coasts and yes, he found a coast but i can't enter there with waterwalk because it is under a fog..

I have used town portal to get back blue's Gaylin Dale but after finding some events (which i think i shouldn't know them yet) I stopped exploring..

Hope someone will help me..

Edit: just solved the problem and completed map I used view earth (tome of earth) and saw an entrance of the underworld on the magic plains and the lookout towers helped me to find mummys

Great story btw

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Tavern Dweller
posted February 17, 2013 06:48 PM

Pfff.... I'm in trouble. Will have to restart i guess. So, it's month 4. Finished the wizardry trials, waited until the mage guild lvl 5 got built in the mountain fortress (for town portal) and i open the border guard to the west of Ma'Goon, into the swamp area.  take the city, and i get butt raped by a tan hero with 12 ABs, 25 CHs loads of Wyverns and Thunderbirds, 300 shooters... Basically, he owns me bad.

I have adv fire magic and Berserk but apparently, the f'er is immune to berserk. And has 18 attack, 8 def, I have 0 and 1 xD

Is month 4 too late for this fight? Have i done something wrong? Help please!

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