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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: My Heroes V Proposal - Towns and Creatures Edition
Thread: My Heroes V Proposal - Towns and Creatures Edition

Famous Hero
Also known as Nobris Agni
posted October 01, 2004 01:17 PM
Edited By: Damacon_Ace on 3 Oct 2004

My Heroes V Proposal - Towns and Creatures Edition

Hello Everyone!

Sure, I have posted Heroes V Proposals before, but they were way too generic. So, for this thread, I will post detailed descriptions of each of my proposed town and creature lineups (and hero lineups as well) in more depth so that more responses could be mustered from these proposals. So, without further ado, I bring you...the Ultimate Heroes V Lineup by Ace, starting from...

The Castle is your typical do-gooder human town. The inhabitants of the castle believe in the doing of goodwill and are also upholders of laws and regulations as well as treating everyone with respect and harmony
Might Hero: Knight
Magic Hero: Priest
Alignment: Good
Friends: Rampart and Academy
Worst Enemy: Necropolis
Ship Type: Frigate
Native Terrain: Grass

Creature Roster
1: Archer (long range, ranged) > Marksman (+ shoots twice)
Dwelling: Archery Range > Upgraded Archery Range
Mace Man (stun 20%) > Mace Warrior (stun 40%)
Dwelling: Foot soldiers’ guild > Upgraded Foot soldiers’ guild

2: Pike Man (long weapon, negate 1st strike) à Halberdier (+ critical strike)
Dwelling: Guard House > Upgraded Guard House
Scout (expert scouting, no terrain penalty)
Dwelling: Scout Outpost

3: Monk (spell caster, death ward) > Zealot (extra spell power)
Dwelling: Monastery > Upg. Monastery
Ballista (ranged, long range, siege capable, mechanical) > Heavy Ballista (+ ranged critical strike)
Dwelling: Ballista Workshop > Upgraded Ballista Workshop

4: Swordsman (blocking) > Crusader (+ death slayer, 2 attacks) OR Dragon Knight (+ dragon slayer)
Dwelling: Barracks > Upgraded Barracks OR Add Keep to Barracks

5: Cavalier (1st strike, charge) > Champion (+ smite evil) OR Cavalry Archer (+ ranged, no melee penalty)
Dwelling: Knight’s Chapter > Upgraded Knight’s Chapter OR Add Archery Range to Knight’s Chapter

6: Angel (death ward, death slayer) > Archangel (+ resurrection, devil slayer)
Dwelling: Heavenly Portal > Upgraded Heavenly Portal

The Academy, home to the wizards and the lords, is the ultimate lawful town. Law is upheld above all things, whether it is for the goodwill of others or for the stability and protection of society
Might Hero: Lord
Magic Hero: Wizard
Alignment: Good
Friends: Castle and Forge
Worst Enemy: Asylum
Ship Type: Galleon
Native Terrain: Snow

Creature Roster
1: Halfling (ranged, giant slayer) > Master Halfling (+ long range)
Dwelling: Halfling Burrows > Upgraded Halfling Burrows
Gremlin (chaos ward) > Gremlin Warrior (+ first strike)
Dwelling: Workshop > Upgraded Workshop

2: Stone Gargoyle (stone skin, flying) > Obsidian Gargoyle (+ 30% magic resistance) OR Ice Gargoyle (+ cold resistance)
Dwelling: Parapet > Upgraded Parapet OR Add Icy Pillar to Parapet

3: Mage (ranged, no melee penalty) > Archmage (+ no range or obstacle penalty) OR Enchanter (spell caster, -2 cost for friendly spells)
Dwelling: Mage Tower > Upgraded Mage Tower OR Add Institute Of Magic to Mage Tower

4: Griffin (flying, unlimited retaliations) > Imperial Griffin (+ two attacks)
Dwelling: Griffin Bastion > Upgraded Griffin Bastion
Salamander (fire attack, fire resistance, first strike)
Dwelling: Breeding House

5: Naga (no retaliation) > Naga Queen (+ 3-way attack)
Dwelling: Naga Pavilion > Upgraded Naga Pavilion
Genie (spell caster)
Dwelling: Altar Of Wishes

6: Giant (mind spell immunity, dragon slayer) > Titan (+ ranged, no melee penalty)
Dwelling: Cloud Castle > Upgraded Cloud Castle
Ice Dragon (flying, breath attack, cold attack, cold resistance, freezing attack)
Dwelling: Ice Spires

The Forge is home to the Dwarves, who have defected from the wizards in a mighty struggle. The dwarves are still are a lawful and strict code-following people, but they are more likely to be influenced by evil than their wizard counterparts
Might Hero: Blacksmith
Magic Hero: Runemaster
Alignment: Neutral
Friends: Academy and Stronghold
Worst Enemy: Fortress
Ship Type: Frigate
Native Terrain: Rough

1: Dwarf (25% magic resistance) > Battle Dwarf (50% magic resistance)
Dwelling: Dwarven Mines > Upgraded Dwarven Mines
Alchemist (potion thrower) > High Alchemist (more potions, potions do more power)
Dwelling: Alchemist Lab > Upgraded Alchemist Lab

2: Clay Golem (50% magic resistance, mechanical) > Iron Golem (75% magic resistance) OR Fire Golem (+ ranged, fire attack)
Dwelling: Golem Factory > Upgraded Golem Factory OR Add Fire Works to Golem Factory

3: Scorpion Man (weakness) > Scorpion Warrior (+ first strike) OR Scorpion Archer (+ ranged, no melee penalty)
Dwelling: Scorpion Adobe > Upgraded Scorpion Adobe OR Add Archery Range to Scorpion Adobe

4: Fire Cannon (ranged, long range, area attack, mechanical) > Siege Cannon (+ siege capable)
Dwelling: Siege Workshop > Upgraded Siege Workshop

5: Chimera (breath attack, fire attack) > Chimera King (+ positive morale)
Dwelling: Chimera Den > Upgraded Chimera Den
Roc (first strike, flying) > Thunderbird (+ lightning strike)
Dwelling: Cliff Nest > Upgraded Cliff Nest

6: Crush Beast (first strike, negate first strike, crushing attack, mechanical)
Dwelling: Monster Factory
Crystal Dragon (flying, 50% magic resistance, elemental, unblockable attack, crystal regeneration)
Dwelling: Crystal Cavern

The Stronghold is home to the wild races of the Goblins, Orcs and Barbarians. The inhabitants of the Stronghold only care about themselves and their own prowess, and therefore are despised by many of the good races
Might Hero: Barbarian
Magic Hero: Shaman
Alignment: Evil
Friends: Forge and Necropolis
Worst Enemy: Rampart
Ship Type: Barge
Native Terrain: Desert

Creature Roster
1: Goblin (nature ward) > Hobgoblin (+ negate first strike)
Dwelling: Goblin Hut > Upgraded Goblin Hut
Wolf (two attacks, unblockable attack) > Frenzy Wolf (+ open wounds)
Dwelling: Wolf Den > Upgraded Wolf Den

2: Orc (normal melee, short range, ranged) > Uruk-Hai (+ normal range, nature ward)
Dwelling: Orc Towers > Upgraded Orc Towers

3: Cave Wyrm (first strike) > Cave Serpent (+ poison, two attacks)
Dwelling: Wyrm Caves > Upgraded Wyrm Caves
Troll (regeneration) > Hammartroll (+ blocking)
Dwelling: Troll Bridge > Upgraded Troll Bridge

4: Ogre (crushing blow 25%) > Ogre Warrior (crushing blow 50%) OR Ogre Shaman (spell caster)
Dwelling: Ogre Fort > Upgraded Ogre Fort OR Add Witch Doctor’s Hut to Ogre Fort

5: Cyclops (ranged, area attack, advanced siege) > Cyclops King (+ two shots, expert siege)
Dwelling: Cyclops Cave > Upgraded Cyclops Cave
Sphinx (first strike) > Criosphinx (+ negate first strike)
Dwelling: Pyramid > Upgraded Pyramid

6: Behemoth (defense reducing attack 50%) > Ancient Behemoth (defense reducing attack 80%)
Dwelling: Behemoth Lair > Upgraded Behemoth Lair
Wyvern (first strike, poison, flying) > Greater Wyvern (+ two attacks)
Dwelling: Wyvern Nest > Upgraded Wyvern Nest

The Necropolis is home to the hordes of the Undead as well as the Death Knights and Necromancers. These sinister beings are very evil in deed and in word due to their quest to raise more dead and drain life out of the living
Might Hero: Death Knight
Magic Hero: Necromancer
Alignment: Evil
Friends: Stronghold and Asylum
Worst Enemy: Castle
Ship Type: Bone Galleon
Native Terrain: Dirt

Creature Roster
1: Skeleton (undead, skeletal) > Skeleton Warrior (+ divine ward)
Dwelling: Excavation > Upgraded Excavation
Wisp (undead, insubstantial, flying) > Will’O’Wisp (+ mana drain)
Dwelling: Soul Jars > Upgraded Soul Jars

2: Walking Dead (undead, toughness) > Zombie (+ disease)
Dwelling: Graveyard > Upgraded Graveyard

3: Wraith (undead, flying, insubstantial, ageing)
Dwelling: Barrow Mound
Ghoul (undead, ranged, weakness)
Dwelling: Haunted House

4: Lich (undead, ranged, death cloud attack) > Power Lich (+ smite good)
Dwelling: Mausoleum > Upgraded Mausoleum
Mummy (undead, spell caster) > Royal Mummy (+ more spell power)
Dwelling: Cursed Pyramid > Upgraded Cursed Pyramid

5: Dark Knight (undead, smite good, terror) > Dark Champion (+ death blow attack)
Dwelling: Hall of Darkness > Upgraded Hall of Darkness
Vampire (undead, flying, no retaliation) > Vampire Lord (+ life drain)
Dwelling: Dark Mansion > Upgraded Dark Mansion

6: Bone Dragon (undead, skeletal, panic, flying) > Ghost Dragon (+ insubstantial)
Dwelling: Dragon Vault > Upgraded Dragon Vault
Grim Reaper (undead, teleportation, death stare)
Dwelling: Palace of Death

The havens for demons and dark chaotic creatures, these evil creatures are the antithesis of the law. They are also the home to the Heretics and Sorcerers, who are selfish in intuition and destructive in action
Might Hero: Heretic
Magic Hero: Sorcerer
Alignment: Evil
Friends: Necropolis and Fortress
Worst Enemy: Academy
Ship Type: Galleon
Native Terrain: Volcanic

Creature Roster
1: Imp (flying, demon) > Familiar (+ mana leech)
Dwelling: Imp Crucible > Upgraded Imp Crucible
Giant Bat (flying, bloodlust) > Vampire Bat (+ open wounds)
Dwelling: Bat Cave > Upgraded Bat Cave

2: Hell Hound (first strike) > Cerebus (3-headed attack, no retaliation)
Dwelling: Kennels > Upgraded Kennels

3: Demon Minion (demon, first strike, fire attack) > Horned Demon Minion (+ 2 attacks)
Dwelling: Demon Gate > Upgraded Demon Gate
Dark Elf (ranged, smite good) > Dark Elf Ranger (+ no range penalty, ranged unblockable attack)
Dwelling: Dark Elven House > Upgraded Dark Elven House

4: Succubus (flying, demon, life drain) > Succubus Queen (+ disease)
Dwelling: Temple of Seduction > Upgraded Temple of Seduction
Minotaur (blocking, negate first strike) > Minotaur Lord (+ critical strike)
Dwelling: Labyrinth > Upgraded Labyrinth

5: Manticore (flying, paralyze)
Dwelling: Manticore Lair
Efreet (flying, demon, fire attack, fire resistance) > Efreet Sultan (+ fire shield)
Dwelling: Fire Lake > Upgraded Fire Lake

6: Devil (teleport, demon, angel slayer) > Arch Devil (+ summon demon minion)
Dwelling: Forsaken Palace > Upgraded Forsaken Palace
Green Dragon (flying, 75% magic resistance, breath attack) > Red Dragon (+ magic immunity) > Black Dragon (+ arc breath attack)
Dwelling: Green Dragon Cave > Red Dragon Cave > Black Dragon Cave

The swamp town that is home to the Beastmaster, the Witch and their armies of swamp-born creatures. While they are chaotic in nature, they also do have a small tendency at times to create peace in the world
Might Hero: Beastmaster
Magic Hero: Witch
Alignment: Neutral
Friends: Asylum and Rampart
Worst Enemy: Forge
Ship Type: Barge
Native Terrain: Swamp

Creature Roster
1: Gnoll (advanced Pathfinding) > Gnoll Marauder (master Pathfinding)
Dwelling: Gnoll Hut > Upgraded Gnoll Hut
Dragon Fly (dispel beneficial spells, flying) > Fire Dragon Fly (+ first strike)
Dwelling: Dragon Fly Hive > Upgraded Dragon Fly Hive

2: Lizardman (poison arrow, ranged) > Lizard Warrior (+ shoots twice)
Dwelling: Lizard Den > Upgraded Lizard Den
Troglodyte (naturally blind) > Elite Troglodyte (+ negate first strike)
Dwelling: Warren > Upgraded Warren

3: Wererat (plague)
Dwelling: Swamp Burrows
Beholder (ranged, flying, no melee penalty)
Dwelling: Pillar of Eyes

4: Medusa (ranged, no melee penalty, stone gaze) > Medusa Queen (+ no range penalty)
Dwelling: Temple of Stilled Voices > Upgraded Temple of Stilled Voices

5: Harpy (strike and return, no retaliation) > Harpy Hag (+ unblockable attack)
Dwelling: Harpy Nest > Upgraded Harpy Nest
Basilisk (death stare) > Greater Basilisk (+ first strike)
Dwelling: Basilisk Lair > Upgraded Basilisk Lair

6: Hydra (multi-attack, no retaliation) > Chaos Hydra (+ defense reducing attack 50%)
Dwelling: Hydra Pond > Upgraded Hydra Pond
Swamp Dragon (flying, breath attack, acid attack)
Dwelling: Dragon Dell

The haven for elves and other nature-loving creatures, the inhabitants of the Rampart tend to be peace loving and live in harmony with the nature surrounding them. However, they are prepared for big battles
Might Hero: Ranger
Magic Hero: Druid
Alignment: Good
Friends: Fortress and Castle
Worst Enemy: Stronghold
Ship Type: Barge
Native Terrain: Grass

Creature Roster
1: Pixie (flying, no retaliation, unblockable attack) > Sprite (+ positive luck)
Dwelling: Tree House > Upgraded Tree House
Boar (first strike) > Master Boar (+ negate first strike)
Dwelling: Boar Glen > Upgraded Boar Glen

2: Centaur (negate first strike) > Centaur Captain (+ positive morale) OR Centaur Archer (+ ranged, no melee penalty)
Dwelling: Centaur Stables > Upgraded Centaur Stables OR Add Archery Range to Centaur Stables

3: Wood Elf (ranged, ranged first strike, shoots twice) > Sharpshooter Elf (+ no range or obstacle penalty, ranged unblockable attack)
Dwelling: Treetop Tower > Upgraded Treetop Tower
White Tiger (first strike, two attacks)
Dwelling: Wild Animal Park

4: Ent (toughness, 50% magic resistance) > Dendroid (+ crushing blow)
Dwelling: Ent Forest > Upgraded Ent Forest
Elven Enchantress (spell caster)
Dwelling: Enchantress Guild

5: Unicorn (blinding attack, rune ward) > War Unicorn (+ magic resistance aura)
Dwelling: Unicorn Glade > Upgraded Unicorn Glade
Pegasus Rider (magic dampener, flying, rune ward) > Pegasus Raider (+ two attacks)
Dwelling: Nature Temple > Upgraded Nature Temple

6: Firebird (flying, fire attack, breath attack, fire resistance) > Phoenix (+ rebirth)
Dwelling: Red Tower > Upgraded Red Tower
Fairy Dragon (flying, magic mirror, spell caster)
Dwelling: Magic Forest

These neutral creatures are not aligned with any town. However, they have town preferences that will not affect that town’s creatures’ morale. Otherwise they attract a morale penalty of –2
G1: Peasant (taxpayer)
Dwelling: Hovel
Town Preference: Good Towns
G1: Rogue (visions)
Dwelling: Den of Thieves
Town Preference: Evil Towns
G2: Pirate (sea bonus)
Dwelling: Pirate’s Cove
Town Preference: Fortress and Asylum
G3: Mermaid (hypnotize, sea bonus)
Dwelling: Sirens
Town Preference: Neutral Towns
G3: Nomad (no terrain penalty, first strike)
Dwelling: Desert Tents
Town Preference: Forge and Stronghold
G4: Air Elemental (flying, insubstantial, lightning vulnerability, negate first strike, elemental)
Dwelling: Altar of Air
Town Preference: Castle and Academy
G4: Water Elemental (cold attack, cold resistance, spell caster, elemental)
Dwelling: Altar of Water
Town Preference: Fortress and Rampart
G4: Earth Elemental (50% magic resistance, crushing blow, elemental)
Dwelling: Altar of Earth
Town Preference: Forge and Stronghold
G4: Fire Elemental (fire attack, fire resistance, ranged, elemental)
Dwelling: Altar of Fire
Town Preference: Necropolis and Asylum
G5: Hippocampus (sea bonus, first strike)
Dwelling: Sea Temple
Town Preference: Neutral Towns
G6: Kraken (devouring attack, sea bonus)
Dwelling: Loch Ness
Town Preference: Neutral Towns
G7: Silver Megadragon (arc breath attack, panic, 50% magic resistance, flying)
Dwelling: Silver Mountains
Town Preference: Evil Towns
G7: Gold Megadragon (arc breath attack, terror, magic immunity, flying)
Dwelling: Golden Utopia
Town Preference: Good Towns


Dragon slayer: Unit does +50% more damage vs. dragons
Death Slayer: Unit does +50% more damage vs. undead
Magic Dampener: Unit causes enemy spells to cost 2 extra mana
Death Ward: Unit takes 50% less damage from Undead units and is immune to curse, plague, poison, ageing and panic
Smite Evil: Unit does +50% extra damage vs. evil creatures
Giantslayer: Unit does x2 damage vs. level 6 units
Chaos Ward: Unit takes 50% less damage from Asylum units and takes half damage from Chaos spells.
Siege Capable: Unit can fire over walls regardless of obstacle
Crystal Regeneration: Unit generates 1 crystal/week per unit
Disease: Affected units have attack and defense halved. Damage is also halved
Mana Drain: Unit drains enemy mana by 2 points at the beginning of each round
Ageing: Unit has 25% chance of ageing the enemy (-50% speed and -25% hits)
Death Cloud Attack: Ranged attack also affects adjacent living creatures
Death Blow Attack: Unit has 25% chance of inflicting double damage on living creatures
Smite Good: Unit does +50% extra damage vs. good units
Death Stare: Unit has 10% chance of killing 1 enemy living creature for every 10 units outright
Paralyse: Affected enemy unit cannot take action or retaliate for 2 turns
Divine Ward: Unit takes 50% less damage from Castle units and is immune to Bless, Holy Word and Shout
Angel Slayer: Unit does +50% more damage vs. angels
Poison Arrow: Ranged attack poisons targeted enemy at 2 damage per turn per unit
Plague: Affected enemy unit is affected by the plague spell
Stone Gaze: Affected enemy unit is petrified (same effects as paralyse) for 3 turns and are unfrozen when attacked
Acid Attack: Affected enemy unit has its defense reduced by 50% and takes 10 damage X no. Of units each subsequent turn for 3 turns
Positive luck: Unit luck is never lower than +1
Positive morale: Unit morale is never lower than +1
Nature Ward: Unit takes 50% less damage from Rampart units and takes half damage from Vines and Meteor Shower
Ranged Critical Strike: Unit’s ranged attack has a 20% chance of dealing double damage
Crushing Attack: Unit has a 10% chance to instantly crush (kill) a unit outright for every 5 units
Rune Ward: Unit takes 50% less damage from Forge units and takes half damage from all Rune Spells
Defense reducing attack: The attack of this unit reduces the target’s defense by 80%.
Critical Strike: Unit’s attack has a 20% chance of dealing double damage
Crushing blow: Unit’s attack has a 20% chance of dealing 50% more damage to enemy while stunning the enemy for 2 turns
Unblockable attack: The attack of this unit cannot be blocked by anyone (i.e. it always inflicts damage).
Open Wounds: Affected enemy unit loses 10% of its health each round. The first aid tent alone can remove open Wounds
Visions: Unit can see exact numbers in enemy towns and armies
Demon: A demon unit is immune to fire-based spells and takes 50% less damage from fire attacks. Also, demon units gain combat bonuses when fighting on volcanic or fiery terrain
Devil Slayer: Unit does +50% more damage vs. devils
Freezing attack: Unit has a 25% chance of freezing the enemy. Frozen enemies cannot move or retaliate until they are attacked. Can only be removed by the Potion of Thawing
Ranged unblockable attack: The ranged attack of this unit cannot be blocked by anyone (i.e. it always inflicts damage)
No range or obstacle penalty: Unit’s ranged attack inflicts full damage at any range regardless of the number of obstacles between the shooter and the target


Buildings are important to the wellbeing of each town or castle. The more towns you own, the better chance you have of winning the scenario. All towns have a certain radius of clear area that cuts into the shroud and fog of war (if enabled) on the map.

Common Buildings

Village Hall – Gives 500 gold/day
Town Hall – Gives 1000 gold/day
City Hall – Gives 1500 gold/day
Capitol (one only) – Gives 2500 gold/day
Statue – Gives an extra 250 gold/day
University - learn up to 4 new skills, either primary or secondary
Caravan – Transports armies between two selected towns at a high rate of movement each day
Thieves Guild - gives information on the enemy. More Thieves’ guilds mean more information is given
Marketplace - trade resources. More Marketplaces mean better trade rates.
Resource Silo – Marketplace upgrade. Gives +1 wood and +1 ore each day when built
Stockhouse – Resource Silo upgrade. Gives +1 crystal or gem or sulfur or mercury each day alternately
5 levels of mage guild - learn spells and buy spell books. A mage guild contains 3 level 1 spells, 3 level 2 spells, 2 level 3 spells, 2 level 4 spells and 1 level 5 spell
7 creature dwellings - both level 1's and 1 from levels 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6
Upgrades to creature dwellings where applicable
Enhancements to creature dwellings where applicable
Fort – Builds Level 1 walls and allows for level 1, 2, and 3 creature dwelling construction.
Citadel – Builds an Arrow Tower, Moat and Level 2 Walls. You need to build a citadel before you can build Level 4 or 5 Creature Dwellings.
Castle – Builds 2 turrets (range units can stand here and gain +100% defense and attack bonus) and Level 3 Walls. The Castle must be built before you can build Level 6 Creature Dwellings.
Well – Gives +50% extra creature growth/week
Tavern – Allows for Hero recruitment and gossip
Shop – Allows you to buy potions, items, and first aid tents
Artifact Merchants – Shop upgrade. Allow you to buy and sell artifacts
Prison – Can now be built as a structure. When a prison is built the defending army will take the attacking hero prisoner if the attacker loses, thus denying the allowing of recruiting that hero again until the owner of the town loses to another side in combat, in which the imprisoned hero will be freed and return to the original owner. Conversely, if an attacker wins in the siege battle and a hero leads the losing town defending side, then the defending hero gets imprisoned in his own town by the newcomers
Shipyard – Allows for production of boats. Only available if town faces a waterfront
Lighthouse – Shipyard upgrade. Makes ships travel longer each day over water. Only available if town faces a waterfront

Unique Buildings

Stables - +5 movement for next 7 days
Abbey - +2 morale for next battle
Holy order of Paladins – All visiting heroes gain +1 defense skill

Wizard’s Library – Adds one extra spell per level of the mage guild
Magic Pool – Replenishes a hero’s spell points to full and gives them either +2 morale or + 2 luck till next battle
Wizard Lore – All visiting heroes gain +1 knowledge.

Foundry of Industry– Reduces building costs of all your owned towns by 10%. It does not cumulate with other Foundries of Industry
Magic Dampener – All armies gain 10% magic resistance. It does not cumulate with other magic dampeners
Dwarven Treasury - 10% extra income each day

Warlords Monument - armies gain +30% attack in next battle
Shaman’s Guild – heroes gain +1 morale and +1 luck in next battle. Restores heroes’ spell points to full immediately
Battle Arena – All visiting heroes gain +1 attack skill

Undead Transformer - transforms creatures into undead
Necromancy Ampliflier - increases necromancy skill of heroes (who posess the skill) by 10%
Cover of Darkness – Creates a black shroud around the town that resets each day

Mana Vortex - doubles a hero's spell points
Battle Academy - heroes gain 1000 xp when visiting this
Warlock’s Condomium – All visiting heroes gain +1 spell power

Beastmaster's monument - armies gain +10% attack and defense in next battle
Fountain spring - Heroes get +5 spell points permanently
Swamp Lodge – All visiting heroes gain +10 movement for the day

Summoning stone - increases summoning skill of heroes (who possess the skill) by +10xp/day and increases summoning spells by 25%
Rainbow - units gain +2 luck in next battle
Druid’s Circle – All visiting heroes gain either +1 spell power or +1 knowledge (one choice only)

Grail Structures

All grail structures provide 4000 extra gold/day, increase creature growth by 50% and provide several more special abilities unique to the town as described below:
Holy Avatar (Castle): All units gain +2 morale and Death Ward permanently
Wizard's Spire (Academy): All heroes gain +50% extra spell points permanently and all units gain Chaos Ward
Colossus of Industry (Forge): All units gain Nature Ward permanently. All Forge units cost 20% less to recruit
Festival of Life (Stronghold): All units gain +50% attack in battle and all allied heroes gain +25% more experience in battles
Soul Prison (Necropolis): The necromancy skill of all allied heroes who posess the skill is increased by 20% and will always raise liches. Poison and plague are at double effect, and all units gain Divine Ward
Deity of Fire (Asylum): All units gain Enchantment Ward permanently. Every month thereafter will be a Month of The Imp.
Eye of the Beastmaster (Fortress): All units gain +20% attack and defense in battle and gain +50% movement and have no terrain penalty
Guardian of Nature (Rampart): All units gain +2 luck and Rune Ward permanently and the summoning skill of all allied heroes (who posess the skill) is increased by +30xp/day and all summoning spells are double strength

No one knows my true nature here...

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Tavern Dweller
posted October 03, 2004 08:35 AM

Nice ideas!  I think Green Dragons should be with rampart though, since they are most commonly associated with forest/swamp.

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Tavern Dweller
posted October 09, 2004 03:07 AM

I think its a bit unfair having the choice between a creature with an upgrade and a creature without with some of the towns.

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Famous Hero
Also known as Nobris Agni
posted October 10, 2004 07:00 AM
Edited by alcibiades at 20:12, 06 Jul 2009.

Actually, this is a 'pure chaos' system which can mean you can either choose from two, do a branched or normal upgrade, or choose one and then upgrade. It allows for more gameplay and replay value.

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No one knows my true nature here...

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