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Heroes Community > Bards Glade Pyre (RPG) > Thread: Break of Oblivion - OOC
Thread: Break of Oblivion - OOC

Supreme Hero
Foobum* of Justice!
posted November 05, 2004 04:15 PM
Edited By: TheRealDeal on 6 Nov 2004

Break of Oblivion - OOC

I've had this idea for some time now.

Picture a world with the greatest technology, almost every race has been found, and suddenly The Great Death spreads and kills 80 % of the population, and destroys a lot of technoligy, making the world a giant wasteland.

There is still high tech stuff, but most of it has been ravaged. Huge Galaxies left to rot. How did this happen? To know this we'll jump back in time...

Earth: 2128

Earth had just discovered another planet, with an extremely evolved robotic race; The T.I.G's. The T.I.Gs made earth, or their Emporer, did. The T.I.G's showed Earth the rest of the Universe, showing the discovered races, and watch they can do, Earth was now part of the galatic union, but this doesn't mean there was peace. Almost everyone hated everyone, but noone dared to Touch eachother because of T.I.G, the highly evolved police of the world. Everything was at peace until the race known as "SiN"** unleashed The Great Death

**SiN is another of T.I.G's projects, much like humans but they worship the Chaos Gods(yes, Gods exist, just not the way we believed on earth)

The Great death killed T.I.G, making the universe a battlefield. Even the balance was gone, things weren't what they seemed.

The World is now at steak, will you join to save it, or to let it fall?

This is a RPG for a few n00bs, and some pros(to teach the noobs) Please I'M me or talk to me over MSN msgr.(I'M me for msgr ) Ideas for the RPG is taken with gratitude. This won't have a GM, we agree about the story here in the OOC. We will Start in 1-2 weeks.

The Main Races: (Some might be added)

Orks(Not exactly what you know as Orcs, but mostly yes)
Eldaris (High Tech)
Azulis (Waterish Beings)

Humans are weak.

(feel free to make your own race, but NO PP!)

My Role:

Christian Vileknight

Class: Priest of Khorne (The Blood God of Chaos)

History: Added Later

TAKE NOTICE THAT: The story is still being written, everything might change.
Applying doesn't mean your in, depends on how many people we need, and how experienced people are..

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Adventuring Hero
Old Soul young body
posted November 05, 2004 04:36 PM

I'll post this for now so i get an e-mail notification when someone speaks...

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Legendary Hero
posted November 06, 2004 05:42 AM
Edited By: TitaniumAlloy on 5 Nov 2004

Hopefully this thread can get the right people, looks like it could have motion

**UNKNOWN NAME AS OF NOW** (people refer to him as Titanium Alloy, TA or just Titanium.)

Race: Renetar
The Renetars are an ancient race, who crave control. They are tall, bipedal with thick feel leading up to a square strong body. They have many veins making them vulnerable to severe bleeding without armour. They have strong bodies, and their skin texture resembles that of a tree. They are humanoid in thier outline, but their appearance is very different. They have pale pinkish/purplish skin to blend in with the natural surroundings of their planet. Photosynthesis in Renetarian vegation occurs with a purple colour so thier skin has helped them to survive.
Their military is strong, and they're on a quest for dominance. However, they're very ego-centric so corruption among thier ranks is immenent. They despise religion, and are seeking to destroy worship of gods.

a normal renetar soldier in battle armour.

Class: Supreme Commander of the Military, and high ranking council member.

History: Titanium is very mysterious. No one knows his name, and almost none have seen his face. He is completely plated in Titanium Alloy, a rare material found only in a mine in the outer rim planet of R'ashgeth (now dominated by the Renetar). This armour renders TA almost invulnerable, and because of this he is able to lead the vicious Renetar Army into war. He hates religion so much, and kills all followers of any form of 'god' mercilessly. Once he thought that universal dominance was immenent with such a powerful army as the race of Renetars. But now his army is diminishing, but still the only thing that stands in the way of his quest is The Starways Congress.

Titanium Alloy with his Renetar Particle Accelerator.

Starways Congress:This is an international government protecting valuable resources, as well as human rights. No one wants to get on their bad side as they will most likely cut off the opposition from all literature, arts, food supply from outer planets, trade and freedom of speech. Their military backup is minimal, but they have a monopoly over the trade. Renetars hate them because they support all religion.
John says to live above hell.

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