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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: Dragon town (mk. IX)
Thread: Dragon town (mk. IX)

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posted March 20, 2005 04:46 PM
Edited by alcibiades at 16:27, 06 Jul 2009.

Dragon town (mk. IX)

New required resource to hire dragon units : Virgins.

Virgins are incredibly rare in modern Axeoth or Erathia.  They were pretty common in Enroth, but everybody was kind of fugly there.  In order to start accumulating virgins, you have to flag a Church Youth Group on the map.  The numbers you accumulate each turn is random as we all know what's really going on after lights out on those trips.  Also, simply hoarding virgins can be risky since each one in your treasury has a chance of defloration each day, so it's best to spend them when you get them.



Seriously, they all look the same, even if you paint one blue and one red.

Cost : 5000 gold, 1 virgin.

Stats :
HP : 1000
Dmg : 50-75
Speed : fast, okay?

Special rules :
Fire damage : If your dragon containing army is used to garrison a town, there is a random chance that they will accidently burn down a random structure in the town.
Support units : Every dragon in your army requires two shovelmen and two wheelbarrowmen (see below) to prevent nasty side effects on the remaining populace and soldiers.
Narrative Neccesity : If a dragon is ever attacking a level one unit, there is a chance that Narrative Neccesity will kick in.  In this case, a heroic member of the unit being attacked will miraculously slay the dragon (most likely with the oatmeal spoon that he/she/it inherited from their grandfather).  The attacking stack of dragons will be instantly destroyed and a new level 1 hero will be generated from the victorious stack.

Support Units:


Cost : 50 gold
Stats : HP : 1
       DMG : 1
       Speed : 1
Two are required for every dragon in the army.  Think about it.


Cost : 50 gold

Stats : As shovelmen.

Special ability : Can earn money giving wheelbarrow rides to the local children.


Cost : 50 gold
Stats : As above
Special ability : Can earn money giving moustache rides to the local ladies.  Increases chance of virgin defloration in opposing armies.

Moderator's note:This topic has been closed, as it refers to an older version of the game. To discuss Heroes 3, please go to Library Of Enlightenment, to discuss Heroes 4, please go to War Room Of Axeoth, to discuss Heroes 5, go to Temple Of Ashan.
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