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Heroes Community > Tavern of the Rising Sun > Thread: Dream talk
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Supreme Hero
Pizza Nazi
posted May 03, 2018 09:42 AM

I had my fair share of strange dreams lately, and the most freakish was some days ago, I'll post it later, in the meantime here's the most recent.

I was at a bus stop headed to where I go to uni, while waiting a lot of people came for the bus, among them there was this guy that came with one of those cars with some space in the back, he brought his "fiancee" but she didn't show up until later, he seemed like a swell guy but when he got on his car it turns out he had said "fiancee" chained to the car with his dog, he told her they were leaving, and so he ordered her to get on the car, until he basically started the car while there was no trace of her on top of it.

Turns out she broke free and got on the bus and she was seated next to me, so she talked about her guy and how he was abusive since the first moment, and then she mentioned that she escaped twice and knew where to hide.

Once I get to our destination I meet up with my best friend since we were supposed to go somewhere to buy electronic things, but then he says there's no need for that, so instead we talk, then we decide to head back to our old town and take a car with other people, then at some points there are some passenger exchanges, for some reason.

In the end I start to feel that I didn't get off at the right time so I'll end up in some other town, but instead I end up in my childhood hom where a fair is being held. The lady that was driving basically stops to take a look at the fair, while I tell her that it's fine if she leaves me there, since that's where my parents work and even though I don't have the keys and they have already returned in the other home I could just call them. Turns out they were still there, so I just return in that home. And "our" dog was waiting for me, but for some reason he first took a chew toy and put it in my hands, and then he tried to bite off my hands, since he was apparently trying to just eat off my hands at that point I kist vigorously waved my hands. I knocked out the dog. I thought I killed it and I was horrified, turns out it was still alive and angry with me, I tell my mother to load up an earlier save, but they were all dated 30th February.

I don't have a dog.

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Omnipresent Hero
Alone in the Forest
posted May 03, 2018 10:08 AM

Have you played silent hill Fred? Oh the sweet nightmare fuel. But nah, it's actually pretty tame by your standards.

I tell my mother to load up an earlier save, but they were all dated 30th February

Haha, don't I know that feeling Sounds like a classic random dream. The flow in such dreams seems ever important, more so than what happens along the way. One would think there is a lot of meaning behind that dream but there probably isn't
Mind the gap between your mind and reality.

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Undefeatable Hero
posted June 11, 2018 10:05 PM
Edited by fred79 at 22:05, 11 Jun 2018.

so i had some nice dreams(those ones that make you regret waking up to reality).

: daytime :

well, to start off, i killed an entire family of grizzly bears this time. first the daddy came along, but i had a gun in one hand and a short pickaxe/tomahawk or something in my other hand, so he died from multiple gunshot wounds to the brain along with a bunch of chops to the spinal cord at the back of his neck. then mommy bear came along, apparently not liking that i exterminated her husband with extreme prejudice(hey, that snow started it by wanting to maul/eat me). so, mommy bear goes the same way as daddy bear, and in just as short a time, too. then i climb this younger spruce tree, trying to get up high into the branches to ward off what seems to be a running trend in this dream, and along comes baby bear(which was more like a young adult); who tries to follow me up to exact his revenge for making him batbear.

needless to say, batbear met the same fate as his parents, and in a more expedient manner.

---end dream part 1----

: nighttime :

next, i'm driving a car in the far-off future. cars still have wheels at this point, but everything runs off of electricity, and for some reason the cars themselves have massive emp's(or maybe some kind of mini nuclear reactor? i dunno) in them that go off when crashed(which apparently doesn't happen anymore, until my crazy ass gets behind the wheel of one ).

so, i'm driving up this spiral on-ramp leading to a highway that is 2 or 3-hundred stories tall(all highways are above cities now), that looks like those electric-car racetrack toys that i used to have as a kid; only without the groove for the metal spike coming from the toy car to give it power). i'm drifting up the whole spiral on-ramp at something like 100 miles an hour or something, trying to tighten the turn so that i'm more towards the inside of the turn, but gradually edging ever closer to the outer edge as i climb the spiral.

finally, right near the end of the spiral on-ramp, at the top, i end up leaving the road(which had snow for a guard-rail, btw. i'll have to make sure and complain about that future mistake the highway contractors will make), and flying out over the city. i look down, and i see the city rushing up to meet me as i fall. at this point, i leave first-person view and i see the car fall from third-person, like in a video game cutscene. the car falls, lands between some buildings in what looks like a snowty part of town, and explodes with the mini-nuclear reactor/emp. a dome of energy is released from the car, and all the power goes out over the entire city.

-----end of dream part 2-----

: still nighttime :

now, apparently fast-forward some decades since my crash, i seem to have caused an armageddon of sorts, since everything is destroyed without electricity, and everyone is living in post-apocalyptic times; in the same city i crashed in. inexplicably, i somehow survived the crash(at least the auto-designers of the future have implemented some REALLY safe designs for the driver; nevermind the electrical holocaust they cause for everyone when they crash), and am... AGAIN... part of some future "resistance"(this time, i'm not the leader, tho). anyway, we're holed up in some delapidated building with boards on the windows in that same snowhole part of the city i crashed in.

for reasons unbeknownst to me(we either had a rat/spy among us, or the MAN had found out where we were headquartered by some other means), we were on the verge of being raided by futuristic S.W.A.T.

i don't know how we found out we were about to be raided(most likely someone sweeping for radio transmissions using jimmy-rigged old band radio), but all of a sudden we were all put on alert. i guess we didn't have any weapons, because we had to run instead. i grabbed someone who had been in the two previous dreams(a younger version of a family member), and told her to follow me quickly out a window that wasn't far from the entry-point for the raiding S.W.A.T.

we made it out of the boarded-up window, around a set of wooden steps, and underneath them, just as the S.W.A.T. came around the corner and bounded up the steps towards the building. they had two dogs with them for sniffing us out(which were chocolate labradors, of all dogs, if i'm not mistaken), and one of them caught our scent(this was a plank wooden staircase that you would find leading down to a beach, and it DID actually lead down to a ground of sand; but i never heard the ocean). the dog started barking excitedly, and the stormtrooper cop let the dog out on the leash he was holding. the dog came under the steps, saw us, and tackled us excitedly; because these two cop dogs were actually our friends. being a smart dog, the dog calmed down and led the S.W.A.T. away from us.

then i woke up. there's more to the dream(a lot more, in fact), but i can't remember all the other details and they really aren't worth mentioning.

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