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Heroes Community > Tavern of the Rising Sun > Thread: Dream talk
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Omnipresent Hero
What if Elvin was female?
posted March 08, 2018 05:27 AM

Stand up to your feline oppressors! Haha love it.
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Undefeatable Hero
The One and Only Undead Member
posted March 08, 2018 05:42 AM

less than a week ago(?), i actually fought back against the grizzly bears that plague my dreams. usually, i'm scrambling for ammo and guns to kill them, and i never find anything that matches up, or isn't duds, etc. this time(for the first time in 2 decades of these recurring creatures in my dreams doing their best to kill me, and me doing my best to avoid them), i made a kind of push-dagger using two kitchen knives sticking out of my fist; which i then used to blind a grizzly bear that was attacking: one blade went into each eye. i then avoided it's enraged and blinded swipes and bites by shifting just out of reach each time it swung or bit.

not sure what it means, but at least i started being proactive about those snowers. they've been an endless nuisance and hostile force in my dreams. guess i got tired of running away from them all these years. now, i just have to deal with the tidal waves that have come back for whatever reason(i had previously conquered them by use of magic and flight), the sharks and alligators, the tornadoes(which were controllable at one point), and the roving bands of assassins that seem to follow me wherever i don't have a reliable weapon(which i always end up having to melee kill). i'm about sick to death of never having reliable guns with ammo in my dreams; the only time i do, is when i'm in some future war, and leading a charge against some nazi all-powerful tyrannical world government with the last bastion of free humanity(usually after millions of us have already been slaughtered like cattle).

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Omnipresent Hero
What if Elvin was female?
posted March 08, 2018 06:55 AM

What about sharknados? You get any of those?
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Undefeatable Hero
posted March 08, 2018 12:05 PM

Had one last night. High school setting and people, **** got real in class and I snapped, left the room feeling awful it came to that. Dreams can sometimes enhance a certain emotion, this time it was sadness. Might be close to how depressed people feel at times now that I think of it.
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The Young Traveler

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Omnipresent Hero
What if Elvin was female?
posted March 08, 2018 06:10 PM

I was actually feeling depressed after a friend died in a dream. Felt like my days passed without meaning.
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Undefeatable Hero
What if Elvin was female?
posted March 08, 2018 06:56 PM

These are not exactly nicely formatted because they are copied from messenger. Sorry about that.

will probably not have time to write it properly
but there was a secret organisation/bunch of like minded friends
who did random stuff others needed but no one else provided
my partner was a 175ish tall sportily build fella, blond, short and spiky hair
likeable guy
you would have gotten along with him great
Then there was this newcomer
media person/reporter
around 183ish, the kind that look tall regardless of their height, even her face was high/narrow
black, relatively long hair to her upper back
surprisingly she wasn't very sure of herself
you'd think the opposite would be true for her stuff ^^
the cute kinda unsure about her/our work
and a little bit shy with people
then there was a pair of women, both sporty/martial build, other with light brown/dark blonde hair, the other with chestnut
they were the other operation duo
The two were pretty silent most of the time, friendly for sure but they didn't bother initiating anything unless necessary
plenty of nonverbal cues though
so in a conversation, they'd just silently follow from the corner of the group
but if you looked their way, you'd instantly see what they were thinking from their faces
more often than not they wore a "kids will be kids"-kind of smile when people are messing around
the new woman wasn't shy on camera
but in private
but kind of interesting
then there was our "boss"
the organiser
totally the over-enthusiast type
and overdoing type
the kind that goes "and then this will be here and this will come in, it will be great! Right?" and you just nod 'sure' with a "please don't drag me into this"-smile on your face
to which they are completely oblivious ofc
and just get more fired up
she was a bit more shapeful woman, shoulder length brown hair
tendency to wear low heels EVERYWHERE
oh abandoned mine? heels, run down factory? heels, xD
no one of us was very old
the newcomer and my partner were the youngest
I'd but them around 22-24 and 23-25
the other two operatives were around 28-31
boss lady around 26-29
then there was me, 28, long dark brown hair past shoulder level,
around 180ish tall, sporty/somewhat shapeful build
shorter and more "proportionate" than the newcomer
taller and more sporty than the leader
less martial than the two other operatives
also female
so my poor partner was the only guy
so we got started with me, my friend the leader and the other two operatives
techincally me and the leader did stupid stuff before that
but it doesn't count if it's not organised and aimed really so when the two joined us
this thing got started
basically a startup of "When you don't know who to call, call us" ^^
so I'm on a dive in the dream, pressure gauge tells me about 30 meters deep
the thing is, this is not a lake or the sea, I'm diving forward in a flooded hallway
according to the blueprints we should be getting to a door and then immeaditely turn left for another hallway to find an elevator shaft going up
the calculated time in this depth for the dive was 2 minutes 30 seconds
(which, if you don't know, equals around 10 minutes at surface time)
considering our small tanks there was a certain sense of urgency to not lose unnecessary time but make good, steady progress
reached the door, locked ofc, screw the owners of this place
oh well, I signal my partner and he lights the torch
he quickly cuts around the lock and we move forward
there's the elevator shaft
I check my watch, 15 seconds left in this depth, we are well on time
I set the charge and signal to cover ears
the shockwave travels through us as the door blows into the elevator shaft
I check my partner, he signals OK
we begin our ascent, making the necessary depressurising stops on the way
at 5 meters depth we take the exit north
it's a hallway going slightly upwards I can see the water's edge
so as we get up, I check the air first, seems okay as expected, it hasn't been flooded for that long after all
I detach my (relatively small)flippers and attach them to my utility belt
check my partner, he says he's okay, no issues
it shouldn't be far from here
we find the right office door, not locked, luckyyy!
now where is it?
nowhere on the desk
I go through the drawers
AHHA! Here it is!
one custom made wedding ring, get!
I secure it in a watertight ziplock pouch, put that inside a net pouch and secure it into my belt, time to go
We get out the same way we came in. Outside we detach the rope we tied to the entrance follow it to the surface slowly making our pressure stops on the way.
The other two help us up onto the boat and we set off.
The electric outboard speeds us off silently
no one will even know we were here
I check the clock when we're on the shore, 3 am
well on schedule, we load the gear, pack up the inflatable boat and get on our way home
I can hear a relieved sigh from my partner next to me
I can emphasize with him, there's nothing I am going to appreciate more than a hot bath after this.
so at the hotel we wake up around 11sh and head out to return our loaned scuba gear and eat breakfast with my partner
thank god I have him, I could not deal with the clerk at the scuba shop who was giving us the full "Did you enjoy your trip?"-thing with a knowing look
at least I got to smile at him smuggly when he checked to find that I reset the data on the diving computers. HA! That'll teach you to pry into people's lives!
so after managing to finally leave the shop we go grab brunch at a nearby cafe and just laze around the rest of the day before heading back to the hotel
side note, it's a double room since we are here as a couple
also if you didn't know, we can't fly back straight away because decompression issues with flying right after diving

After the flight arrives we get into my car and drive home. The car in this case is surprisingly modern sports car, Nissan GT-R. The female me seems to prefer newer sports cars than the male me, I wonder why? This is not a singular case either but a consistent thing. Anyways I drive it into the underground garage. We take the elevator up to the groundfloor. The elevator is right next to the main door, on it's right side, with the old cluttered stairs on it's left, in a vestibule with glass walls to both outside and inside into the main hall of the building that's dominated by the two semi-circular staiways ascending to the first floor hallway. It's an interesting combination of new and old. This was an old factory complex expanded time and time again. This lobby is in the office end of the of the complex and thus some of the oldest architechture is found here. The rest of it had been either renovated to house more modern style businesses or apartments. All-in-all it had turned into a very convenient place to live where you could find most services you needed but still this side of it had staid relatively peaceful. The first floor housed mostly small consulting companies for law, architecture and the like. The two floors above that were ours. We all had our own apartments there with the bosslady's also doubling as our office on the second floor. To get the to third floor with the elevator one needed a key card. The one catch to this was that we had a communal bath on the third floor. There were stairs to the bath between mine and bosslady's apartment on the second floor to avoid having to go through the elevator. The full skylight of the bath made it rather luxurious.

I remember the first time she had called me out to this empty industrial complex. It had been one of those "Did you just seriously do this?"- moments. She called and texted me the address telling me to come here. No regard for any common sense. When I had got here we were on the other end of the complex. Empty industrial halls with just basic contruction in place. Differing floors and stairs/walkways between them. Isn't it just perfect she asked in that annoyingly enthusiast tone. Perfect how, I retorted. It's got like, what, five floors? What are we going to do with all this? In a delighted tone she answered that with: "There's actually three more underground so we've got eight!"I have to say, at that point I had considered her more than a little bit off the rails but she had pulled through. We had a private garage floor in the old side of the complex under the common basement parking and the floor below that we could do whatever we basically wanted, barring too large explosions that could influence the structural integrity of the foundation. For our needs, it had indeed turned out perfect. Just the next week there had been news that the area had been selected for one of the possible areas for renovation and expansion of the city residential areas. The value of the property had skyrocketed overnight and there had been no shortage of offers to either buy or partner in the renovation effort. Knowing her she had known all along.

Stepping into the hall we're immeaditely greeted by the new joiner. She has been with us for just a couple of months. Since the hall is rather large it's not uncommon to bump into people here but still, the timing was a bit too good, I wonder if she was waiting for us? She does seem a bit nervous. Then again, she always seems this way when I talk with her. It seems the other two had returned a day earlier and the boss was awaiting our report, immeaditely. I sigh, can't catch a break it seems. She just smiles timidly as I thank her and head for the office with my partner. When there I listen to him giving his report and evaluation of the mission. "Anything to add to that?" She asks me. "That was a complex dive and there were no issues whatsoever." I turn to him. "Well done. Thank you." She then tells us the customer was very happy with our timely response and everything had gone well, apparently imminent death at the hands of his wife had been avoided, for now. As my partner then leaves the office I stay to give my report. After I'm done I tell her I bumped into the new girl at the lobby. "Mmm-hm, I figured she'd do that so I told her to tell you to come straight here before you try and sneak off." she says and smiles knowingly. I manage an akward smile in response.

Going a little further forward there was another interesting job we got. We were in this mountain/quarry/mine, not quite sure how to specify it but basically a place where they cut precious stone from the mountainside but as it was only concentrated in certain areas it was like there were mining shafts in the cliff with scaffoldings running along. Not always that spectacular ones either. Hanging on one of such wire routes I couldn't help but feel that the way they did things here was quite lackluster. A frustrated shout could be heard from behind me: "What kind of idiot uses via ferrata on an industrial site!"What kind of idiot wears heels to an industrial site, I wanted to shout back. I had known her long enough to know she'd probably climb the K2 in those so I thought better of it. Instead I checked the new girl in front of me. "How are you holding up, we've still got a way to go so just say if you need a rest." I could her her mumbling something along the lines of "I'm okay." After climbing we got to one of the mine shafts in the side of the cliff. Looking down at the earth a few hundred meters below us I just have to state it: "So we're here because there's a ghost in these tunnels?" As I turn around I find myself facing a camera. "Technically the request spoke of a spectre, it could be of any origin. Could be there's a crack somewhere in here that reflects off the light coming from the top. Could be foxfire, could be chemiluminescence." My partner took over from that point. "More specifically, we're a neutral party checking since the workers keep complaining about it not being safe to work here and the owners only trust them as far as they can throw them." I take a look outside. "Considering the situation here, I'm not surprised they keep complaining." The new girls brings up her camera again. "And that's why I'm here, we'll get every inch of this tunnel, apparition or not, I'll be sure to capture it." She seemed psyched up now that she was in her element. "Basically we're being paid to tell them it's okay to send people back to work here, no matter what happens. What made you agree to this?" I ask my boss as we walk deeper into the tunnel. "Mmm-hm, there's a chance to see a ghost you know?" I show her the "Please don't pull that snow on me right now, I'm really not feeling it"-face. I hear a voice shout in my ear: "GET DOWN!" My partner pulls her down before she gets a chance to answer and I jump on the new girl. Instantly we get engulfed in dust and smoke. The bang echoes in the tunnel. I stay on top of her in case of more explosions. I can feel her quickened breathing in my ear. Soon the radio comes to life again. "All clear." I get up and offer her my hand. "Are you hurt?" She just shakes her head meekly as I pull her up. I inform my partner we're good, they are as well. Just a smoke bomb. I turn back to the meet the camera again, she's already wiped the lens clean and is raring to go. Being completely covered in grey dust with a glistening lens she really does look like a ghost now. I can't help but giggle. "Oh no, we're done. Time to go take a bath." My boss agrees with me. "It would be foolish to venture into a tunnel like this without an expert to assess the integrity." I shoot her my worst "you snowing knew about this, didn't you"-glare. She just turns to entrance and starts walking. Sometimes I snowing hate her, I just know I'm going to spend days untangling my hair. So I guess this is why she came herself, she didn't feel justified just sending us in knowingly. "Do you still have to keep filming, isn't this already enough?" The grey ghost smiles cheekily behind the camera. "And abandon my 327 current viewers?" I stop and stand stunned for a second. "This is a live stream." She explains innocently. I feel like throwing a certain heel wearing idiot off the edge right now and listening to her complaints about lack of flying skills later. Now I'm sure she knew.

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Undefeatable Hero
What if Elvin was female?
posted March 08, 2018 06:57 PM

Well, figure I might as well share here, what I've already shared with Elvin.

[13.10.01] JoonasTo: had a dream of epic proportions
[13.10.05] JoonasTo: lasted like the whole night
[13.10.21] JoonasTo: but it is so long it is impossible to write down!
[13.23.51] JoonasTo: included two completely new languages for example
[13.48.43] JoonasTo: also read a four volume manga in there
[13.48.56] JoonasTo: and was so pissed that ofc the manga was cancelled after that :/
[13.49.17] JoonasTo: unfinished stories always make me sad
[13.52.27] JoonasTo: the world had weird tech combinations
[13.52.39] JoonasTo: like no nukes
[13.52.48] JoonasTo: but otherwise really modern weapons and tech
[13.53.50] JoonasTo: so there was a war between a modernised soviet union and nations surrounding it
[13.54.51] JoonasTo: it was like one huge operation going on everywhere around it at the same time
[13.55.12] JoonasTo: where I was part of some special operations force
[13.55.39] JoonasTo: pretty high up but still on the field for some reason xD
[13.56.59] JoonasTo: then we were in a southern asian country(that for some reason was muslim and rich, so think muslim singapore)
[13.57.26] JoonasTo: and our local associate warned us about going out in the morning because the women will surround you and not let you go about your business xD
[13.58.51] JoonasTo: so ofc I'm out in the early morning and this local gang of women on the street surround me, all fully dressed in black garbs with hoods, not burkhas or anything but just all the same clothes like that won't let you get away
[13.59.02] JoonasTo: you know the overly friendly/chatty style
[13.59.44] JoonasTo: I'm like "oh my god I have stuff to do, people to kill, nations to tear down, let me go women!"
[14.00.39] JoonasTo: then this 14/15 year old local girl(dressed far too fine and far too western for the place) shows up and goes like "hey mister!", grabs my hand and pulls me away from the group
[14.01.00] JoonasTo: ofc I'm relieved as hell, didn't have to be inpolite to the ladies xD
[14.02.02] JoonasTo: "thank you so much miss, how should I replay you?"
[14.03.05] JoonasTo: ofc knowing what that will lead to, it might not be an improvement
[14.03.54] JoonasTo: so she ends up tagging along
[14.04.15] JoonasTo: the obvious "obnoxious thief"-character
[14.04.50] JoonasTo: from some rich family that just doesn't give a snow about it anymore
[14.04.59] JoonasTo: because neglected upbringing
[14.05.04] JoonasTo: so goes around causing trouble
[14.06.51] JoonasTo: so we're in a car(right hand drive) and she's sitting on the left with her feet on the dashboard(so no, she's not very tall, but pretty attractive and grown up looking for her age) and flipping through the stuff in my wallet(which she obviously nicked from my pocket just now, yeah, that kind )
[14.09.39] JoonasTo: "What do you even do here?"
"That's not nice to go through people's pockets like that, you should give it back."
"Na-ah!", and she produces even more papers into her hands
[14.09.54] JoonasTo: not finding it very interesting she just keeps tossing them on the backseat randomly
[14.11.16] JoonasTo: so I go about my day doing stuff(that seems very boring to her so she keeps doing all kinds of irritable and "not fit for a lady" kind of things to gain my attention), basically I'm just observing places today so doesn't matter
[14.11.26] JoonasTo: and then I head back to the hotel where my team is staying
[14.11.30] JoonasTo: she still tags along
[14.14.03] Elvin: I don't suppose the thief has a name?
[14.14.52] JoonasTo: when I get there one of my teammates(a tall greyish-red haired woman) questions why I brought her along(in a language spoken by an nonexistant small country what used to exist in what is now modern france on the eastern border, called Ievanese that only a few noble families from there speak now, maybe a hundred at best)
[14.14.57] JoonasTo: Jasmine
[14.15.02] JoonasTo: I found it very fitting
[14.15.38] Elvin: hair?
[14.15.38] JoonasTo: That should already clue you in to her place in the world pretty well no
[14.15.59] Elvin: also, geyish-red? as in dual or..?
[14.16.27] JoonasTo: imagine flame red hair that has this grey-silverish shine to it
[14.16.42] Elvin: that's interesting to picture
[14.16.46] JoonasTo: never seen in real life anything like that
[14.16.48] JoonasTo: also
[14.16.49] JoonasTo: this time
[14.16.54] JoonasTo: I had colours in the dream!
[14.17.01] Elvin: holy crap!
[14.17.13] JoonasTo: yeah Jasmine's hair is black/very dark brown
[14.17.23] Elvin: short, long?
[14.17.37] JoonasTo: over shoulders but not much
[14.18.10] Elvin: somehow I tend to picture those kind of friendly rogue characters with relatively short hair
[14.18.19] Elvin: relatively
[14.18.46] JoonasTo: so I answered my teammate that she has the right skill-set and pedigree for us, we should let her tag along
[14.19.01] JoonasTo: obviously she raises an eyebrow at that
[14.19.26] Elvin: yeeah. Plus there are all kinds of ways she could compromise you
[14.21.53] JoonasTo: when my sister(not my real life sister, dream sister, grey hair(like anime long), young(17-21), relatively short(167ish) and way too fragile looking for this profession) asks me in another language called Haltian(that is only spoken by very few "people", like five and they're all related) if she knows what we're here to do
[14.22.26] JoonasTo: I answer her, not yet, but she won't mind
[14.25.20] JoonasTo: my sister obviously realised who she is, unlike my other teammate
[14.26.59] JoonasTo: she expresses her silent agreement with her look but it also conveys "are you sure she won't fall apart once she learns the truth?"
[14.27.24] JoonasTo: and I give a look back that's like "She'll deal with it fiiiiiiiiiiine, don't worry so much"
[14.28.38] JoonasTo: at this point she does the classic shrug headshake "it's her funeral"
[14.29.57] JoonasTo: no one else here speak Haltian so the others just looked on at our conversation and gained far more from the universal sign language where she agrees so now my other teammate also agrees
[14.30.28] JoonasTo: there's also two more team members who are in the adjoining room getting ready
[14.31.11] JoonasTo: a man, who could go for a moviestar, epic good looks, black hair, tall, like 195 well built but not a musclehead
[14.31.14] JoonasTo: and another woman
[14.31.31] JoonasTo: average built, short brown hair
[14.34.17] JoonasTo: at this point Jasmine realises how they are dressed as they are in full combat gear( the classic metal gear solid special ops gear)
[14.39.19] JoonasTo: by now she must have a pretty good hunch what is it that we do
[14.41.31] JoonasTo: So when she tries to backpedal it to the door it's blocked by my sister and when she tries to reach to her pocket she finds it empty
[14.41.56] JoonasTo: I dangle her phone at the end of my fingers and call out to her
[14.42.18] JoonasTo: "now now, you wouldn't want to leave early, that would be rude, we haven't even gotten to the party yet"
[14.42.44] JoonasTo: by this point her eyes go wide and she realises she's been played and we're better at her own stuff than she is
[14.42.57] JoonasTo: man it feels good to bully her back finally xD
[14.43.21] JoonasTo: I point to the other room
[14.43.45] JoonasTo: "now go keep chev and tyra company while we suit up"
[14.44.19] JoonasTo: at this point she's in a bit of a shock but still props up her chin and goes hmph " you're no fun"
[21.09.32] JoonasTo: so as Che
[21.09.57] JoonasTo: v and Tyra had already suited up they got the job of watching over Jasmine in the other room while we three gear up
[21.10.31] JoonasTo: I attach my combat knife to the left side of my chest upside down
[21.10.56] Elvin: btw I should note
[21.11.06] Elvin: that I have a new sig
[21.11.12] Elvin: you know whicy
[21.11.18] JoonasTo: a sidearm holster to my right thigh, check the magazines attach and load, holster it
[21.12.10] JoonasTo: then check my radio gear and earpiece
[21.15.08] JoonasTo: checking that my teammates are also finished with their part I grab my carbine, check the mags and load it as well
[21.15.20] JoonasTo: I look over everyone, we're ready and move out
[21.18.47] JoonasTo: By now Jasmine is very quiet and just moves along in the middle of us
[21.20.53] JoonasTo: there's nobody in the hotel lobby, because it had been arranged so
[21.21.25] JoonasTo: we pack up into two cars out front and head to the south side of the city
[21.21.39] JoonasTo: it's getting dark by now and the streetlights are illuminating the city
[21.22.36] JoonasTo: we disembark on a driveway to a large manor looking building on top of a small hill, with dual stairs coiling around a fountain leading up to it
[21.22.58] JoonasTo: it's actually the house for the governor of the state
[21.23.23] JoonasTo: so, did you figure out who Jasmine is yet?
"This is what we do and we are very good at it.", after a little pause I add: "How do you feel about taking part in killing your father?"
Jasmine gets a deterministic look in her eyes. "Did you target me?"
"I'll do it."

My sister nods and she leads Chev and Tyra around the perimeter. I explain to Jasmine that all we need is one open window on the east side of the house in half-an-hour, that's where the working room for the governor is
I'll pick her up from the west side of the house at the same time
"Don't worry about the alarms, they won't be a problem" the silver/red haired woman adds
BTW. what I like about Jasmine is that she's fast on the pickup,
Who knows how many will die if we force our way through compared to just getting in and out fast
people she might actually care about, maybe her mother, siblings, liked servants
Her fast thinking already showed up when she rushed to pull me out of that group in the morning
that's not something you hesitate over
and right after that as I thanked her she instantly tagged along as she saw an opportunity to make her day more interesting
well, could have been just foolhardy indeed
tagging along with an unkown stranger xD
But she had that confidence and skill to back it up as well
it's just that there's always someone who's better at it than you are in this world .D
and when cornered in the hotel, she didn't start shouting stupid snow like you know who my father is
that would just get her used as a piece of blackmail in most cases anyway
yeah that kind of cool and collected under that kind of pressure
while still defiant
that's special

So we sweep around the grounds for all the guards and sensors
staying out of sight since there's plenty of vegetation to move through
we take our positions around the manor and wait, at the agreed time I I see her on the west side, third floor(kind of 2½ really as the first floor on that side is half buried in the hill)
she opens it up, climbs out closes it carefully while standing on the windowstill, and drops down gracefully to the ground, waiting at the side of the wall
I pick a small twig and wait for my partner's signal for clear, she gives it out soon and I fling the twig on the grass
Jasmine darts across the yard into the bushes and I grab her while waiting for my partner again, she signals all clear and I let her go
I hear two clicks from my radio and we set off as my partner returns
we have repositioned our cars at the other side of the grounds, we wait out of sight at the cars
the three others join us and my sister just nods, we're done here, we get into the cars and drive away, Jasmine is on the backseat  with my partner, me and my sister are at the front, I'm driving, Chev and Tyra in the other car

if only
my sister is REALLY good at this kind of thing
Tyra is more of a hell let loose on people
Chev is like some knight in shining armour, except his armour is dark as the night and he's far too effective and ruthless to have the knight part xD
so if there would have been problems, Chev saves the day and Tyra mows her way out pretty much
If pure combat ability is the answer, it's those two

My sister smiles honestly but there's also a cearly devious smirk in her eyes
hmmmm, she's "special"
but this time, she was stealth, she's way best at assasinations
spoilers but she's not a normal human
not sure how to describe that

I nod to Jasmine, "Welcome aboard", I point to the tall man at the other side "Chevaliar, he'
s tough but if you ever need help, he'll be there"
He turns to face her and nods, "Chev, pleasure to meet you." in a wayyyyyyyy too smooth voice
Clearly not expecting that from a guy who had just been silently staring at her for the last ten hours, she's a bit baffled. "Uh, hi, I'm Jasmine."
I nod to the brown haired woman, "This is Tyra, if you need to know how to kill, destroy or maim something, it's better not to ask her." After a small questioning look from Jasmine I continue. "She might demonstrate if for you...
...or on you."
Tyra does a small curtsy. "At your service."
"She'll teach you how to cook great though."
Not sure if Jasmine's puzzled face now is more about "DO I HAVE TO COOK?" or on how to evade possibly deadly exercises.
"My pleasure.", she quickly curtsies back though.
I turn to the red/silver haired woman. "This is Lauriene, she handles all the tech." Lauriene walks up to Jasmine who's still sitting down and gives her her phone back. "We'll get you a set later, for now, I've relayed this to our shortrange system so you'll have limited access to communications." She places a hand on her shoulder and gives her a reassuring squeeze, Jasmine nods. "Thanks."
"We'll, we've already met. I handle the contacts and finances here.", with a smile I add: "and also starting from this moment on, the new recruit's training. As a part of us you are nobody else but you. Your past, future or family does not matter, all you need to know is to do right by us, and we'll do right by you." She nods and even smiles a little before she seems to realise I didn't introduce the last person. I see her gaze wander over towards my sister who has now stripped all of her combat gear and is standing there changing into casual clothes, her slim and sleek frame even more clearly visible.
She flips her long silver hair back and it flows down from her shoulders. "And this is Eleana, one of the most dangerous people still alive."
"Also your boss."

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What if Elvin was female?
posted March 08, 2018 06:58 PM
Edited by JoonasTo at 18:59, 08 Mar 2018.

[26.6.2017 0.35.04] JoonasTo: there we go
[26.6.2017 0.35.05] JoonasTo: so
[26.6.2017 0.35.08] JoonasTo: about the dream I had
[26.6.2017 0.35.26] JoonasTo: I came to in a place that looked like a small alley between buildings
[26.6.2017 0.35.31] JoonasTo: very narrow
[26.6.2017 0.35.40] JoonasTo: like 1½meters or so
[26.6.2017 0.36.20] JoonasTo: one end had a corner and the other seemed to lead into a small courtyard
[26.6.2017 0.36.25] JoonasTo: so decided to head there
[26.6.2017 0.36.44] JoonasTo: it was a small enclosed one
[26.6.2017 0.36.55] JoonasTo: maybe 4m by 4m
[26.6.2017 0.37.14] Elvin: it's a trap!
[26.6.2017 0.37.16] JoonasTo: rather tall, old looking concrete/brick buildings around
[26.6.2017 0.37.28] JoonasTo: and I could see another narrow alley also leading out
[26.6.2017 0.37.34] JoonasTo: two entrances to the buildings
[26.6.2017 0.38.10] JoonasTo: and from the narrow I could tell that the same kind of landscape seemed to continue
[26.6.2017 0.38.25] JoonasTo: I had a feeling the whole city was just as closely built
[26.6.2017 0.38.31] JoonasTo: with no streets at all
[26.6.2017 0.39.03] JoonasTo: so decided to go to the closer door
[26.6.2017 0.39.11] JoonasTo: an old style apartment building
[26.6.2017 0.39.22] JoonasTo: with a square stairwell
[26.6.2017 0.39.34] JoonasTo: no windows
[26.6.2017 0.39.42] JoonasTo: just blank doors
[26.6.2017 0.39.45] JoonasTo: and grey walls
[26.6.2017 0.39.52] JoonasTo: in the fourth floor
[26.6.2017 0.40.04] JoonasTo: there was a small floor
[26.6.2017 0.40.16] JoonasTo: like a reception of sorts
[26.6.2017 0.40.37] JoonasTo: with an old, not so pleasant looking lady sitting behind the counter
[26.6.2017 0.40.49] JoonasTo: had some small corridors leading further
[26.6.2017 0.41.16] JoonasTo: probably leading to laundry rooms and the like
[26.6.2017 0.42.41] JoonasTo: didn't really feel like approaching her, just had a feeling of avoidance
[26.6.2017 0.42.48] JoonasTo: like, not safe, do not approach
[26.6.2017 0.43.03] JoonasTo: so headed back down to the yard
[26.6.2017 0.44.01] JoonasTo: could see two people on the other side, next to the alley
[26.6.2017 0.45.25] JoonasTo: started walking there
[26.6.2017 0.45.42] JoonasTo: but the door on the way from the other building opened
[26.6.2017 0.46.33] JoonasTo: and a young, short woman with short, ruffled, blonde hair rushed out
[26.6.2017 0.46.53] JoonasTo: we almost bumped into each other
[26.6.2017 0.47.13] JoonasTo: she recoiled once she realised how close we were
[26.6.2017 0.47.56] JoonasTo: "What are you staring at!", she glared at me.
[26.6.2017 0.48.44] JoonasTo: "Whoa! Easy there, almost ran into you." as soon as I had said that I realised that was a really stupid idea, she really didn't look like a "normal" person
[26.6.2017 0.49.03] JoonasTo: and sure enough, I found myself catching a knife headed straight for my gut
[26.6.2017 0.49.39] JoonasTo: "Hey, hey, hey! Isn't this a bit much?"
[26.6.2017 0.50.15] JoonasTo: immeaditely catch the other knife coming from my side
[26.6.2017 0.50.37] JoonasTo: standing there, holding both her wrists/hands
[26.6.2017 0.50.42] JoonasTo: I looked into her eyes
[26.6.2017 0.52.08] JoonasTo: and what I could see looking back was the kind of hurtful, scared eyes of a kid about to receive a beating from her drunken parent
[26.6.2017 0.52.28] JoonasTo: looking closer, she wasn't all that old, under 20
[26.6.2017 0.52.43] JoonasTo: and I could see the stress of her life on her face
[26.6.2017 0.53.05] JoonasTo: and the kind of treatment she got from her posture and from the way she struggled
[26.6.2017 0.53.57] JoonasTo: the two other people seemed completely unfazed by all this, just like having people knifed in front of their eyes was a daily occurrence, or rather, they knew it was not their place to meddle
[26.6.2017 0.54.21] JoonasTo: I lowered my voice to a deeper bass
[26.6.2017 0.55.21] JoonasTo: "Look, I mean no harm. We're going to take a step back and put away the dangerous pointy things."
[26.6.2017 0.56.18] JoonasTo: she didn't seem a bit convinced, I could still feel that danger sense tingling, like she was a wild animal about to bite me at any time I lacked concentration
[26.6.2017 0.56.51] JoonasTo: There was noticeably less strugling though, having heard I would let her go
[26.6.2017 0.57.36] JoonasTo: this must have been horrible for her, having been made unable to flee and being rendered toothless
[26.6.2017 0.58.01] JoonasTo: never the less, I made concious effort to pay attention to her legs, didn't feel like getting kicked in the nuts
[26.6.2017 0.59.29] JoonasTo: knowing disengagement is a critical point, I wanted to make sure that she was going to respect that agreement
[26.6.2017 0.59.43] JoonasTo: "I'm Joonas, we cool?"
[26.6.2017 1.00.59] JoonasTo: I could see her eyes agree, if only to get away so I firmly but gently pushed her hands away to the side and swiftly stepped back
[26.6.2017 1.03.48] JoonasTo: not letting down my gaze for a moment I kept looking straight into her eyes
[26.6.2017 1.04.05] JoonasTo: we stayed like that for a while
[26.6.2017 1.04.54] JoonasTo: finally she seemed to believe I wasn't going to move before she did and she put the knives away
[26.6.2017 1.06.31] JoonasTo: I let my hands and shoulders drop some but still kept my feet springed ready to move
[26.6.2017 1.06.46] JoonasTo: seeing this she didn't really want to move away first either
[26.6.2017 1.08.40] JoonasTo: "Look, I don't really know what's going on but I am looking for a place to stay. You think there's a chance I could find one here?"
[26.6.2017 1.10.10] JoonasTo: She looked at me like she was studying me and then nodded carefully, at that point I took a relaxed posture, feeling her also relax a bit
[26.6.2017 1.12.43] JoonasTo: "Could you guide me?", making concious effort again to not put her in a position below me in anyway, like 'Could you lead me the way' or something like that
[26.6.2017 1.59.34] JoonasTo: I knew this was a risk but being stuck in a place with absolutely no idea where I was, this was the first and thus only human connection I had
[26.6.2017 2.01.00] JoonasTo: like following a bear to find water, it'll work eventually but you run the risk of getting mauled to death at any point
[26.6.2017 2.01.41] JoonasTo: clearly hesitant, she seemed to ponder on this
[26.6.2017 2.02.01] JoonasTo: I could tell there were reasons why she thought she could also benefit from this
[26.6.2017 2.02.14] JoonasTo: more and more I could feel that her situation in life was less than perfect
[26.6.2017 2.02.43] JoonasTo: and by less than perfect I mean getting beaten and possibly raped rather regularly
[26.6.2017 2.02.54] JoonasTo: could tell from the way she recoiled from the mere thought of touch
[26.6.2017 2.03.08] JoonasTo: and how she lashed out instantly
[26.6.2017 2.03.37] JoonasTo: maybe I had seemed different to her than the others in her life and she was weighing her options
[26.6.2017 2.07.32] JoonasTo: finally she seemed to agree to it, taking a slow step
[26.6.2017 2.08.21] JoonasTo: I situated myself besides her, not too close to not have time to react but not too far
[26.6.2017 2.09.02] JoonasTo: I was very much concious of the possibility that she might just stab me and there was little chance I would be able to prevent it outright like this
[26.6.2017 2.09.30] JoonasTo: but couldn't walk behind her as not to make her feel threatened
[26.6.2017 2.09.39] JoonasTo: we entered the building with the old lady
[26.6.2017 2.10.03] JoonasTo: and after nervewracking four flights of stairs reached the reception
[26.6.2017 2.10.09] JoonasTo: she went to talk to her
[26.6.2017 2.11.15] JoonasTo: and after conversing with her while laying on the counter for some time she nodded to her and turned back to me, flicking her head to indicate for me to come
[26.6.2017 2.11.59] JoonasTo: we went through the service corridor into another flight of stairs, this time too small to fit two people at once
[26.6.2017 2.13.09] JoonasTo: She handed out a key: "Up there"
[26.6.2017 2.13.53] JoonasTo: Slowly placing my hand under the offered key, she dropped it into my palm and I closed my fingers around it.
[26.6.2017 2.14.06] JoonasTo: I looked her into her eyes."Thank you."
[26.6.2017 2.14.31] JoonasTo: this seemed to confuse her somewhat, perhaps she wasn't used to being thanked, honestly at least.
[26.6.2017 2.15.51] JoonasTo: seeming to recover from her sligltly baffled expression she determinedly walked past me
[26.6.2017 2.16.27] JoonasTo: just as she passed me she whispered:
[26.6.2017 2.17.24] JoonasTo: knowing better than to question her gesture of trust I didn't turn around but just listened to her soft steps echoing further away in the small corridor
[26.6.2017 2.26.26] JoonasTo: 'Mira then, nice to meet you.', I voiced in my head when I headed up the steel stairs
[26.6.2017 2.38.16] JoonasTo: then a timeskip of sorts happened
[26.6.2017 2.38.38] JoonasTo: not straight as I could feel what had transpired
[26.6.2017 2.39.01] JoonasTo: but I remember being on a beach, next to a bridge looking out to the lake
[26.6.2017 2.39.17] JoonasTo: with some trees shadowing us from the side
[26.6.2017 2.39.42] JoonasTo: Mira was latched onto my side, her hair now long and natural brown
[26.6.2017 2.40.33] JoonasTo: "we will really move here?", I could feel the hopeful doubt in her voice
[26.6.2017 2.41.25] JoonasTo: she had become my friend while I had become something of an confidant to her
[26.6.2017 2.42.26] JoonasTo: she had first sneaked off to my place the next week, seeking solace from whatever happened at hers
[26.6.2017 2.42.56] JoonasTo: and slowly began to trust me and had stayed over more often untill she practically lived with me
[26.6.2017 2.43.19] JoonasTo: in that small cramped, space that could barely fit one person lying down on the mattress
[26.6.2017 2.44.12] JoonasTo: all of her distrust towards others had yet to leave her but at least I felt she relaxed around me
[26.6.2017 2.44.42] JoonasTo: "yeah, we will."
[26.6.2017 2.45.27] JoonasTo: more didn't need to be said, the further meaning could be felt from those low, slow words
[26.6.2017 2.46.25] JoonasTo: her grip on my arm softened and relaxed, like she had finally escaped her prison of a life, this would be the start of something new
[26.6.2017 2.46.38] JoonasTo: ...and hopefully, something beautiful.
[26.6.2017 2.46.51] JoonasTo: at that point I woke up
[26.6.2017 2.47.59] JoonasTo: even in that moment there, on the lightly tree covered beach, in the small breeze that was blowing through, making her hair flow gently in the wind, I knew it would be critical that all went peacefully for a while
[26.6.2017 2.48.48] JoonasTo: anything stressfull would send her back to that shell and she might just shut herself more tightly inside, having been betrayed by the world.
[26.6.2017 2.48.50] JoonasTo: again.

Well I've got a few more but I can't share before someone unlocks me in this thread xD

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Nuttier than squirrel poo
posted March 08, 2018 10:42 PM

Had a dream a few days back where I made up with my first ever friend. It hurt.
Sanity through drugs. Order yours today!

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Undefeatable Hero
What if Elvin was female?
posted March 08, 2018 11:21 PM

Thanks for unblocking me.

[0.58.33] JoonasTo: oh yeah, forgot to mention before
[0.58.41] JoonasTo: but had a lot of memorable dreams last night
[0.58.51] JoonasTo: one in particular was of great interest
[0.59.12] JoonasTo: our summer cabin had a small point built out to the lake
[0.59.23] JoonasTo: with a little graveyard at the end
[0.59.30] JoonasTo: with one small crypt
[0.59.37] JoonasTo: and several gravestones
[1.00.18] JoonasTo: and with small I mean like decorative, not something you could walk inside
[1.00.38] JoonasTo: I was feeling tired, exhausted even
[1.00.51] JoonasTo: from all the fighting and killing I'd been doing
[1.01.03] JoonasTo: so I was standing there, looking at a nameless gravestone
[1.01.07] JoonasTo: one waiting to be carved
[1.01.22] JoonasTo: someday, that'd be my place
[1.01.25] JoonasTo: amongst my kin
[1.02.03] JoonasTo: the final one
[1.02.30] JoonasTo: just stood there in silence
[1.02.40] JoonasTo: looking down at it
[1.02.52] JoonasTo: I could feel another presence on top of the crypt
[1.03.00] JoonasTo: didn't react to it
[1.03.03] JoonasTo: just let it be
[1.03.06] JoonasTo: it wasn't hostile
[1.03.13] JoonasTo: and it was familiar
[1.03.17] JoonasTo: I knew well what it was
[1.03.32] JoonasTo: having collected myself once more for what was to come
[1.04.01] JoonasTo: I raised my head and looked at her sitting on top of the crypt, in perfect balance
[1.04.06] JoonasTo: Rory the reaper
[1.04.46] JoonasTo: as if she was mocking the whole concept of death but I knew that wasn't the case
[1.05.24] JoonasTo: she was here to remind me, it was not my time to take my place amongst my kin
[1.05.26] JoonasTo: not yet
[1.05.45] JoonasTo: there was still work to be done
[1.11.06] JoonasTo: "You'll get your rest yet,once the hallowed land has seen all of the ones owed."
[1.11.44] JoonasTo: Unphazed as always, quiet, mysterious
[1.11.54] JoonasTo: but above all, patient
[1.12.32] JoonasTo: she had been there
[1.12.36] JoonasTo: she'd always be there
[1.12.45] JoonasTo: and once my work was done
[1.13.18] JoonasTo: she'd be the one to personally take me to her realm
[1.13.33] JoonasTo: and she'd still be here
[1.13.55] JoonasTo: guiding the souls of those yet to come
[1.15.03] JoonasTo: what was really hiding behind that timeless, cold and cruel beauty
[1.15.23] JoonasTo: her soft voice felt comforting, caring
[1.15.39] JoonasTo: like she would look after everyone and just you at the same time
[1.17.04] JoonasTo: the kind that would make you do anything and everything for her
[1.17.14] JoonasTo: and for her, and my kin, I would
[1.17.25] JoonasTo: I had come to understand she valued that
[1.18.35] JoonasTo: the calm face that betrayed no true emotion had a slightest hint of warmth when it received that dedication to family
[1.19.08] JoonasTo: maybe hers was as well, once upon a time, dear to her, now all but forgotten
[1.19.17] JoonasTo: fleeting memories in a stream of thoughts
[1.19.36] JoonasTo: incomprehensible to the human mind
[1.19.52] JoonasTo: not that mine was human anymore, I thought,
[1.20.17] JoonasTo: having avoided death for centuries to carry out my work
[1.21.58] JoonasTo: it was distant, like a far off lighthouse on a foggy night, you could barely feel it there, while it still guided you effortlessly through the treacherous waters
[1.23.14] JoonasTo: I had long ago lost sight of myself in that eerie light
[1.23.40] JoonasTo: I only lived for my work, her work, that had to be done
[1.25.22] JoonasTo: not long now and it would be done, the last of the line marked by my kin during that fateful night would be gone
[1.25.52] JoonasTo: the flame of their house extinquished
[1.26.51] JoonasTo: as was mine, so long, long ago, in that distant, grey-shaded past
[1.27.35] JoonasTo: I turn and brush my grey cape down, around myself again
[1.28.14] JoonasTo: "I shall return once more"
[1.29.24] JoonasTo: "The death always awaits untill the end."
[1.30.10] JoonasTo: "Even for the reaper of souls", she added after a very short pause
[1.31.33] JoonasTo: I smiled a little, on the inside, I don't know why she chose to appear in her apostle state to me
[1.32.28] JoonasTo: I could swear I saw her eyes smile before fading off to the night
[1.34.50] JoonasTo: perhaps, this was her way of showing me her appreciation
[1.35.04] JoonasTo: whatever the reason, I didn't object
[1.38.35] JoonasTo: even as the God of today, she would always be Rory the Reaper, the apostle of Emroy to me, even after my long journey and my time on this plane had ended
[1.39.18] JoonasTo: so I set off, on doing the grim work of the reaper, that one. last. time.

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Undefeatable Hero
What if Elvin was female?
posted March 08, 2018 11:22 PM

[8.29.45] JoonasTo: had THE coolest dream
[8.38.16] JoonasTo: it starts out in a small space ship, shaped like a n inverted wing, with cockpit in the middle
[8.38.37] JoonasTo: the size of a medium room in inside, just more filled with stuff and different shaped
[8.39.31] JoonasTo: there is a dark haired woman, determined looking
[8.40.02] JoonasTo: and a short haired guy, a little on the short side, a bit blocky looking
[8.41.24] JoonasTo: you get the feeling that they are smuggling something, or in that type of act
[8.41.43] JoonasTo: but that they're doing it for the "greater good" rebellion or so
[8.42.46] JoonasTo: then we cut to the bridge of a large spaceship,
[8.43.06] JoonasTo: there's the captain, a somewhat short and round, but reliable looking guy
[8.43.47] JoonasTo: he's pissed
[8.44.37] JoonasTo: then there's three older looking guys, one tall, one looks like he's deep in thought and the last one is explaining to the captain
[8.45.21] JoonasTo: that they have five ships on the way out of the nine left
[8.46.00] JoonasTo: small, corvette class missile ships
[8.46.30] JoonasTo: and he's trying to argue the captain to not send the ships as it's risky and casualties are very likely
[8.47.43] JoonasTo: at this point the blond female tech officer steps forward and explains the armament of the ships to the captain
[8.48.35] JoonasTo: and the window/screen in front of them shows a wireframe of the corvette
[8.48.42] JoonasTo: and totals their weaponry
[8.48.54] JoonasTo: then the image switches
[8.49.03] JoonasTo: to a wireframe of the small, inverted wing ship
[8.49.22] JoonasTo: and highlights the main cockpit, and the laser cannon under it
[8.49.58] JoonasTo: up to this point the captain has been rather pleased with the firepower facts
[8.50.40] JoonasTo: but now he shows a grim face as the woman explains that the laser on the small ship is powerful enough to take out multiple ships in a head on engagement
[8.53.52] JoonasTo: at this point the the older man who was speaking before, tells the captain this is why they're against it
[8.54.32] JoonasTo: they don't want to waste any ships on what seems a pointless endeavour, let the outlaws do their thing in peace if they stay away
[8.57.06] JoonasTo: the woman continues to a total comparison, which shows the firepower as two bars, with the small ship
[8.57.23] JoonasTo: 's bar going up to to and the corvettes bar going up to 9
[8.57.44] JoonasTo: the captain smiles and proclaims they can't lose, they've got nine lives
[8.58.57] JoonasTo: and sends forth the ships
[9.03.31] JoonasTo: the woman (whose name is Vivian btw.) exits the bridge
[9.04.32] JoonasTo: and it cuts to the corvette ships arriving to the designated spot in a line formation
[9.05.46] JoonasTo: it seems, odd
[9.06.06] JoonasTo: there's some random debris floating around
[9.07.57] JoonasTo: , not at all like it should have looked in recond
[9.10.31] JoonasTo: the captain of the squadron seems vary and tells the others to keep their eyes peeled for anything
[9.11.38] JoonasTo: they advance slowly and the camera pans around
[9.11.54] JoonasTo: finally it reaches the back of the squadron
[9.12.26] JoonasTo: and there's nothing there
[9.12.37] JoonasTo: the same debris they sailed through
[9.12.38] JoonasTo: is gone
[9.13.42] JoonasTo: and it seems this emptiness, while not visible, is gaining
[9.17.53] JoonasTo: by now the squadron is just drifting through space, engines off
[9.19.48] JoonasTo: and the emptiness catches up to the last ship
[9.21.33] JoonasTo: it's engines start to disappear, like the whole ship would just be getting cut off little by little
[9.24.01] JoonasTo: before anyone notices anything odd, the last ship has disappeared completely
[9.25.21] JoonasTo: The squadron is launched into full emergency mode but by now the second to last ship's engines are already cut off
[9.25.38] JoonasTo: they're clearly panicking and the rest accelerate trying to get away
[9.25.46] JoonasTo: seemingly forgetting about the small ship
[9.30.00] JoonasTo: while the squadron is frantically trying to scramble we cut to the bridge of the large ship where the mood is similarly stunned
[9.36.53] JoonasTo: There's one more person on the bridge compared to last time, a very determined, even steelish looking woman with dark hair...
[9.37.16] JoonasTo: she's the vice commander of the ship
[9.38.17] JoonasTo: and yes, if she doesn't have an identical twin, she's the same woman we saw at the start in the small ship
[9.39.41] JoonasTo: Though instead of wearing random clothing, she's now in her light grey and blue uniform, like the captain and the blond tech officer
[9.41.14] JoonasTo: She's the only one whose face doesn't give away her astonishment at what's happening on the screen and coming from the comms
[9.42.56] JoonasTo: the screen shows one ship crossed out and another ship with glowing red MALFUNCTION on top of it
[9.43.47] JoonasTo: the frantic radio traffic between the corvettes fills the air
[9.44.16] JoonasTo: the captain is shouting to get briefed on what's exactly happening but he isn't being recognised
[9.45.09 | Muokattu 9.48.33] JoonasTo: The vice captain gives a knowing look to the tech officer
[9.49.50] JoonasTo: at the same time the bridge shudders and everyone has to regain their balance
[10.00.49] JoonasTo: the walls start to move and piece out like they were large legos
[10.07.08] JoonasTo: The vice captain immeaditely takes command of the situation and moves the rest through the  doors out of the bridge, only Vivian stays behind
[10.09.47] JoonasTo: as the others evacuate the room starts coming apart in blocks and showing holes, right into space
[10.12.47] JoonasTo: when the floor start to part as well she falls back and through the opening into space
[10.13.17] JoonasTo: she does a full somersault and opens a portal
[10.14.33] JoonasTo: which she falls through
[10.19.28] JoonasTo: we cut to the time when she exited the bridge during the briefing last time, but from her perspective
[10.19.40] JoonasTo: there's a message floating in her vision just before she exits
[10.20.11] JoonasTo: "It's time we remind you of who you are to everyone"
[10.21.32] JoonasTo: "Eva"
[10.22.19] JoonasTo: and her vision fills with different names above all the people she passes by
[10.23.24] JoonasTo: as she walks towards the end of the ship
[10.23.29] JoonasTo: it's a long walk through a large ship
[10.23.39] JoonasTo: there must be thousands of different names
[10.23.41] JoonasTo: all female
[10.23.43] JoonasTo: all hers
[10.24.34] JoonasTo: when in different situations, different times, she's interacted with all of the people
[10.25.33] JoonasTo: in some way
[10.26.17] JoonasTo: finally she ends up in an area behind the mess, out of the way
[10.31.20] JoonasTo: her clothes have changed by now, no longer the officer uniform
[10.31.31] JoonasTo: but a random collection of worn down clothes
[10.31.34] JoonasTo: she looks like a hobo
[10.32.05] JoonasTo: and under some access stairs she finds five others, similarly dressed
[10.32.24] JoonasTo: they greet her with affection as Ellie
[10.32.54] JoonasTo: she smiles and goes for the platform below the stairs, moving stuff out of the way
[10.33.11] JoonasTo: , it's dusty and you can see it's been there for a long while
[10.33.24] JoonasTo: years, perhaps decades
[10.34.04] JoonasTo: finally she gets the area empty enough to be able to open a drawbox built into the side of the platform
[10.35.16] Elvin: hey, good morning. I think I'll let you write about it and check back later
[10.35.23] JoonasTo: inside there are some yellow papers, a small book - like a diary -, and a couple boxes with one plastic bag filled with what looks like white playclay
[10.35.27] JoonasTo: morning
[10.35.30] JoonasTo: we got snow
[10.35.41] Elvin: not swamped with random crap so I can focus on being productive today!
[10.40.19] JoonasTo: she grabs the small boxes and the bag and carefully closes the drawer, you can see one of the papers slide around as the box closes, it's got frame drawings about structural features and arrows to mark placements
[10.40.25] JoonasTo: there's a small note at one corner
[10.40.30] JoonasTo: "C4"
[10.42.13] JoonasTo: another one with chemical formulas and processes
[10.42.20] JoonasTo: the ones for creating plastic explosive
[10.49.04] JoonasTo: By now it's clear that she's the android in charge of the ship and the ship is a colony ship
[10.49.49] JoonasTo: but she has lived among the people, in different times, places, roles
[10.50.18] JoonasTo: they don't know what she really is
[10.50.22] JoonasTo: only the vice captain knows
[10.51.20] JoonasTo: they've clearly got some shehanigans going on
[10.55.05] JoonasTo: we fade out
[10.55.41] JoonasTo: and zoom out from the screen, indeed, there's a screen and hundreds of people watching it in a dome like area
[10.56.05] JoonasTo: there's the guy from the start in the small ship, sitting in the back at the side, in behind a counter
[10.56.18] JoonasTo: he's in an officer suit
[10.57.21] JoonasTo: he notes he's sorry to bring them away from the recording but he'd like to show them something
[10.57.39] JoonasTo: he smirks and asks if anyone has ever seen the sun
[10.57.44] JoonasTo: and the dome starts to open
[10.57.50] JoonasTo: and blinding light comes through
[10.58.36] JoonasTo: as it opens more a blue sky starts to shine through
[10.59.34] JoonasTo: and finally tops of shining, simplistic buildings start to show
[10.59.54] JoonasTo: and once it fully opens there's a green field with a city showing in the distance
[11.00.34] JoonasTo: and outside the dome(that is slightly in a hole) people are waiting
[11.00.40] JoonasTo: two in particular stand out
[11.00.58] JoonasTo: a woman with a stern look and dark hair, looking down on the group
[11.01.35] JoonasTo: and a blond woman in jeans and a dark brown leather jacket smoking a cigarette
[11.02.59] JoonasTo: she frowns and flicks her glowing cigarette at the male officer with his feet on the counter
[11.04.17] JoonasTo: he scrambles to avoid it and shouts at her that this is still a delicate ship that has flammable substances running through her(the ships' and as such the androids, as it's part of the ship) veings
[11.04.21] JoonasTo: *veins
[11.06.06] JoonasTo: "Eva", whom by now everyone acknowledges as mother, tells him that she doesn't care, in fact, she gives them permission to go crash the mess hall(as everyone hates the food there), breaking things apart doesn't matter
[11.08.08] JoonasTo: "WELCOME HOME", the dark haired woman announces, instantly gaining all their gazes on her
[11.08.43] JoonasTo: "Don't break this one", implying they left earth because it was no longer habitable but also to link to the earlier note by EVA
[11.09.57] JoonasTo: We finally see the rest of the people outside, they're the crew of the corvettes that disappeared on the mission earlier
[11.10.26] JoonasTo: They were transported here ahead of time, to work on establishing the facilities required for the rest to move in
[11.11.03] JoonasTo: and they I wake up
[11.11.06] JoonasTo: *then
[11.11.12] JoonasTo: THE coolest dream

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Undefeatable Hero
What if Elvin was female?
posted March 08, 2018 11:30 PM

[9.35.23] JoonasTo: Had the best dream
[9.35.29] JoonasTo: but so complicated
[9.35.35] JoonasTo: don't really know where to start
[9.36.19] JoonasTo: So, world is technologically like it is today
[9.36.43] JoonasTo: except for some reason all military tech is on the 30s level
[9.37.35] JoonasTo: and different races of humanoids exist
[9.38.13] JoonasTo: we have Finnish elves/dwarves/gnomes
[9.41.12] JoonasTo: they're closest to the english gnomes really
[9.41.31] JoonasTo: but look more like small tolkien dwarves
[9.42.09] JoonasTo: they don't possess any special powers though, just another sentient race
[9.46.39] JoonasTo: so the dream started from somewhere middle school age or so
[9.46.52] JoonasTo: and the age difference between me and my sister was a lot smaller
[9.46.58] JoonasTo: maybe 3-5 years or so
[9.47.23] JoonasTo: all of us siblings were in the same school at the same time
[9.47.45] JoonasTo: now the world being mostly digitalized
[9.49.46] JoonasTo: pretty much all the time was spent inside and with pads and screens and stuff
[9.50.08] JoonasTo: the school was pretty neat inside though, large rooms and generally seemed pretty well off financially
[9.50.41] JoonasTo: oh yes, the politics and social aspect was also closer to the early 20th century
[9.52.20] JoonasTo: so class differences, etc.
[10.00.38] JoonasTo: those didn't seem racially divided though
[10.00.47] JoonasTo: we had elves in our school
[10.01.05] JoonasTo: probably easier to call them dwarves
[10.07.46] JoonasTo: but with the world being digitalized as it was
[10.07.56] JoonasTo: it felt like there was something missing
[10.08.49] JoonasTo: so the dream actually starts from what I'd say was first grade of middle school or so
[10.09.40] JoonasTo: and everything is from a first person view
[10.12.10] JoonasTo: so we have a small clique
[10.12.37 | Muokattu 10.13.16] JoonasTo: my sister, one other rather tall girl, couple years her senior
[10.12.41] JoonasTo: and one dwarf
[10.14.01] JoonasTo: the girl is pretty much the kind that just does her own thing and lets others hassle around her
[10.14.23] JoonasTo: the dwarf is pretty average person
[10.17.19] JoonasTo: like I mentioned the world feels clinical somehow
[10.17.55] JoonasTo: so of course we have to solve that somehow
[10.18.13] JoonasTo: and we start doing this small nature documentary thing
[10.18.59] JoonasTo: random interject:
[10.19.09] JoonasTo: man that is epic good
[10.19.22] JoonasTo: even if there are a few mistakes here and there
[10.19.29] JoonasTo: so back to the dream
[10.22.40] JoonasTo: we do all kinds of thing you might expect from kids
[10.23.50] JoonasTo: perhaps it's because sis is the youngest but she seems to be the most active
[10.23.57] JoonasTo: and come forth with the most ideas
[10.27.21] JoonasTo: but we start having our own meetings at the school kitchen(because it's empty after the lunch is dealth with)
[10.29.59] JoonasTo: kind of like a small secret club or something
[10.31.57] JoonasTo: so we film random nature things and try out all kinds of stuff
[10.35.16] JoonasTo: at one point my sister and I hide behind a rhubard from a teacher passing by
[10.35.42] JoonasTo: which, amazes me at the time, she really should have noticed us there
[10.39.09] JoonasTo: we also make our sleeping nest for one night in the thickets of small birch trees
[10.40.00] JoonasTo: and sleep safe and secure in the woods
[10.40.39] JoonasTo: and more and more things that are a bit out of place for digigeneration kids
[10.41.13] JoonasTo: but it's always my sister in the center of these things
[10.43.55] JoonasTo: a year or so after starting all this
[10.45.09] JoonasTo: the dwarf from our group makes a scene at the front yard of the school
[10.46.07] JoonasTo: as he looks to be sending a small column of fire from his right palm
[10.46.32] JoonasTo: come the next day
[10.46.37 | Muokattu 10.48.39] JoonasTo: he would never be seen again
[10.49.29] JoonasTo: I don't have to tell you that the mood changed quite a bit after that
[10.50.06] JoonasTo: we did finish the documentary, but nothing else
[10.50.42] JoonasTo: fell out of touch with the other girl too
[10.51.04] JoonasTo: a couple years forward
[10.51.15] JoonasTo: were sitting in a small room watching tv
[10.52.05] JoonasTo: and there's a hand recorded nature documentary, with the classic reader voice who does all of them included
[10.52.35] JoonasTo: it briefly flashes through my mind that wow, they actually aired it
[10.53.24] JoonasTo: that's cut short by the two superior officers, one finnish, one german, entering to the room though and the tv is quickly closed
[10.54.58] JoonasTo: even the light banter between the young and cocky german pilots is silenced with a single glance from my sister
[10.56.02] JoonasTo: she's made a whole one-eighty from her cheerful and playful self
[10.56.49] JoonasTo: she's cold, distant and calculating, even ruthless
[11.00.01] JoonasTo: after the war started she joined the grays(that's a common name for the army in Finland because of the old gray uniform)
[11.00.15] JoonasTo: as a volunteer pilot
[11.02.56] JoonasTo: now I remind you, for whatever reason the tech and world stage is pretty much WW2, my quess is WW2 just got delayed by 70 years
[11.06.15] JoonasTo: she's been flying since then but never spoken to anyone in the unit
[11.09.20] JoonasTo: This might just be her 17th winter but nothing in her features betrays that
[11.10.19] JoonasTo: the mission briefing is pretty simple, first joint mission with the german's to test out mixed unit cooperation
[11.10.58] JoonasTo: take out a small russian bomber squad
[11.12.44] JoonasTo: the loudest, cockiest german, a young, maybe 18-19, blond, Luis(why french name though, must be gay)
[11.13.13] JoonasTo: complains about not getting a proper mission
[11.14.12] JoonasTo: and makes a joke about shooting pigeons
[11.14.55] JoonasTo: followed by laughter from his mates that's cut short with sis rising up from her chair
[11.15.19] JoonasTo: it's so effective that the whole room goes dead silent as soon as she moves
[11.15.43] JoonasTo: and by the time she is finished the movement of her chair you can hear the echo from it scraping the floor
[11.18.02] JoonasTo: the officers call dismissed and everyone hurries to their planes
[11.18.31] JoonasTo: The germans are flying what look a lot like Bf109s
[11.19.21] JoonasTo: the finnish design is unlike anything I've seen before though
[11.20.45] JoonasTo: it's got a nose like a Mig-21 but otherwise it looks a lot like a fighter sized IL-2
[11.31.26] JoonasTo: So take off fly to target area, proceed to take out the enemy
[11.32.02] JoonasTo: routine flight in the war so far really
[11.33.39] JoonasTo: sis is doing her thing again
[11.34.14] JoonasTo: it's just like watching a demonstration
[11.34.49] JoonasTo: no flailing about or any unnecessary dodging movements
[11.35.55] JoonasTo: she just positions the plane, fires
[11.35.57] JoonasTo: and hits
[11.35.59] JoonasTo: every time
[11.38.04] JoonasTo: showcasing the other half of the reason she's feared as much as respected, and called the ice witch of the north
[11.38.26] JoonasTo: so I take a look at he germans
[11.38.53] JoonasTo: even if they are not as experienced there's no doubting their skill
[11.39.00] JoonasTo: they're good
[11.40.55] JoonasTo: then I spot one of the german planes on head-on collision course with a damaged russian one
[11.41.34] JoonasTo: that one's going to hit if it keeps going like that
[11.42.38 | Muokattu 11.43.40] JoonasTo: It's the loud idiot's plane, he's going to get killed.
no, it flips upside down and alters the course to fly just slighly over the damaged bomber
[11.45.29 | Muokattu 11.46.16] JoonasTo: I can see the pilot reaching out and grabbing the bomber pilot's cap from the broken canopy as spoils
[11.46.01] JoonasTo: snowing idiot
[11.47.27] JoonasTo: I look back to my sister, she's half out of her plane, going back in and closing the canopy
[11.48.45] JoonasTo: she was going to jump out and catch the german plane in flight to prevent the collision before he changed course
[11.49.23] JoonasTo: had the pilot been unconcious or wounded and unable to himself
[11.50.42] JoonasTo: and she could have actually done that, aside from being that good, she is actually a witch too, the whole group from back then
[11.51.16] JoonasTo: awakened some amount of archaic supernatural powers
[11.51.25] JoonasTo: and she was always the strongest
[11.51.37] JoonasTo: possibly why she was the instigator most of the time too
[11.52.14] JoonasTo: the battle is more or less over now, the russians are retreating
[11.54.08] JoonasTo: as I watch sis close the canopy I can feel something
[11.54.11] JoonasTo: odd
[11.54.32] JoonasTo: like a very strong single beat of heart
[11.54.44] JoonasTo: that echoes around me like a drum
[11.55.02] JoonasTo: and everything fades to black
[11.56.32] JoonasTo: I am there in the darkness with just some shades of deep red filtering through at times with the same slowly fading echo of the sound
[11.56.46] JoonasTo: for an uncertain amount of time
[11.56.55] JoonasTo: it is impossible to determine if it was short or long
[11.57.10] JoonasTo: but then it slowly starts to whiten
[11.57.38] JoonasTo: and a snowy landscape on a wintery lake takes it place
[11.57.52] JoonasTo: I can sense my sister standing to my right
[11.58.27 | Muokattu 12.03.30] JoonasTo: and in front of me I can see group of people gathered around a pyre
[11.58.54] JoonasTo: they're still quite far ways off but one of them is close
[11.59.07] JoonasTo: it's the same girl who was in our group at middle school
[11.59.15] JoonasTo: well, not a girl any longer
[11.59.22] JoonasTo: an adult woman now
[11.59.41] JoonasTo: she has glasses now but I can tell it's her
[11.59.54] JoonasTo: same red long hair and she just 'feels' the same
[12.01.06] JoonasTo: instead of her normal apathy her face is covered by a look of regret and sympathy
[12.01.24] JoonasTo: "I knew it would call you here", she say with a sad voice
[12.01.48] JoonasTo: I try to look and feel further into the group of people and more specifically, to the pyre
[12.01.58] JoonasTo: then I know why we are here
[12.02.30] JoonasTo: and I understand why we were transported here through space
[12.02.43] JoonasTo: that isn't just any pyre, it's the funeral pyre for my brother
[12.04.00] JoonasTo: normally modern finns are buried, not burnt, so this must have been her doing
[12.04.30] JoonasTo: I get the feeling she was close with him
[12.04.39] JoonasTo: and seeing the medic uniform, I understand
[12.04.49] JoonasTo: must have been the medic of their team
[12.05.56] JoonasTo: my brother was, of course, also drafted into the army
[12.07.26] JoonasTo: my sister just looks at the pyre and turns to walk away
[12.07.31] JoonasTo: no emotions, nothing
[12.08.00] JoonasTo: I see a small camp at some distance at the shore
[12.08.09] JoonasTo: and from the looks of it I understand
[12.08.15] JoonasTo: we're still behind enemy lines
[12.09.05] JoonasTo: I look back at the girl, now woman, and I realise what she must have gone through to get the rest of the unit to agree to this
[12.10.00] JoonasTo: and send her a heartful of gratitude and respect for caring so much for us
[12.11.24] JoonasTo: then I walk after my sister
[12.11.42] JoonasTo: we just walk, she ahead of me, for a while
[12.12.01] JoonasTo: about halfway to the shore I embrace her from behind as I can feel it
[12.12.33] JoonasTo: she just breaks down
[12.12.53] JoonasTo: all of the attitude and facade gone
[12.13.22] JoonasTo: in front of me is just another broken girl, my most loved person
[12.13.34] JoonasTo: we both fall to the ground crying
[12.14.30] JoonasTo: and she turns around and puts her head and fists against my chest
[12.14.47] JoonasTo: after a while I wake up
[12.14.52] JoonasTo: from the dream
[12.14.56] JoonasTo: and I am still crying
[12.15.08] JoonasTo: and as I am writing this, I am crying again
[12.15.20] JoonasTo: and I have not cried in almost twenty years
[12.15.42] JoonasTo: as I strated writing this here
[12.15.51] JoonasTo: I realised what was really going on in that dream
[12.15.59] JoonasTo: we never saw our parents
[12.16.10] JoonasTo: they were most likely already dead
[12.16.17] JoonasTo: and when my brother died
[12.16.25] JoonasTo: that was the last of her immediate family
[12.16.41] JoonasTo: who knows about the rest, never heard or saw them either
[12.16.57] JoonasTo: so could have been the last of the family aside from her just as well
[12.17.05] JoonasTo: as she was concerned
[12.17.11] JoonasTo: and when I say last, I do mean last
[12.17.17] JoonasTo: I am 99% certain
[12.17.22] JoonasTo: that I was dead
[12.17.28] JoonasTo: just a spirit following her around
[12.17.55] JoonasTo: one that only her could see, feel and touch
[12.18.58] JoonasTo: So there she was, hundred kilometers behind enemy lines during war in the winter
[12.19.09] JoonasTo: walking away from her brother's funeral
[12.19.23] JoonasTo: the last of her family
[12.19.50] JoonasTo: only having her dead brother's spirit to comfort her

I cried again with this. It was so, so deep.

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Undefeatable Hero
The One and Only Undead Member
posted March 31, 2018 10:35 PM

Since i fell asleep listening to primus, it makes sense i dreamt i was at a primus concert. What doesn't make sense, is why i showed up to the concert and immediately grabbed this ginormous chocolate chip muffin from a chow line that for some reason was at the concert. And man, it was the best muffin i ever ate. Absolutely snowing delicious. I was tearing hunks of it off and cramming my mouth with, and trying to tell everyone how good it was through a full mouth. It was so moist that i was having no problem swallowing any of it, even though i had no drink to chase it with. I tell you, this muffin was glorious. For some reason, all of the people at the show were middle-aged and mostly overweight. Which now helps me understand why there was a chow line at a concert. Anyway, the people were all staring disapprovingly at me as i stood there chowing down and trying to convey how good the muffin was. Then the concert was over, or it was a break between songs, and the herd got in the chow line to eat. Meanwhile, i was climbing over a low fence and into somebody's kitchen, where i found a dirtbike and started it up while it was lying on its side. Then, i got on the bike somehow, since it was still lying on its side, and started doing spinning horizontal donuts, trying to entertain the crowd on the other side of the fence. Then i woke up.

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Undefeatable Hero
My BS sensor is tingling again
posted April 01, 2018 04:18 AM

I had a weird dream today in which a high school friend of mine were showing us, a group of people sitting in chairs in a classroom, a Spanish horror film where a psychiatric institution manipulated patients by giving them altered tests and turned them into experimental subjects. This is the second time I made up a scenario in my dreams, in another one, I wrote a political play and hired actors to pose as protesters in front of the theather while the people were entering the building. The protest outside was part of the play.
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Omnipresent Hero
What if Elvin was female?
posted April 01, 2018 01:41 PM

I had an interesting dream myself.

There were two sides of Gods, demi Gods and heroes fighting across a huge battlefield which consisted of a lower ground, two ascending, winding paths to the left and right leading to the higher ground and a steep cliff with pirate-like ships protruding out of the rocks. Random fighting everywhere and me, having my consciousness jump between characters, taking their powers and motivations.

I only remember two characters, an enraged warrior with a big bodytype that was excellent in melee and ranged - had a bull's eye on an opponent's head across dozens of meters below with a big rock and then one-shot with a good axe or club attack an opponent advancing the upwards path. Scary guy. The other was a nimble and agile warrior tasked with protecting a baby, not sure by whom. He was trying to avoid direct combat when an opponent came after him and he decided to go down the cliff, climbing and jumping between ship parts, looking for a place to stash the baby.

I cannot remember if I ever took control of a God. I know I had more jumps but I cannot remember :/ It was glorious.
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Undefeatable Hero
posted April 09, 2018 06:36 AM

I had a HoMM-related dream, one of the few that I can remember.

I had several heroes at my command including Sandro, and I was supposed to make them all come to the same place on the map in order to get the Grail. But to do that, they each had to have an artifact and a specific creature, like a Green Dragon, Iron Golems etc, on them, without losing them on the way of course. Add after getting the grail I had to put together an army to fight the enemy which had a Conflux army.

And the way I found the Grail was strange, not through digging but by making the heroes fly and take the Grail from above in a way that was not possible in the real game.

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Legendary Hero
Pizza Nazi
posted April 09, 2018 10:42 AM

This one's so mundane, but I did feel angry about it.

I was in a sort of cell, with a single bed placed in the center, I was jolting through my contacts, I see some messages from my old highschoolmates. Turns out my old crush got with some anonymous dude, turns out another got with a similarly anonymous dude. I got so mad about it, I got out to get breakfast, for some reason my mother was frying milk with black sepia sauce. I got mad about that, she did that so nonchalantly, as if fried black sepia milk and coffee was the most normal thing in the world. So I start arguing with her until the dream ended.

Moral of the story, don't text old acquaintances lest you dream about old crushes and black sepia milk.
Noli offendere Patriam Agathae quia ultrix iniuriarum est.


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Omnipresent Hero
What if Elvin was female?
posted April 09, 2018 03:58 PM

Yesterday I had a dream where I was younger, back in a time when you had to go look for your friends instead of using your cellphone or a messenger. The dream was like a blank slate of my childhood, new friends, new places, new situations. At some point we were missing one friend and knew that when we found him the fun times would roll

When I woke up I thought that the real reason to bring kids into the world is so that they may experience this magical period like we once did. Made me all warm and fuzzy inside.
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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Undefeatable Hero
The One and Only Undead Member
posted May 03, 2018 07:49 AM

Been having a good deal of nightmares lately. Last night was some sort of psychological freak-out. I've been wanting to type my dreams up, but i've been caught in the middle of my sleep, so i end up just going back to sleep. What i remember of the freak-out one:

I was in a rectangular room that resembled a floor in an office building(cubicles), or in a library computer room, i don't know which. I was the only male in the room, sitting at a desk(everyone was). All the others were female, and they were all mental patients. Some were weirdly disfigured(one i remember in particular had no eyes or eyesockets; her head was bulbous and the skin of her face taut and smooth, with multiple finger indentations, some of them deep, on her forehead. I may have touched her forehead myself, as i remember there being no skull in the upper-half of her face; you could feel the brain right under the skin).

Anyway, some of them were suddenly having violent fits, where one would kill another quite gruesomely. I wasn't looking out of my own eyes, i was looking out of theirs. My body was in the room, but i was in astral-projection mode; and i was jumping from body to body, trying to stop them/find the next killer. I was also trying to make it back into myself, and for some reason i was having trouble doing that. I would jump into a body, then feel around in a pocket for a gun; so that i would know whose body i was in. Finally i found mine, because i stuck my hand in a pocket and found a gun. As i was jumping from body to body, all the colors were muted to near almost black-and-white; but as i actually settled in my own body, assuming control of it, the colors became bright and vivid again.

Not pulling the gun yet, i turned and stood up immediately to stop the next killer from getting her target. She had a big sewing needle, and i was trying to keep her from now stabbing me with it; she was going for my eyes, and undoubtedly my brain behind it. I managed to get hold of both of her arms and hold them over her head; using the leverage to shove her back. As she fell back, i drew my gun, and as she came at me again, i shot her twice in the face; once in the mouth and once in the middle of her forehead. She died on her feet.

Then i woke up. I wish i could remember everything about this dream; it was a real freak-out, snow-with-your-head kinda thing. What i recollected here doesn't even begin to capture the essence of it's madness.

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posted May 03, 2018 09:42 AM

I had my fair share of strange dreams lately, and the most freakish was some days ago, I'll post it later, in the meantime here's the most recent.

I was at a bus stop headed to where I go to uni, while waiting a lot of people came for the bus, among them there was this guy that came with one of those cars with some space in the back, he brought his "fiancee" but she didn't show up until later, he seemed like a swell guy but when he got on his car it turns out he had said "fiancee" chained to the car with his dog, he told her they were leaving, and so he ordered her to get on the car, until he basically started the car while there was no trace of her on top of it.

Turns out she broke free and got on the bus and she was seated next to me, so she talked about her guy and how he was abusive since the first moment, and then she mentioned that she escaped twice and knew where to hide.

Once I get to our destination I meet up with my best friend since we were supposed to go somewhere to buy electronic things, but then he says there's no need for that, so instead we talk, then we decide to head back to our old town and take a car with other people, then at some points there are some passenger exchanges, for some reason.

In the end I start to feel that I didn't get off at the right time so I'll end up in some other town, but instead I end up in my childhood hom where a fair is being held. The lady that was driving basically stops to take a look at the fair, while I tell her that it's fine if she leaves me there, since that's where my parents work and even though I don't have the keys and they have already returned in the other home I could just call them. Turns out they were still there, so I just return in that home. And "our" dog was waiting for me, but for some reason he first took a chew toy and put it in my hands, and then he tried to bite off my hands, since he was apparently trying to just eat off my hands at that point I kist vigorously waved my hands. I knocked out the dog. I thought I killed it and I was horrified, turns out it was still alive and angry with me, I tell my mother to load up an earlier save, but they were all dated 30th February.

I don't have a dog.
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