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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: Daystar's town ideas
Thread: Daystar's town ideas

Legendary Hero
Back from the Dead
posted August 01, 2005 05:48 AM
Edited By: Daystar on 5 Aug 2005

Daystar's town ideas

Hi. This is just another town proposal idea.  since seeing the statements of the fact that there will be only six towns in heroes of might and magic V, i have adapted similarly.  Eventualy i will have pictures, but right now i hope that you don't mind reading.

1. peasant.
    the peasant was always the little thug available in the castle until Heroes 3, and a favorite of mine.  he moves in large herds, and has more power than expected.  his upgrade is stable boy, who rides a horse. the horse is small, and has no sadle.  

2. archer.
    the archer is another old friend, but he has varied over the games. not much to say, he is ranged, bad movement, all the static.  his upgrade is sharpshooter, who has better range and can move a bit farther.

3. monk.
   the monk is less powerful than in heroes 3, and is not ranged. instead, he uses a holy book to unleash a  blast of holy light on oponents. he upgrades to priest, who has a stronger book, and that thing dragon breath does, though is much less powerful for the one behind his oponent.

4. griffin.
   the good old griffin!  wings and head of a hawk, flank of a lion, etcetera. the griffin's special ability is that it can go into the sky, hover for 2 turns, and then come back down and attack.* it upgrades to armored griffin, which has armor here and there. both are flying

5. knight.
   basicly, a guy on horseback who rides around saving people and stuff. you know him, youve fought with and against him.  he upgrades to cavalier, which has better movement.

6. angel.
   the holy one in robes with perfect features.  monks and priests get slightly stronger with every angel on the feild, and all angels cast rise again, which brings back dead troops.* flying, hates devils, upgrades to Gabriel's chorus, Etcetra.

savior (what shows up if you have a good hero and you are loosing)*
Left hand of God, a.k.a Van Helsing.
   a guy in dark robes who looks like Van helsing from the movie Van Helsing.  carries silver arrow crossbow, and hates vampires.  DO NOT MESS WITH THIS GUY.

The magic, movement, heroes, and extra's are all static. let's move on.

1. imp.
   little. looks like Very mishapen child with yellow wings.  slow movement, but with flying.  attacks with sharp barbed tail. upgrades to foliot, which is a bit biger, green, and has better movement and other stats.

2. djjin.
   human-looking with big muscles, large claws and a bad attitude. good movement, but bad deffense. upgrades to afrit, which has fire popping up on it.

3. subcubus.
   suposedly seductive creature, were it not for the burning horns and hooves. very basic, attacks with a punch, looks stupid, upgrades to storm subcubi, which can use the spell summon wind.

4. nightmare.
  flaming horse, can move through all obstacles.  (insubstancial) good defense, Bad attack.

5. gog.
  looks like human that has been burned. (eww) large ears, and throws fireballs. upgrades to magog, whose fireballs cause an inferno where it hits.

6. devil.
  you all know what the bloody thing looks like, so deal with it. teleports itself* and hates angels. upgrades to archdevil, which is just a stat increase and nothing more to wory about.

cursed dragon.  a charcoal dragon who has glowing eyes*. not friendly, DO NOT MESS WITH THIS GUY.

Heroes: *, no horse. specializes in fire spells, and also has a bad attitude.

magic: dangerous fire and death spells, as well as spells to take control of another's mind.

town: *

1. Spirit of the forest/Wood nymph.
   green, garbed with leaves and such.  shooter. upgrades to dryad, which is just better stats. both have low stats overall, and move slower on low-plant areas.

2. Elves.
   very fast, enchanted blades. very basic, just a level 2 that upgrades to wood elf, that gains forest walk (the ability to go through forest - type obstacles)

3. Dendroids.
   you know what they look like, if you have played heroes 3.  if you don't, they are trees with arms and root legs. grows roots, if an attack is made. upgrades to bark-beast, which has better defense and ect.

4. Werewolf.
   werewolves aren't evil, just misuderstood. i wanted to get in tune with the wolf side of the werewolf, and they live in the forest.  they shapeshift to move and attack, but are men for everyting else. they upgrade into lycanthropes.  they are facinating, as you can choose what shape to use.  in human form they carry swords and look like peasants that did not get enough sleep, in wolf form they stand on hind feet and attack with claws and teeth.  if they attack a creature three times, it will die instantly and the it's number will be added to the werewolves' number. this is in spell format, known as convert.

5. Unicorn.
  again, you know what it looks like and does. good movement, good attack, bad defense, upgrades to winged unicorn. guess what changes.

6. Green Dragon.
  a dark green dragon, with lighter green lower scales. big wings.  breathes fire, but is week to fire spells. upgrades to life dragon, which is has a faint indistinguishable glow.  casts several life giving spells.

Shur'tugal. rides on a dragon, and casts many spells. hates shades.

Heroes: ride on unicorns, specialize in earth spells and life spells.

magic: powering up and rebirthing spells. nothing to violent, but some very powerful spells.

villages: built into trees, as seen in the book eldest.

1. Goblin.
  much like an imp, but green, and with no wings or tail.  carries a knife and a bit of armor. slow, and a bit of a weekling, but grows fast. upgrades to goblin raider.

2. Dwarf.
  it's a dwarf. it can attack castle walls. it moves so darn slowly. it upgrades to war dwarf. Enough said.    

3. Medusa.
  ranged shooter. slow movement, wiggles tail. upgrades to monster medusa, which is creepier.

4. Hydra.
  attacks all adjacent creatures, except teamates. looks like old style from Heroes 1. causes poisoning on all living creatures exept those with armor or who are undead. upgrades to Higer Hydra, which has better stats and more heads.

5. Manticore.
  causes poison in the same form of Hydra. a lion's body with a man's head and scorpion's tail. excelent movement that increases with numbers.  upgades to Malevolent Manticore.

6. Black Dragon.
  Another dragon (yay). better attack than green dragon, but less defense. has dragon breath, and flying, and all that static. upgrades to Drakk, which is stronger, and hates all dragon species.

Savior: Butterfly effect.
a spell, not a creature, that creates a game of chance. a whirlwind causes a coin to land heads or tails up. tails causes Savior to win automaticaly.
Heroes: ride on horses with spiked armor.

magic: chaotic. the soul shifter spell randomly switches the stats of all creatures with other's at random.

town. higldy pigldy caves and tunnels.

1. ~skeleton.
   silent footsteps jangle sninsterly through the ancient halls...slowly. the skeleton are small stat creatures that grow quickly, like goblins. they upgrade to skeleton demons, which have horns and bigger claws.

2. ~ghost.
   insanley bad stats, but with convert. upgrade to Old Spirit.  stats increase, but cost a bundle.

3. ~walking dead.
   zombies. peices have fallen off, and move slowly, but have good attack. ranged, throw Butchers knives. they upgrade to runing dead, whose attack is the same, but is rather fast.

4. ~Vampire.
   flying, convert. looks, not like a wizard, but an acountant with a high collar. hates The Right Hand of God. upgrades to Draculites.

5. ~Banshee.
   vocal attack. casts confusion. flying. looks like skeleton but with a ragged cloak and long, gray hair. she upgrades to wraith.

6. ~Bone dragon.
   upgrades to ghost dragon. just like the one in Heroes 3.

~Shade. half damage from everyting without a sword or knife. teleporting, hates Shur'tugaul.

Heroes: rides on ghost horses.

magic: death causing and reasurecting.  level 5 spell called sacrifice can be used to turn creatures under you control to ghosts or skeletons, at random. HINT: use with hipnotize.

towns: built from black steal.

1. Crab.
   Giant crab, attacks with claws. slow movement, good defense.  upgrades to Lobster. guess what happens.

2. Merman.
   attacks with trident. normal speed. bad defense. upgrades to king merman, who casts blind.

3. Spirit of the Sea/Sea Nymph.
   A lot like Wood Nymph, but attack and water reverse. upgrade to Nyad.

4. Water Wizard.
   Ranged, throw a spear made of water. bad movement. upgrades to Whirlpool Wizard.  better speed.  Casts whirlpool.

5. SeaSerpent.
   Thug. Snake like, but with horns. writhes around, and squeezes opponents. good movement. upgrades to Leviathan, which is a seaserpent with claws and a barbed tail.

6. Whale.
   Whale, with weapons. casts flood. like the humpback in apearance, but with Orca attributes. Good all stats but movement. upgrades to Whale Shaman. Magic instead of weapons, and good movement.

Savior: Kraken. Big octopus easily mistaken for an island. until it moves. Munchie time for kraken!

Heroes: ride on a hipocampus. specialize in water spells.

magic: flood, whirlpool, drown. misterious spells. and powers.

Town: Seashels.

Movement: float a few feet off the ground, water rising up and down around them.  slows other creatures.

*as seen in the E3 Demo
How exactly is luck a skill?

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Tavern Dweller
posted August 02, 2005 06:05 AM

i have an idea

Well here's my idea

     Hell :

   1) Elite Imps / Imp Kings: both of them has A CHAKRAM and deals A good damage when surrounded And 5% to use Lava balls at range,elite imps are the same as H4 except with ablack flanged armor.(lava men look like the fire elementals and are naked)

   2) HellBreaker / Bludgeoner : both have a spiked whip and a mace in the other hand. Has a 50% chance to do full damage .

   3) Pit Lords / Pit kings : same as the one in H3

   4) Dark crusader / Dark Champion : Both wear outstanding armor and the champion rides a two headed horse. both use falchions.

   5) moloids / Chief moloid : Slug like creature with MITOSIS and BURROW capibility . And CAN DRAG down any creature down the burrow and can deal double damage when in burrowand mitosis helkps them to split their ranks in battle.

  6) Fallen angel / Demi gods : Every thing is same like in H4  only the appearence has changed.

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Hired Hero
Architect of Aggression
posted August 02, 2005 06:41 PM
Edited By: Bastich on 2 Aug 2005

Here's an idea:
Start another topic regarding the towns in Heroes V.

Seriously, you nazis won't let a guy create a topic concerning how debil would be everything in common between Heroes IV and V, but it's cool to have, like thousand topics 'bout the same damn thing.


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Legendary Hero
Back from the Dead
posted August 05, 2005 05:59 AM

hi. could someone please post somthing concerning what i wrote please?

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Famous Hero
of Night Elves
posted August 05, 2005 06:17 AM

i like the werewolf idea being in forest glen, it's more natural. true that werewolves have been misunderstood. i mean their class is evil but not all the werewolf race is evil. there are some stories include good heroes, eventually the main characters, who ends up werewolf at the end but does not turn into evil. by the way, why not some sort of octopus creature for aquarius?

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Legendary Hero
Back from the Dead
posted August 05, 2005 06:25 PM

Oh! Good idea! *slaps self in forehead* making kraken (giant octopus) the savior for water town. I'm glad somone agrees about where i put werewolves. Pics are coming!!

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Adventuring Hero
posted September 08, 2005 05:59 PM
Edited by alcibiades at 11:28, 06 Jul 2009.

towns for HeroesV

Castle: Peasant,donates 10 gold per day{tax},upgrades to Lord,who has better attack, a bit more speed, but the same defense.A Lord raises morale. Bowman:With a bow,etc...,with less than average hitpints,20 shots,upgrades to Longbowman,doesn't shoot twice,but has more damage,more life,and a decent defense.Eagle:Small,but fast,strike and return, good attack, but less hitpoints,average defense, upgrades to Black Eagle.Black Eagles are faster,hit twice and return,and are immune to Bling,do to there excellent eyesight.Spearman,swift, good attack,improved defense,fights better when being defender,upgrades to pikeman,equal attack and defense, resistant to ranged attacks, and enemies can't strike back.Priest,can cast Hand of God spell{if it will exist},attcks by muttering and incantation,upgrades to Cardinals.Cardinals will have a Holy Symbol{Like the Ankh of Life}that will blast multiple enemies,Horseman,guy on a horse,upgrades to Knight,Armored guy on a horse. Angel:Same as HeroesIII,upgrades to Holy Judge, that can turn backk 50 percent of the damage they take to the attacker.  

Moderator's note:This topic has been closed, as it refers to an older version of the game. To discuss Heroes 3, please go to Library Of Enlightenment, to discuss Heroes 4, please go to War Room Of Axeoth, to discuss Heroes 5, go to Temple Of Ashan.

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