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Heroes Community > Turban Tribunal > Thread: What's next?
Thread: What's next?

Supreme Hero
posted September 12, 2005 11:40 PM bonus applied.

What's next?

I've just heard the news. So Soccerfeva is gone. Probably for good. We'll I can't say that I didn't expect it, but it made me think...

Sure a part of me was actualy happy that, he's not comming back, whinning or annoying. But then again he could have been an active and valued member if he didn't go the slackers way.

But it made me think if the actions were too harsh and maybee, and probabl were, driven by some personal dispute between SF and Valery.

I know about his actions enough to make my personal point. For example I find the fact of his negative referneces to HC on other forums childish and should have been taken in a more relaxed way.
I belive that he had personal isuess and found Hc a nice place to exhaust them.

But that is not my point, not the whole point.

I find this whole thing a faliure of both sides...

Still eversince even before Stivens banning I have found this place different as when i left. I have mixed feelings about it still.
I haven't seen the type of problems and non-coopoeration between forum members anywhere else. So many bannings, silencings and strifes...

And still there are the plus sides. For example 2xtrems continuing efforts of community games and similair things. Or Jebuses humor, or the so called noobies from VW give me a laugh. And ofcourse the evercontinuing presence of mods and quality members makes this place still a nice place to check out when on-line

Practicaly what I mean to say is to lighten up and take it easy. And this goes to anyone reading, if it's the banned SF who still is hanging in the air, or future memebers or "normal" members.
It's just a forum, not a place to come and act in self-pity or a place for selfrealisation, a place to come and flame or hate.
It's a community and that's how we should behave. To forgive, help or just to have fun. Sure no utopia, but all of us have to make that effort and put away some of that personal pride from ordinary members to those on top...

So the question is and will remain. What's next? What else can we expect HC to bring in the future??

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Legendary Hero
The Chosen One
posted September 13, 2005 01:50 AM
Edited By: pandora on 12 Sep 2005

QP applied

It's very nice to see someone looking beyond all of the recent events and towards HC's future.

Understandably "both sides" right now feel that things could have been handled better, and that things were said that needn't have been said. We've seen people arguing that normally would have no problem with each other, and things really went out of hand.

The simplest way of looking at it right now though, is that 'what's done is done'. I know that to some people that's unacceptable. And I'll admit, that given my nature that everything has to be 'fixed' before it's finished, its not necessarily a joy to me either. But it's done.

At this point, it would seem futile to spend more energy on an unwinnable battle, especially when the energy can be spent in much more positive manners.

I really appreciate SirDunco, that you took the time to mention some of the people who have made HC brighter for you lately I agree, and there are so many more that are always making this place a great one to visit.

I think we need to focus on that now, and thanks again SidDunco for being the first to start us on that path here

**Note** please do not use this post to try to continue any old arguments from the other threads, this thread is for moving forward. any posts made to resume the fighting will be deleted. thanks

"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."

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Supreme Hero
UHU!! supreme!
posted September 13, 2005 02:26 AM

I always though that this place is very special... I'm not a forum lover... I mean this is the only place that I really enjoy to stay and post frequently...

certainly I left this place sometimes... and return...and that is the best thing I found here, when I come back, I still enjoing the talk and the people...

I'm sure this place has a good future just like his past... and we will have a lot of new members with the lanch of heroes V, and I hope the can enjoy the knowledge of the veteran members... we must be prepared to receive them...

Dig Out Your Soul

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