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Heroes Community > Dimension Gates > Thread: Scrye Review
Thread: Scrye Review

Known Hero
Event Coordinator Annapolis MD
posted October 11, 2005 02:38 AM

Scrye Review

Hot off the presses, Scrye #89 has a review of HOMM IV CC&TG by Rick Moscatello.

"The box alone is compelling, covered with the artwork that made the series famous."

Thanks Jayme!

"Crack it open and the components call out to you, even if they're loaded with small text (or maybe I'm just getting old)."

Yes Rick, you probably are!  I must say though, I know what he means by the cards call out to you!  I can't wait to open another booster!

"...almost 300 different heroes that can lead your armies, coming from 14 different character classes, customizable with dozens of skills (trained up to five different levels), dozens of artifacts, and all sorts or spells (cast via a spellpoint system).  Just training up a strong hero is a game unto itself."

Is that all?

"With about 70 different creatures, each ranked in a half-dozen stats and two special abilities, and capable of far more maneuvers in combat than I've ever seen in a card game, just playing battles is, once again, a game unto itself."

Gee...seems to me that'd make it all that much better!

"...very pretty hex map..."

Thanks again Jayme!!

"For all its complexity, once the myriad of rules are mastered, the game is exciting, with as much variety during combat as you might find in a moderate war game - it's hard to go back to the usual "My guy deals his power to your toughness, and vice versa" drudgery of the typical card game after a few rounds of this."

Hmm...I wonder what game he was referring to????

"...far from simple game, but it's also a good one."

What fun is simple?  Go Fish is simple...Old Maid is simple.  You want simple, play checkers.

"It's a great strategy/RPG hybrid, and a good way to introduce the neophyte to the Might and Magic universe."

What's a neophyte?  Should we be introducing them to this game at all?????  

In addition to all these fantastic comments he does also make note of...gee, can you guess?...the little markers.  If that's the only thing he could find as a con, can anyone doubt what kind of following this game is going to have?!

"Final word: A very complicated game that's worth of the license - serious gamers who don't mind tiny counters and hexes will find a treasure here."

I don't know about "very coplicated", but it is an intensely strategic game.  I've said it before and I'll say it again; everything from choosing what tile to bring to the game, if given a choice- where to sit at the table, where to start the game from, all the decisions in deck construction, one major army or 2-3 smaller ones, spells or more monsters, strike up an ally from the start or make deals along the way, defend a hex to your advantage or strike first...the list just goes on and on.

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