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Heroes Community > Bards Glade Pyre (RPG) > Thread: Dragon Hunters
Thread: Dragon Hunters

Famous Hero
Groin-Grabingly Clever
posted November 07, 2005 09:30 AM

Dragon Hunters

Reb Forr woke up and pushed his sheets down towards his feet. he got up and walked towards the door of the little shack he knew has home. He took one step out while putting on his tunic. he felt the early morning breeze on his face and saw the sun rising from behind a cluster of clouds. Forr looked to his right and sure enough there was Adier, watch the sin rise as Adier did each and every morning.

He walked over towards his only real mothers grave and layed some flowers at the head and walked towards the apple tree. He used his magic to cut a few ripe apples so they fell into his outsteched arm. He then set back towards the shack.

The sun had risen now and Adier could be seen walked along the grass, face intent on catching an early snack. Forr smiled, went inside the shack and started packing. he first packed a few items of clothing and some basic foods. he put his 12 daggers in their spots up his sleeve, ready for immediate use.

He then put on the amulet Adiur had given him only a few days before. The dark blue gem at its centre glowed with the faintest light as he put it on and for some reason he felt Adier's presence about him. he reached for his staff with a sky blue gem at its tip and it flared as his hand reached towards it. next he packed his mighty axe and he put it against his back firmly in place with leather straps.

he went over to the map on the table. he calculated the distance to the next town to be 2 days walk if the map was accurate. he rolled it up and packed it aswell.

he went outside and saw Adier waiting. somehow the raven always knew what was happening and was always ready, and this time it knew that it was time to leave

Forr walked out to the front of the little home and cast a quick enchantment making it seems as though the house was really just another part of the forest. he also cast an enchantment to make this area of the forest seem like it is dangerous. he hoped that one day he would return and visit this place.

he set out on the long dirt road towards town, staff in hand, weapons on hand and his mind excited

Two goldfish were in their tank. One turns to the other and says, 'You man the guns, I'll drive.'

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Legendary Hero
posted November 07, 2005 10:39 AM

Hunter sat in the courtyard, his back against a neatly trimmed apple tree.

He liked it here, surrounded by the vibrant flowers and lucious grass, all clean cut and maintained, not one blade falling onto the gleaming stone pathway which lead back into the castle.

He picked one of the golden leaves and held it up to the light, showing the veins shooting out to the edges, like a river trickling down a valley on a map. He sighed deeply as he cast the leaf aside, this was the closest Hunter could get to the wild.

Sometimes he longed for escape from the looming walls which imprisoned him from his homeland, in 'loyal' service to his king.
'Loyalty...' He thought. 'Since when is it ever really for anyone but yourself?'

Lifting up his robes, he pulled a small knife from beneath his sleeves and broke off a sturdy branch from the tree.

Using the sharp but strong
blade of the knife he shaved off the irregularities until it was a smooth shaft, strong and about at arm's length.

"Would make a fine arrow, wouldn't it?" A powerful voice came from behind him.

Hunter stood up and bowed, sheathing the knife once more.

The King wasn't an old man, perhaps middle aged, and still had a sense of humour, which was partly what Hunter liked about him. Although he lacked the wrinkles and the tedium of most great kings before him, he still commanded great respect from his people, as he had proved his worth through battle. Not a warrior himself, the King was the general of a great army before he rose to the throne. With cunning and tactics he lead them to a great victory over a horde of ogres which claimed the territory as their own.
At a ten to one infantry ratio against him, it turned out he did know a thing or two about how to win a fight.

"Milord." Hunter rose. He dropped the arrow shaft beside him. Even though they were good friends, Hunter still insisted on the common courtesies. The King, however, had already dropped the 'Sir'.

"Does my courtyard remind you of the wild?" The King asked, plucking an apple from the tree next to Hunter.

"I wouldn't exactly call apple and lavender the wild.."

"You long to see it again, don't you? I can tell." He took a bite of the apple. "It's in your blood."

Hunter picked up his makeshift shaft from the ground.
"I long... to hear an arrow whistling through the air again. I long to have the risk of not eating in the night because that boar just got away. As much as I like the drunken nights in the taverns and the fair maidens of your court, I love the mysterious darkness and fresh air of the forest more. I hate all this waiting around."

"It is not fair to keep a wood elf from his home, I understand that. And that is why I have come to you now, Sir Hunter. I have need of your keen eye once more.
The dragons threaten this land, my kingdom which I have worked so hard to build. They bring fire and disease to burn my crops and scar my people, and they must be stopped. I am sending a group of champions out to fight them, and I want you to be with them when they bring the Great Wrym down. I need that heart, Hunter. Without it this plague will go unstopped and if so it can bring about the end of the human race. Go with them, lead them through the forests, no one knows them better than you. Bring those dragons down!"

Hunter took his knife and thrust it deep into the tree, and looked back at the King and smiled.

"And where must I take your people, my mighty leader?" He said, in mock seriousness.
John says to live above hell.

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Famous Hero
Groin-Grabingly Clever
posted December 10, 2005 05:55 AM

Reb had been on the road for some 3 days, all the while increasing in exitment about the prospects of an adventure around the corner. He conitued to travel towards the nearest town where he would hope to find directions to a new life

he came to a fork in the dirt road. the road to the his left pointed to what he assumed to be a town. the sign however, which had been vandalised recently, did not give any clues to its name or nature. the other road didnt point directly straight, rather it veered off the right. this sign did look a bit better than the last one but not by that much.

Reb couldnt decide on which path to take at that point so he looked to the sky. as he did this he found a very large smoke cloud up there and as he followed it to its source he made his decision on which path to take. the path to the right housed that cloud of smoke and that led him to beleive it was not a place to be. so he set out on the road to the right

after an hour or so, he noticed the road become noticably more traveled. he smiled at this and started to walk faster. by nightfall he saw the city gates and ran to them. the guards let him in after an inspection, although he didnt see the reason for this so he asked why. the guards replied "listen friend, you should stop sleeping under rocks. maybe you will learn a thing or two about the world and whats going on"

confused he seeked out a tavern to stay for the night. he asked for directions and found his way to a small but popular taven, which was known as "the wine barrel"

he went inside and heard the cheers of drunk men dancing and similar cheers of others watching them. he ordered a loaf of bread and a generous slice of cheese to fill up his supplies that had started to become non-existant

he started to walk out when a notice by the door caught his eye. he read the note "Dear citizens, the empire is in need of warriors and adventurers to fight for thier king. head for the capital at when time allows. those with the plague will be turned away"

Reb couldnt resist this calling for warriors. he asked the bartender which way the capital was. he replied "take the north road out of town and travel for a day". he rushed outside to the tavern stables and untied the most able bodied horse he could find. despite it being the middle of the night he took flight towards the capital with Adier close behind, and a grin on his face that he couldnt remove if he tried

Two goldfish were in their tank. One turns to the other and says, 'You man the guns, I'll drive.'

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