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Heroes Community > Other Side of the Monitor > Thread: Dedicated to 9/11 victims...
Thread: Dedicated to 9/11 victims... This thread is 3 pages long: 1 2 3 · «PREV

Supreme Hero
blah, blah, blah
posted May 10, 2006 10:01 PM

To say 5 Israeli's were dancing, therefore Israel did it is
also a stretch. Thousands of Palestinians danced, not to mention
unknown numbers of others. People have their reasons for
dancing,usually because they are celebrating. And people
can celebrate the same event for different reasons: The
Israeli's because they know the US will step into the
Middle East in a big way, the Palestinians because
they genuinely hate the Americans. That doesn't
mean anything, except they are sick, to celebrate such
death and destruction.
I am sorry, please remind me which part of this movie (i.e. the movie we are discussing in this thread) showed 5 Israelis dancing and then made conclusions based on that fact?

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Undefeatable Hero
proud father of a princess
posted May 11, 2006 05:59 PM

I read in another forum about that video, and someone there asked this question:
Where the hell is the engine gone? It canīt just disappear. It HAS to be found anywhere there, perhaps completely deformated, but still...Same goes with the wings..

And one of the next posters gave this link:
Where did the plane go?

Very interesting....
Better judged by 12 than carried by 6.

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Famous Hero
The Metal Specialist
posted May 12, 2006 01:51 AM
Edited by LegendMaker at 02:16, 12 May 2006.

We want INFORMATION [...] I'm not a Number, I'm a FREE MAN !!!!

This is interesting indeed, Angel. But it's an empty PHANTOM Jet, not a JUMBO Jet full of passengers and equipment. If you step on an ant, you might "vaporize" it. But it won't mean that the same would occur if you stepped on a mouse.

Furthermore, even in this test you pointed out, the speaker clearly states that there were at least some wings debris. Wasn't any at the Pentagon that day. Was only the piece of fuselage I posted found on the lawn. And Boeing didn't recognize it as a piece of Boeing fuselage.

Almost forgot : the jet in the test crashed on a super-powered wall meant to resist nuclear attacks. The Pentagon wall that was hit is definitely nowhere near as sturdy. Same with car crashes : if you hit something stronger than you (i'm talking about the materials), you will get smashed on it. If you hit something weaker, IT will get smashed. Furthermore, it will only slow you down, not stop you right away. The invincible wall used for the test didn't break. It still stood after the jet disintegrated on it. The Pentagon's walls didn't.
_ _ _ _ _

A friend of mine who also saw the Loose Change video we're mainly discussing here gave me some related links I'd like to share :

Painful Deceptions is a somewhat similar investigation done, like Loose Change, by an average Joe armed with only common sense, freedom of thought, logic and... all the elements that were made public at one point or another (and yes, Hudson : both vids include proper sources reference). (Note : there are french subtitles, but they'll disappear if you watch the vid in full screen).

ReOpen 911 is the very active site of Jimmy Walter and his team. If this name sounds familiar, it's because there's a short interview of him near the end of Loose Change.

Last but not least, you can DL Loose Change here in much better quality (around 500MB). (This version also has french subtitles, and I can't say for sure yet wether or not they can be removed when playing it).
_ _ _ _ _

@ Xarfax : Painful Deceptions starts off with a very thorough analysis of the tower's collapse, which might be of particular interest to you, pertaining to your last post in this thread. Including the long overdue WTF about the third skyscrapper that collapsed that day (the one that no plane crashed on).

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