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Heroes Community > Tavern of the Rising Sun > Thread: The five branches
Thread: The five branches

Undefeatable Hero
posted May 30, 2006 05:32 PM

The five branches

The tree of games[Ages] has many branches,but i will concentrate upon five of them:
The first one introduced us to Enroth,and there we could follow the adventures of Lord Ironfist[H1]
Notes: important heroes are gem,crag hack,yog and sandro.
wierd things: sandro is a warlock with an undead portait,but in h3 SoD we find out that he was a human when he reached the shores of Erathia.
-The second branch hit another branch called King's Bounty,and they formed a new game,with upgrades for troops and two other races appeared; the Wizard and Necromancer that will become stronger than the other "first-born races".
Notes: Yog is in h1 but seems to have vanished now.
Roland Ironfist is older in h3,so some years have passed after he won the Succesion Wars and when Nicolas Gryponheart I founded Erathia in the new lands he discovered.
-The third branch was the greatest,had the most fruit.A good analysis must be done:
The knights have disposed of the puny peasants,now their weapons include halebards and crossbows,and the strogest knight creature of h2,the crusader is now a mere level 4 creature,but kept its special ability. the monks and angels indicate the more medieval aspect.
The Sorceresses are no longer leading the elves,rather the el;ves have disposed of the sprites and a wierd thing is that in other games,dwarves were considered enemies to the elves.The centaurs are also an odd choice if we compare the to the h2.The dendroids were a thing that ties the elves to the forests.they stole the good colored green dragon from the elves and disposed of the pheonix.The pegasus and the good type of centaurs are mythological.
The wizards have gotten rid of most of their creatures,and it seems that the secret of creating steel golems was lost.The neutral genies
now serve them.The nagas are their new servants.The gargoyles now are only the stone forms of what they once were.They preffer to call their faction "Tower".
The demons and the underground don't seem to tie but the Inferno became the moral enemy of the knights,Not all of them seem to be demons,the efreti are fire beigns that rival the genies.
The Dungeon has almost nothing to do with Archibald Ironfist's Warlock town.Agar,the warlock/scientist introduced the evil eyes but didn't live to command them.their remaining dragons live in caves,and the weird combination of a bat,a lion and a scorpion is the maticore,that's a payoff for the dismiss of the warlock's powerful air
domination of h2.The neutral medusa is now in their ranks.
The barbaians kept most of their troops,now the roc/thunderbird,the only flying creature was considered barbaric enough to join them.The behemonths are now the mightyest creatures,the cyclops are only replacing the trolls.
The Mudlanders have broken free of Erathia's gasp and named their land Tatalia. The gnolls seem to be like hyenas,that DON'T live in swamps.The name of their faction proved contrary,the fortress only lasted for this game.The hydra found a new home in the swamps.The Conflux reunites the Pheonixes with the Sprites with the four elements and the misteryous "fifth element of thought"
The Necromancer now rules in his Necropolis.The mummies were replaced by the wights,and the Bone Dragon has a meaner brother,the Ghost of a fallen Dragon.Evil Black Knights and Dread Knights rule alongside the necromancers.
-The fourth branch wasn't that great,because it was smaller and full of bugs[no offense,please].Analysis:
The knights/Haven are now definetly medieval,thanks to the squiresthey kept most of their troops.The griffin left their ranks.
The Nature/Preserve again have the sprites on their side.The wolves are now tamed and bark like puppies.The elves are leading, the whole race is composed of them.The misteryous white tigers that last for one game enter the scene.The griffin is now a'free bird" that obeys the laws of nature.The goofy Faerie Dragon and the Pheonix are their elite force.
Chaos/Asylum.The cave dwellers and the former warlocks joined forces.
The orcs and the human bandits joined them.
Death/Necropolis The demons and undead joined forces,but the ghosts are only a shadow of what they once were.The venom spawns associate the undead with poison.Odd.
Might/Stronghold Now there are now Battle Mages,and our strong friends lack the brains more then ever.Look how they assembled their team:
The goblins and orcs as well as the wolves were dumped for the Scandinavian Berserkers that don't even obey the orders,for the worst spear trower ever a.k.a. the centaur.The desert nomads joined them,even if there's no sand in the rocky land.The harpies now live in trees and seem to be mere birds rather than bird-women,The all brawn and now brains ogre was replaced.The ogre mage,all brains+ slow movement. The cyclops are still replacemen for the h2 and h1 trolls.
The h3 behemonth and thunderbird are their elite force.Now the behemoth is a huge monkey and the thuderbird is made out of thunder completely.
Order/Wizard The Wizards are back with their old minions the halfings
and with the homeless dwarves that preffer to live uder law and order.The lesser mages now build Gold golems,What a waste of gold!
The genies are now powerful spellcasters.The many-armes nagas are reporting for duty.The mythological titans are back,but what's with those masks? The red-haired Red Dwarves buil Dragon Golems.
As for the fifth branch,I know nothing about it.Now it's your turn.Say what you know about h5 and of its relationship with the other branches and the tree of Ages shall keep the information alongside your names on its oak!

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