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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Modders Workshop > Thread: How to submit your mod
Thread: How to submit your mod

Supreme Hero
posted June 27, 2006 01:54 AM
Edited by Valeriy at 04:38, 27 Jun 2006.

How to submit your mod

A mod is a .pak file, that only needs to be dropped in the data/ folder of Heroes 5 installation to work (well, there a some caveats).
This .pak file is nothing else than a zip archive (not rar: be careful if you use WinRAR), with the correct folder structure inside it.

Before sharing your mod here, you can upload it on a personal space or a free hosting service. If your mod is of good quality, we can also host it on our servers, and even add it on AoH modding page.

The only thing you need to do to submit a mod for hosting is send us an email with the mod as attachment and some explanation to:
submit (insert at symbol) heroesofmightandmagic6.com

Note that the 6 at the end is correct.

Then, when your mod is hosted somewhere, start a thread here to detail what it does. Add some pictures if possible.

Looking for mod testers:
Since I said above that we will host "good quality" mods, it means we need testers. Basically, mods will be judged on various criterions, like usefulness, stability, balance...
If you're willing to test submitted mods, contact me (post, HCM, email above...).

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Tavern Dweller
posted June 27, 2006 03:20 AM

i love ripping things to pieces, always have, so if you've got something you want tested feel free to give me a holler.  my parents have both been proffessional software testers for my entire life so I guess it kindve runs in my veins.

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Adventuring Hero
Carpe Diem
posted June 27, 2006 11:11 AM

If there are some mods to test - feel free to 'employ' me I'd do this with pleasure

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Supreme Hero
posted June 29, 2006 06:57 PM

Thanks for the offer! It's duely noted.

So basically, the first things you can do on your own, depending on your taste and time, is test the mods that are posted in this forums, and review them.

First, a mod posted here should be in its dedicated thread, with MOD: ... as the title. That's for better lisibility.
Then, it should explain what the mod is about, what it does change and the H5 version in which it should work (1.0, 1.1, english...). Also, the authors of the mod should be named, if not the poster himself of course.
And obviously, it should give a link to the download location.
When possible, there should also be screenshots to illustrate what the mod does.

All that is the mod poster work.

Now as testers, your role is to test and review it. The review should be posted in the mod thread.
For reviewing criterions, let's try to do it that way (suggestions are welcomed):
- Stability: does the mod work? did it crash the game in your test? (an easy one )

- Targeted Audience: who is this mod designed for?
Obviously, the mod description should do that already, but it's never bad to make it clear. It should, when possible, state if the mod allows multiplayer games with the unmodded version.
It could be as quick as "Everybody" for mods fixing texts in the game and not preventing multiplayer games.
Other possible exemples: "Necro lovers", "Campaign players that want to skip some campaigns"... It can of course be more elaborate and use actual sentences.
However, keep it factual, there no judgement on quality or ambition here, that's for the next two...

- Ambition: what does the mod set itself to do? Is it a completely new and deep addition to the game, or a mere text fix?
Don't get me wrong, both are useful. But it's easy to make a quality mod fixing some strings, while it's a whole different story for creating a new faction!!

"Ambition" should rate the reach of the idea, the complexity of the work to do, not the quality of the implementation. It clearly depends on what authors themselves claim.

Besides the description of the ambition and explanation of the rating, the rating itself should be a value between 1 and 5, 5 being the top mark for the most ambitious projects, with added content, WoG or Equilibris level. And 1 being simple mods requiring only a few file edits and no real planning (say easily reproducible with a few guidelines).

Again, there's no despising less ambitious mods! They will be the more numerous. That's still not a judgement about quality.

- Quality: ok, now it is about quality... However, keep in mind that it should be judged independantly of the idea and targeted audience, so basically it is:
Does the mod achieve what is was set to do? In an elegant way?

Aside from the pleasure it adds to the game, there are some non limitative issues that can be raised: care given to balance and more generally to integration with the rest game (design, UI consistency, story...), multiplayer compatibility (when possible), quality of the packaging...

The Quality of the mod should be rated between 1 and 10, 10 being the top mark for mods where no improvement at all could ever be made.
Of course, less ambitious mods should achieve highest quality. That's expectable, the final mark will be a mixture of ambition and quality.

Of course, any judgement on quality is subjective. That's expected, just try to be fair. What matters is how it is stated and backed up by facts.
Oh, and the idea here is to hint for improvements if needed, not to bash.

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