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Heroes Community > Heroes 5 - Temple of Ashan > Thread: Mark of the Wizard
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Known Hero
posted September 21, 2006 10:17 AM
Edited by cantaresg at 10:19, 21 Sep 2006.

true, where damage is concern. But that requires two skills compared to one skill (and hence an additional primary skill. But it does not hurt to get luck, does it?). And if we look at other factors?

mark of the wizard cannot be used with aoe spells but works otherwise for any other spells that requires a target. But empower works only with direct damage.

for direct damages, mark can target two different stacks at the same time, while empower can target only one stack no matter.

if we considering damages dealt to a single stack alone, suppose we look at a direct damage that deals 100 damages.

round         mark of the wizard      empower       empower with luck*
1                0                      150               225
2                200                    300               450
3                400                    450               575
4                600                    600               800

* the table looks awful. Is there anyway to make a better table?
So if the combat were to last very long, the damage from the mark will catch up with empower by the 4th round. The damage dealt with empower and warlock's luck was calculated based on 50% chance of luck rolls.

In view of the pros and cons of the mark and empower, which is better?


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Omnipresent Hero
What if Elvin was female?
posted September 21, 2006 11:31 AM
Edited by Elvin at 11:34, 21 Sep 2006.

Actually it's not something you can compare as each has its uses and works under different circumstances.Also each can be used by a different faction and can be affected by dufferent skills.

Empowered spells:
Only useable with direct damage spells-either 1-target or AoE.
Can work with warlock's luck for up to triple damage.
Since warlocks have irresistible spells it always deals damage to immune/luck resistant creatures.
It drains double the mana a normal version of the spell would for +1/2 damage.
Its primary function is to damage.
Can be used instantly in a battle.

Works with every school as long as the spell targets only 1 creature.
Can hit either 1 creature for double damage or two for regular.
Can be used to friendly and enemy creatures.
Is subject to resistance.
When casting on one target,it is as two spells and therefore it is possible that only one will be resisted.That means that a destructive spell will deal regular instead of double or that a dark spell will almost always work(first slow is resisted,second works).
It drains double mana as if casting two spels.
A motw must be placed on a target before it can be used but it stacks with sorcery.
In terms of damage emp spells have higher potential due to skills and spellpower.
It has several roles:creating clones(up to 2),buffing,cursing,resurrecting,damaging.One good example of its is hitting two creatures with exp wasp swarm to greatly reduce both their initiatives.

All in all emp spells is direct and to the point while motw is more abstract and can at times surprise an opponent even though it can't cause as much damage.It depends on the situation but an empowered implosion may not be as good as a double puppet master
Toss a coin to your witcher

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