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Heroes Community > Other Side of the Monitor > Thread: Shootings at Middletown High
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Adventuring Hero
of I-state-the-obvious-ology
posted August 28, 2006 03:42 AM

Bullying and teasing are one of the most common elements in schools today. I, myself, am a high school student and I'm very ashamed that my peers behave themselves as if they climb up a rung in the ladder of life every time they step on someone's face (not literally.. well, not most of the time). It's like they don't understand that the people they step on are going to have bruises that they didn't deserve.

I try to stand up for anyone I see getting pushed or bullied, but I can't be everybody. I know there are programs for schools that tell you "Don't do drugs! Don't drive drunk! Don't do this, don't do that!" But not once, not ONCE has there ever been a motivational speaker sent to our school to smooth out the road of high school in reference to the incredible amount of bullying. And that's just sad.
Maybe if the school systems put a little more stress on the end results of the bully/victim circle, there would be a little less of it going around.

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Adventuring Hero
posted August 28, 2006 09:00 AM

i also think the visual appearance or people influences bullying a lot. i mean if you had a real computer geeky look, people will tease you about computers, even if its not a part of your life. it happened in our school with a geeky lookin guy who knew nothing about computers. it even surprised me when i found that out, just because of how he looked.

im just saying that some poor people dont have a chance from the very start and its stupid that people judge so easily. and if your teased about it for the first couple of days in high school, theres a strong chance that they'll never get confidence for the rest of their highschool years.

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Known Hero
crazed swede
posted August 28, 2006 04:23 PM


I do agree with you, that it is such a shame, but when you think about it you wonder were these people get the right to bully in such a way. Where do they find the knowledge, where do they get their inspiration from, and who is encouraging them. Well, some parents even encourage such behavior, mostly parents that have been quite popular as kids and used to bully others as well. Friends definitely encourage too. Every kid, including you, myself, etc., has a yearning to be noticed and to be will liked among others, itís natural, nothing wrong with that. But then I guess, some kids resort to bullying in order to get some laughs and as an added bonus, they get this title, this ďIím tough and coolĒ title. Some of these kids truly need help when you really think about it.
The fact that thereís never been a motivational speaker at your school saddens me. I thought it was mandatory that at least once a year a speaker came (I think thatís the case for our school system).  


That is definitely true. I have a friend whose name is Andrew but because he is pretty tiny for a 16 year old, everyone calls him Fetus. The name was given to him by the jock group of my school, but I actually like the way he handled it. He told all of my friends to call him Fetus and they pretty much stopped pushing him around when they saw he wasnít hurt by their name calling. It made me laugh. So now his name is officially Fetus. (Some people donít even know his real name!)
It is sad though, because some people say that if people dress oddly then they are just asking to be bullied and teased. It shouldnít have to be that way. We should be able to dress however we want without being frowned at, like me and my friends for example (for those of you who saw my pictures), I donít dress very normal. So what? I already said that I donít get teased because my family is part of the rich society in my town (not proudly). So I still donít know how it feels.
But you are definitely right when you say that theyíll never get the confidence for the rest of their highschool years, and sometimes, it goes even farther then that.

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