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Legendary Hero
Once upon a time
posted May 22, 2013 03:58 PM

I see some still pop in here so after all the hard work, I'll put a link to some maps that are not at the usual map-sites.


The Wizards

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Hired Hero
posted September 14, 2016 09:43 AM
Edited by HeroicDman81 at 11:23, 14 Sep 2016.

Guano said:

How the hell did you set these floating platforms?

Hmm its a litte trick with *hole-tiles*
I have form the terrain to a higher position and then
create a new Object with just (3x3) hole-tiles
to make the terrain invisible^^
then put the dwarf bridges as a platform onto this
and some dwarf-bridges with negative z-Coordinates
for the ground lvl. (without that there would be a
hole in the map floor)  

Is it possible to make a City litterally appear in the clouds? Or at least higher in the air than the other cities?

Working a new project; will be eight player map. If possible, I wanna try and place the Academy City in the air, and appear that nothing is under it using your "trick". Is it possible to place the city on Elevated "Mesa" about 2-3 layers high, with some space outside city on same platform for mauneuvering, and a GATE, and than make all the mountain tiles surrounding it invisible, so from the ground, it looks like your seeing through or under the City, and it's Actually Afloat? The gate above would lead to another gate below somewhere... PLEASE...

let me know...

FYI. I DL and tried the map, sorry but it couldn't get past me entering my town.
To explain...
Wondering how to make an Academy city appear to float higher than the others from the outside... hoping if I seen your map and the Academy in it, I would get an idea if you've done the same. I noticed the academy wasn't, still appeared nearly ground level... like what you did with the water below the city though, I may use that instead. Once I was in the game with the Wizards, as I usually do when I play a game, i first entered the town in order to build the first dwelling inside to gain the next best creature... with this intent, I entered the Academy first thing.... TO no avail!
The timer icon hovered on screen over the city for about a minute, and finally loaded the inside city background view of the Academy, but within 5 seconds, the screen went black, moments later the monitor changed screens to desktop with the game window now in a subwindow on the desktop, and a message box saying it was unresponsive... saying it was unable to find a solution. Once I hit cancel entire game closed....
Basically... It crashed. Wasn't that easier you say? No, cause than everyone asks me... how I know... so I explained instead!! lol.

The game file is too large, and there is too much detail, for my computer, which is not up to the best standards of the game's requirements... and was unable to handle the file. Sorry!!

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Hired Hero
posted September 14, 2016 12:51 PM
Edited by HeroicDman81 at 13:21, 14 Sep 2016.

Following up...

So I'm starting new comment following up with the last, because I didn't want it to be so long... I wanted to show what I've done so far to create my FLOATING ACADEMY City!! It's incredible actually!!
And was much easier to accomplish than I thought!

One problem though, maybe SOMEONE Here can help me solve it. The Following screenshots are from in game running a test, and taking through the Steam App overlay screenshot feature. I will explain what I did in summary related to each screenshot. For those who haven't used Steam for their use of game, ignore everything I just said. Apparantly it did not show the pictures here... so if anyone knows how to post screenshots and be shown in post? That'd be nice.

Floating Academy 1
In the first shot, I am showing the City which has altitude of +18 on Z in coordinates, it is sitting on top of a Stogmire terrain object from the Subterranean file of Objects. At the bottom of the Academy Stairs, there is an elevated Bridge center piece from the Grass Objects which has a Z of 15 I believe. Underneath the Stairs, I have a different Stogmire SubT piece from the Subterranean list, which has a Z of -4, because it sat too high! The Stogmire for the Bridge was simply to mask the concrete structure underneath the Bridge, so it looked as one. On the end of bridge, away from City stairs, I have a Monolith 2 way gateway sitting where the Green Icon is facing the City Green icon, both positioned along middle walkway of the bridge. The idea, is to create a walkway between City and Monolith Gate for Heroes to... walk in the air!

Floating Academy 2
To test what I built so far, I laid a Hero on the map for Player 1, the Academy. Saved. Ran game on map to test, playing as Player 1. The Hero approaches the Monolith gate on ground, with no interactive icon... the Gate is not open for the Hero, though both gates were on Group 1. So than I thought what about leaving the City. Sure enough, as one can see in this shot, there is a Hero outside the City, on the Bridge, before leaving through the gate. I took this shot to show his trail from where hero was, than exiting the gate on ground. Seems to be open from top down.

Floating Academy 3
This shot, the same hero who came out of city, trying to get back in... I captured shot in time to show "Monolith Gate No Exit Available" as seen on screen. So... I have yet to find out, why the Hero succesfully left the City, walked on Bridge, albeit only 1 tile between Academy Stairs, and Gate, and managed to leave through the gate, as intended, yet, no hero is able to enter city from the Ground through the gate going up?


Floating Acadmey 4
Last shot, just showing a different angle of the City and bridge set up!

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Legendary Hero
Once upon a time
posted November 04, 2016 05:19 PM
Edited by markkur at 17:21, 04 Nov 2016.

Once upon a time, I downloaded many H5 maps, some were ok, some better and some where quite good. (which well describes my own "forced" solo-efforts)

Bored one day recently I went looking through the "Fan-Maps" folder of mine and saw one that I could not remember playing. I loaded her up and took a stroll.

I'll say little because I do not want to allude to any possible spoilers, also I have not yet finished this quest but here is what I will say.

1. mweil86 put a great deal of time into this adventure. This mapmaker  made a map based on more of an RPG approach. Just remember this a Heroes game and not a true RPG.
2. The map looks very nice. Very few miscues with the Editor in regards to Terrain. Sorry but terrain is my only strength as a mapmaker.
3. Though the map-size is Impossible, it does NOT play like it...though-take note: I do have Q's "J-A.I." still running the game. And this should be good news for those of you running Mag's 5.5 .

FYI - There is one challenge/scene that happened which gave both my wife and myself aching-sides from laughter. I think this map is well worth playing just for that fun. However, if you've always wanted to wash-up on a small island with no Town and only a tiny army than this map should make your boat float or in this case...wreck on a small island.

"The Forgotten Hero" by mweil86
Heroes 5 Tribes of the East

Size: Impossible
Difficulty: Normal
Can be Human: 1
Players: 3
Teams: 2

From: maps4heroes.com

Bottom of Page
"Do your own research"

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Hired Hero
posted November 18, 2016 12:49 AM

NEW MAP; Land of Wonder

Here is a New Map I made,
Took me about 3 months to make. My first completed project for Heroes of M&M V.

Land of Wonder
8x player map, 4 below ground and 4 above.
Extra large size.
Detailed Read me file attached.
Multiplayer and Single custom games accepted.
Download from Mega.nz link below, folder includes .h5m file and .txt readme file.
Editing of map IS not authorized!
Questions, comments, suggestions... comment here or on my email provided.
Download the folder, and move the .h5m file to /HOMM V; TOTE/maps/ folder.



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Legendary Hero
Once upon a time
posted November 18, 2016 04:58 PM

If you have not yet, once you're satisfied...send it here.

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