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Heroes Community > Heroes 7+ Altar of Wishes > Thread: The Perfect Temple (Naga town)
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Undefeatable Hero
Presidente of Isla del Tropico
posted October 24, 2006 04:41 PM
Edited by War-overlord at 16:41, 24 Oct 2006.

I'm back from my Vacation. And by the looks of it, you haven't done what I requested.
don't agrue to much amongst yourselves
I haven't read everything you guys "discussed" while I was away and I will need some time for that. Still, it doesn't look like you've done anything productive so far. When I'm done, you'll hear from me again.
Iron from Ice.

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Supreme Hero
Former Chessmaster
posted October 24, 2006 09:11 PM

I dont think i know any town that had village in it (i might be wrong if village in english is used different than in my language)... Where im from, village(small town) can evolve into a town and cant be a physical part of it.

Anyway... argue is in some cases more constructive than other forms of comunication, so i wouldnt be so harsh about it WO


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Famous Hero
Rakshasa Commander
posted October 24, 2006 10:43 PM
Edited by SBlister at 22:44, 24 Oct 2006.

Still, it doesn't look like you've done anything productive so far. When I'm done, you'll hear from me again.

What do you expect? Everyone's so caught up with the names of the creatures and dwellings. Besides, aren't you and Baklava the Hero specialists? And I have run out of ideas for abilities after making the abilities list for the Stronghold. Hydromancy is the only thing I can offer.
To everyone else: VOTE!!! I want to resolve this name issue as quick as possible.

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Famous Hero
Unlimited Fantasy Master
posted October 25, 2006 01:28 PM

Vote for the Emperor Levithian and for the Acropol dwelling name. I must say that you haven´t accepted the wish of war-Overlord: You´ve argued a lot. That teamwork should return, what it was at the beginning. Calm nerves and cold blood...

I wish you the best. I hope you would get (when you post this idea) a response soon!
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astaunding.[...]It must be
recognized that his mind was
able to picture every single
detail of his faction
accurately, something most of
us would be unable ... too long to display...

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Adventuring Hero
Nuclear Power Plant
posted October 25, 2006 01:57 PM

Gotta be anal...

To make sure that what I think is clearly stated I do like Gnoll_Mage and write EVERYTHING. Just to make sure.  Here goes:

1. Serpentfly - Coatl OK
2. Lizardman Prowler - Chameleon Prowler OK
3. Viper Sentinel - Cobra Acolyte
because a little larger difference in name is better methinks
4. Swamp Guard - Swamp Defender
I agree with whomever it was that stated"Warden" as being a bit H4-nature-all-goody-goody related
5. Templar - Praetorian OK
6. Archon - Grand Archon
7. Leviathan - Ancient Leviathan
I prefer to stick to this name. With the creature definition it also seems proper as I recall.

1. Serpent Hive - Serpent Eyrie
To be able to name the special building Nesting Grounds
2. Shore Huts - Concealed Huts
Calling something within a town a village is pretty strange, unless  you count city parts like Grenwich Village in NY. but we're on Ashan now, not on Manhattan
3. Conclave of the Viper - Conclave of the Cobra OK
4. Darkwater Marshes - Darkwater Quagmire OK
5. Tranquil Retreat - Tranquil Refuge OK
6. Granite Acropol - Marble Acropol
I agree with Vhilhu here, because my thoughts go ivory -> elephant tusks -> poor creatures!
7. Lagoon - Dark Lagoon
Because "deep lagoon" sounds just... boring! And fathomless/abysmal/abyssal sound a bit pretentious

1. Pool of Reflections - Pool of Wisdom: Supports Hydromancy
OK, if we'll stick to Hydromancy.
2. Mangrove Thicket - Inc. Serpent Fly Growth OK
3. Nesting Grounds - Inc. Croc/Basilisk Growth
OK, given that lvl 1 building changes name.
4. Gorgo Spire - Blinds first attacker stacker of the enemy during a siege. OK
5. ToA Building: Nexus of Shalassa OK

Hero Name:
1. Sorcerer OK, I guess
Hero Racial Ability:
1. Hydromancy Well... unless someone comes up with something more remarkable...

Secondary abilities:
1. Quicksand
A bit less complicated than I wrote in earlier post. Hero gets ability to create hidden obstacle(s) somewhere within a 10x3 area (not furthest two rows, where enemies begin combat). If enemy walks into, or lands on a quicksand square, it must stop. No retaliation while within quicksand. Speed set to one until it has left quicksand.
2. dunno
3. dunno
Ultimate. no clue

Mater tua criceta fuit, et Pater tuo
redoluit bacarum sambucus.

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Famous Hero
Rakshasa Commander
posted October 25, 2006 08:59 PM

I have edited the voting list. Thank you for voting Golemcrafter and Crepus. Crepus I have changed some of my votes to some of your suggestions. If the others like them, please reply and I will make the changes.

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Famous Hero
Rakshasa Commander
posted October 27, 2006 06:15 PM

where is everyone? What about Hero development?

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Famous Hero
We are NOT schysophren
posted October 27, 2006 07:57 PM

ok. i propose an ability.

Archer Strangling
whenever an enemy unit uses a ranged attack, he gets weakened for 1 round.
Two little Gnoll boys sitting in the sun;
One got frizzled up and then there was one.
One little Gnoll boy left all alone;
He went and hung himself and then there were none.

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Famous Hero
Rakshasa Commander
posted October 27, 2006 08:00 PM

How does that work?

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Famous Hero
We are NOT schysophren
posted October 27, 2006 08:01 PM

as simple as that. when an enemy unit shoots someone, that enemy unit gets Weakness cast upon him.
Two little Gnoll boys sitting in the sun;
One got frizzled up and then there was one.
One little Gnoll boy left all alone;
He went and hung himself and then there were none.

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Supreme Hero
Peanut Exterminator
posted October 27, 2006 08:11 PM

so its a little like assassins poison, but this is less powerful and only works on ranged attackers?
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Famous Hero
We are NOT schysophren
posted October 27, 2006 08:19 PM

oops sorry i forgot to mention. i meant HERO ability.
Two little Gnoll boys sitting in the sun;
One got frizzled up and then there was one.
One little Gnoll boy left all alone;
He went and hung himself and then there were none.

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Famous Hero
Rakshasa Commander
posted October 27, 2006 08:48 PM

oops sorry i forgot to mention. i meant HERO ability.

That was what i was asking. How do you relate it to the sorcerer?

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Famous Hero
We are NOT schysophren
posted October 27, 2006 08:59 PM

i thought that its a swamp town and swamp goes well with vines/roots (i imagined the animation for this as vines suffocating the enemy).
Two little Gnoll boys sitting in the sun;
One got frizzled up and then there was one.
One little Gnoll boy left all alone;
He went and hung himself and then there were none.

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Famous Hero
Rakshasa Commander
posted October 27, 2006 09:56 PM

That would be more appropriate for the Ranger and plus the treants have something like that.

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Adventuring Hero
Nuclear Power Plant
posted October 28, 2006 02:51 AM

The anti-archer ability could be a top level Defence ability, merely causing enemy ranged troops to have say 20% less initiative and their attack decreased by 3. And possibly giving the hero a free shot on a ranged enemy each time they attack. Sort of like Mark of the Damned.

Or it could be a combined attack/defence ability, increasing own ranged troops attack whilst decreasing enemies. This being explained by some power over the winds in the battle.
Mater tua criceta fuit, et Pater tuo
redoluit bacarum sambucus.

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Supreme Hero
posted October 28, 2006 04:08 PM

A very sketchy idea - could you have a creature who's attack, defence etc. skills vary depending on where they are on the battlefield / adventure map?

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Famous Hero
Rakshasa Commander
posted October 28, 2006 08:43 PM
Edited by SBlister at 21:12, 28 Oct 2006.

Building on Vhilhu's idea of weakening ranged attackers and Crepus idea of it being like Mark of the Damned, you could have something called Viper's Nest or Snake Pit. the sorcerer summons a 2x2 tile of vipers that harass any unit in it. the unit that is cursed with this ability has the vipers bite them and causes some kind of weakening spell/damage unless they move away from the "viper nest". How bout that? Also if cast on a large unit, the entire unit has to be in the 2x2 "viper nest" if not the spell will not work.
1. Why didn't I think of this before. For one of the secondary racial skills of the Sorcerer we could have an ability that allows the Sorcerer to transfer mana from his/her own personal mana pool into the hydromancy pool.
2. Strangle Archers could be an ability for the Defense skill just the way Vhilhu proposed.
3. Quicksand from Crepus should be another of the Sorcerer's secondary racial skills.
4. My Viper's Nest could be the last secondary skill?
ps- anyone wants to perfect the hydromany ability. like really map it out? i could use some outside feedback...
pps- we would like it if more ppl voted for the creature names/dwelling section on page 18.

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Famous Hero
Rakshasa Commander
posted October 29, 2006 08:22 PM bonus applied.
Edited by SBlister at 19:53, 24 Nov 2006.



Facts and Traits

AKA: The snakemen, the swamp dwellers
Associated colors: Cobalt blue, Deep green, Purple
Worship: Shalassa, the Dragon of Water, the Mistress of the Deep
Core Philosophy: Give your life to the Gods and they will reward you with perfection.
Core Philosophy: Conflicts are for the weak minded, but defending your realm is unavoidable and justifiable.
County/Kingdom: Hashima, the Dense Marshes.
Capitol: Nariya, The New Beginning
Keysymbols: The Upright Cobra, The Wave
Motto: Leave us be, or suffer the consequences.

Race Description
The snakelike Naga were one of the first elder races who were created and have inhabited Ahsan from the beginning. Originally coast and sea dwellers, the Naga were forced to move to the swamps when their kingdom was destroyed. Now the live together with the native Lizardmen, with whom they formed a close mutual pact.
The Naga are deeply religious and spend nearly all of their time in worship of Shalassa and in lesser extent the other gods. Nearly all Naga are member of one of the branches of their religious order, be it a military, magical or ruling/royal order. The less religious Lizardmen are more focused on the physical world around them and among other things provide the food for their and the Naga society.
The Naga are obsessed with perfection. They have mapped out and planned everything in their society and this makes them the most efficient race on Ashan. The shadow side of this obsession is that the Naga are very slow and clumsy in reacting if anything would change. The Lizardmen on the other hand live by the day and are very adaptive, they do, however, have a tendency to be very impulsive. This way, the Naga and Lizardmen complement eachother while being being very different form each other. Both Naga and Lizardmen are very well adapted to life in and near the water. The amphibious Naga can breath both air and water, but prefer water over land; while the Lizardmen are the other way around, they are really good swimmers but they would rather be on land.

Ancient age:

Shalassa creates the Naga from water, pearls and sand. Pure and intelligent, they organize themselves in the lands east of the old continent.

Around 50. YSD
– Naga priests and priestesses elect a Great Seer, or the “first among the equals” to lead them. A powerful and influential High Priest, named Sitnal, is appointed to this honored position.
Around 80. YSD – Sitnal orders the construction of a huge city entirely dedicated to Shalassa. As beautiful as it was vast, the entire Naga population settled within its walls. Employing the region's lesser inhabitants to mine gold and silver, they built fabulous temples in honor of their creator, Shalassa, as well as other shrines to all other dragons, making sure they neither underestimate nor neglect their power and purpose. The city is named Sitnalta in honor of Sitnal.
Around 120. YSD – The golden age of the Naga begins. Under the leadership of Sitnal, the Pantheon is constructed, to gather the support of all dragons. The Pantheon was a building covered in gold, gems, pearls and diamonds which occupied Sitnalta’s central square. Indeed, the dragons made sure that the Naga people live in harmony and joy, seeing how respectful they were of all higher powers. They also kept them secluded from contact with the other races, preventing possible wars between them and the Naga.
717. YSD – A meteor of enormous proportions unexpectedly eclipses the Sun, burning its way towards Sitnalta. Pandemonium befalls the city as its citizens try to evacuate. Unfortunately, not all were able to free. The city of Sitnalta was devastated by the meteor, leaving behind only fire and ash. Those Naga who survived the catastrophe managed were faced with a large demon war band which suddenly appeared and slaughtered the unarmed populace. By the time the Naga warriors came to help, most of the civilians were killed and what remaining gold from the temples was looted.
It is debated whether or not the third eclipse demon “dragon hunt” was even held, or its whole purpose was the destruction of Sitnalta. Either way, the Naga, without food or shelter, began a long march westwards.

Modern age:
743. YSD
– The Naga refugees cross the seas and discover the swamps of Hashima. Disgusted at first, in time they realize how this severely unpopulated marshlands could become their new home.
767. YSD – Discovering the native Lizardmen, the Naga offered an alliance of mutual cooperation and understanding. In return for helping the them rebuild their glorious civilization, they would teach many modern arts to the primitive but eager lizardmen.
793. YSD – After long years of building on unstable swamp grounds, the town of Nariya is raised. Although not as huge or beautiful as ancient Sitnalta, Nariya still becomes a powerful centre in Hashima.
836. – 840. YSD – Naga make contact with a few kingdoms of the old continent. Diplomatic relations were established, but the Naga kept their distance as they were yet wary of foreign powers.
843. YSD – With the demons becoming a threat to all of Ashan, the leaders of Nariaya debated as to whether the Naga were ready to march to war. In the end, they voted against it as they were still not ready for the rigors of warfare.
856. YSD – The religious hierarchy is reestablished, and a new Great Seer, Arcelos, is elected. He decides to double the missionary efforts to bring the lizard people to the Naga religion.
951. YSD – Arcelos manages to convince the Naga that war with the demons should once again be avoided and the Naga do not interfere with the wars of the mortal races during the fifth lunar eclipse.
969. YSD – Deciding that they can no longer remain in hiding from an ever changing world, they preparing for war with the demon armies of Urgash. Seeing how they are still in no condition to do battle with demonic foes, especially because of heresy spreading among the lizard tribes, Arcelos orders one of the most convincing missionaries in the realm, Scelemor, to settle the Naga and calm them down, while dealing with the heretics himself. However, Scelemor is about to discover something he wasn’t supposed to discover, which will change the fate of not only the Naga, but the whole world.


Serpent Fly

Serpent Flies are native to the swamplands of Hashima that the Naga call home. These winged snakes prey on the smaller creatures of the swamps, immobilizing them with their numbing poison. Tamed by the Lizardmen to aid them in the hunt, they were introduced as pets of the Naga after both races formed their pact. Still very able predators, the Naga employ these swift creatures in their armies to hunt down their enemies.
This creature can move on to any free tile on the game field during its turn, regardless of the obstacles in the way.
Agonizing Bite
With each attack, this creature cause enemies take fewer actions in combat.


A subspecies of the Serpent Flies, the Coatl are more adapt and with two pairs of wings they are even faster than their lesser cousins. The Naga believe that the Coatl are the pets of Shalassa and are thus blessed by their patron. During a minor skirmish with the wizards, the Naga discovered that the Coatl have the uncanny ability to drain the enchantments from their enemies and absorb them, thus gaining these magical properties for themselves.
Siphon Magic
Activated Ability. Steals enemy enchantment and transfers it to itself.

Lizardman Prowler

The Lizardmen are one of the few races that developed without much Dragon intervention. They evolved in the treacherous marshes of Hashima, making their homes in the swamps. Before making their pact with the Naga, the Lizardmen lived in small colonies, and fought few skirmishers with each other. The Lizardmen Prowlers are the hunters of the Nariya society and are skilled with trapping all forms of swamp life for food.Armed with a blowpipe, they are able blow bolts carved out of bones of the creatures they capture. They have learned to coat their bolts with their own highly corrosive saliva which can penetrate the hides of their foes with ease.
This creature can inflict damage remotely. When distance to target is longer than half the arena, the target suffers only half the normal damage.
Corrosive Darts
Each attack decreases enemy's defense by 2. Effects are cummulative until the end of the battle.

Chameleon Prowlers

The Chameleon Prowlers are masters of camouflage. While all Lizardmen have the ability to change the color of their scales to some extent, the Chameleons are especially imbued with this ability. The pigments in their skin can take on the color of their surroundings, making them nearly impossible to spot. This ability has allowed for the Chameleons to serve as early warning scouts to any imminent threat to their lands. Their skill in remaining undetected is so perfect, that there is only a rough estimate of the number of Chameleons.
Allows this creature to turn invisible. This creature will no longer be invisible if it attacks, or uses a special ability though it can move undetected. The only way for it to be revealed otherwise, is if an enemy moves adjacent to it.

Viper Sentinel

The Sentinels are the military order of the Temples of Shalassa. In full, they are known as The Order of Shimmering Depths, but it is more of a ceremonial title. Adder conscripts are fully accepted into the Order once they complete their training. As Vipers, they make up the bulk of the Order and are adorned with heavy spiked maces, tear shields and simple helmets. The Sentinels are know for their fanatical ferocity and devotion in battle. Their eagernesses in combat, allows the Sentinel to strike faster than any opponent often retaliating before their enemies have a chance to attack.
First Strike
Able to retaliate before an enemy attacks.

Cobra Sentinel

The Cobras are the elites of the Order. Their neck-armor resemble the serpents they are named after. They are equipped with longer reaching morningstars, allowing them to crush their enemies at extended range. Cobras are the most fanatical of all the Sentinels, which rivals the Orc Vanguards in their lust for blood. With each life they take, they become
Long Weapon
Able to hit enemies 2 squares away and do not suffer a retaliation strike at that range.
The more damage it does in one round, the more Initiative it receives in the following round, enabling this unit to take action faster during the next turn.

Swamp Guard

The Swamp Guards are the shock troops of the Nagas. These Lizardmen are trained to ride atop large crocodiles that are indigenous to Hashima's swamps. The Sentinels existed long before the Lizardman allied themselves to the Naga and served as the defenders of the settlements. Able to trek faster through the swamps than most, the Naga quickly saw the strategic value of the Swamp Guards and integrated them into their armies. In the wild, crocodiles twist themselves in a visceral display of power to tear chunks of meat of their prey. The Swamp Guards have incorporated this maneuver into their stratagem, as their reptilian mounts roll out of the way of enemy strikes, they too leap into the air and land gracefully on the backs of the crocodiles once they are upright again.
This creature's attack increases during combat when any friendly unit dies (except resurrected creatures or creatures summoned to battlefield by magic).
Chance to evade taking any damage by enemy strike by moving to the adjacent tile. If attacked by a shooter, it will move to another tile while still being adjacent to the shooter to prevent it from using its shooting ability next turn.

Swamp Warden

The Basilisks and the crocodiles ridden by the Lizardmen share a similar ancestry, but evolved differently in ages past. The Basilisks have gained a third pair of legs and a bright colored frills around their necks. It's a strange sight to behold is a Basilisk standing upright, until its flashes its frill and quickly opens it's maw to release a hideous shriek, which is more than enough to petrify any mortal being with fear. When the Naga and Lizardmen first encountered the Basilisks, they were able to tame them as mounts and given to only the most able of Swamp Guards who are collectively known as Swamp Wardens. Like their crocodile cousins, they too can be trained to do a deathroll.
Activated Ability. Stuns enemy for X turns. X depends on number of Grand Sentinels present in stack. Only usable 3 times in battle.


The Templars are giants amongst the Naga warriors. They are larger than the average Naga and more knowledgeable in their mastery of the combat arts. Having been blessed with four arms, the Templars wield elegantly carved blades in each hand with lethal precision. The Templar are a secretive order within Naga Society, acting on their own agenda and spending most of their time on prayer and training. Reserved and secretive, the proud Templar will defend the realms of Hashima to their last breath.
No Retaliation
Enemies never retaliate after melee attacks by creatures with this ability.


The Preatorians are a unique sect of the Templar ranks. Only the Naga known as the Chosen will grow a third pair of arms and only they will be allowed into the ranks of the Praetorians. Wielding blades with all six limbs, the Preatorians outperform any normal Templar. Spending much of their time in deep trances, the Preatorians meditate shortly during battles to focus their concentration to better direct their blades against their foes. The Chosen are also named as such because the Naga believe that they have been blessed by Shalassa, as these warriors are able to transform into puddles of water and flow behind enemy lines, wiping out entire battalions before they can react.
These creatures can teleport itself on the battlefield, allowing them to avoid obstacles, other creatures and castle walls.
Meditate - After using this ability creature misses one turn but has a higher Offense and Defense bonus for the next three turns.


The worship of Shalassa takes up the largest part of Naga society, everybody therefore acknowledges the vital role of the Archons. Most Naga even worship the Archons as they are the only link between them and their Deity. The reason why only females become Archons of Shalassa have been lost and the Naga choose to not to change the way it is. They are the favored disciples of Shalassa, and have been bestowed with snake-like tendrils that sprout from their heads. Able casters in and outside the many temples, they will render help to the great heroes should the sanctity of Hashima ever be threatened.
This creature can inflict damage remotely. When distance to target is longer than half the arena, the target suffers only half the normal damage.
This creature can use a set of magical spells similar to those cast by heroes. Mana reserve is limited but always set to maximum at the beginning of combat. Spellpower depends on the number of creatures.
Divine Presence
All friendly units get their morale increased by 1 in this units presence.

Grand Archon

The Grand Archons are the supreme leaders of the Temples of the Naga. They play leading roles in the rituals and have a direct link with Shalassa. Only the most faithful and promising of Archons are allowed into this most sacred of conclaves. With monumental command over the forces of magic, they are deadly arcanists. Through her will, a Grand Archon can protects her allies, summoning the wrath of Shalassa herself in the form of destructive magics against any creature who would do her disciples harm.
Activated Ability. Like the genies random caster ability, except that this creature casts a random destructive spell.


The dark swamps of Hashima houses many predators, but none as great as the dreaded Leviathans. These monstrous, green-gray serpents rival any Dragon in both size and viciousness. Their scales are covered in spines, and owing to their massive size are able to crush lesser creatures as they rampage through the swamps in search for prey. The swamp vegetation tends to get stuck on the spines of these creatures as they make their way through the swamps giving them additional cover. Ambush predators at their best, Leviathans kill their prey by puncturing them with their needle-like teeth and draining their vital body fluids. Before the coming of the Naga, the Lizardmen worshiped the Leviathans by offering them game, hoping to appease these mighty serpents. After their pact with the Naga, the Lizardmen continued this as they started seeing these monsters as avatars of Shalassa.
Able to move through obstacles and creatures, damaging all creatures it passes
Drain Strength
Decreases enemy attack by 2 and gains 2 attack points in return

Emperor Leviathan

Like some reptiles, Leviathans shed their skin to better fit their ever growing bodies. They stop shedding their skin after once they reach maturity as they stop growing. These creatures are known as Emperor Leviathans. Their scales and spines, now rock hard and razor sharp, have a faint blueish hue about them. Since they have stopped growing, they need less food to sustain themselves, but over the ages the Emperor Leviathans have grown so accustomed to the presence of the Naga and Lizardmen that they tolerate the presence of these beings and have even formed a tenuous bond with them in order to fight off all intruders who invade the swamplands of Hashima.
Hardened Carapace
Extra defense points plus more spines on its body, enabling to deal more damage with slither.

Creature Stats:

Serpent Fly----------2------2----1 to 1-----4-----0----0--------9-------6----25----19
Coatl----------------2------3----1 to 2-----5-----0----0-------10-------8----40----19
Lizardman Prowler----3------3----3 to 4-----7-----0----8--------9-------5----60----10
Chameleon Prowler----4------4----4 to 5-----8-----0---10--------9-------6----90----10
Viper Sentinel-------3------5----4 to 6----20-----0----0--------8-------5---120-----8
Cobra Sentinel-------5------5----5 to 8----30-----0----0--------9-------6---175-----8
Swamp Guard----------8------9----8 to 10---45-----0----0--------9-------5---370-----5
Swamp Warden--------10------9---10 to 12---55-----0----0-------10-------6---430-----5
Templar-------------14-----14---10 to 16---65-----0----0-------11-------6---580-----3
Praetorian----------18-----16---12 to 25---72-----0----0-------12-------8---760-----3
Archon--------------18-----18---18 to 23---85-----5----9--------9-------4--1450-----2
Grand Archon--------20-----20---19 to 26---100----5---11-------10-------4--1800-----2
Leviathan-----------27-----29---20 to 38---165----0----0-------12-------9--3000+1M--1
Emperor Leviathan---29-----30---25 to 50---190----0----0-------12-------9--3500+1M--1



Attack: 1 Defense: 0 Spellpower: 2 Knowledge: 2

Racial Ability:

Each creature has a certain number of Hydromancy points depending on the level of Hydromancy of the Hero.
Basic - 25 *2
Advanced - 50 *5
Expert - 75 *7
Ultimate - 100 *10
It acts like a shield (much like the Protoss in Starcraft). The first number in the table above (aka 25 for basic) is how many base shield points each stack has. That is how many Hit Points of damage is soaked up before dealing actual damage to the stack.
The actual number of shield points in a stack during combat is the based shield points multiplied by the number of creatures in the stack divided by the growth rate. Aka:
Shield Points: (Base Shield Points X Number of Creatures in Stack) divided by Growth Rate.
Lets take the Serpentfly for instance. Say its growth rate is 10 a week. So if the stack contains 30 serpentflies, the shield points for a Hero with basic hydromancy would be:
25 X 30/10 = 75
That is how many additional Shield HP the stack has. So say a stack of vampires do 100 damage, they would destroy 75 shield points and cause 25 damage to the serpent flies, probably killing 4 of them in the process.


The star number (*2) is how many Shield Points gets regenerated each turn. So say the entire shield HP has been vanquished, and next turn the creatures would get the following Shield Points: (Regenerated Shield Points X Number of Creatures in Stack) divided by Growth Rate.
In the case of the Serpentflies they would get: 2 X 26/10 = 5 shield HP for the next turn (rounded up and taken into account how many creatures have died).
My thought to have the area within which the quicksand is cast is that if you have a smaller potential area then you might get some quicksand squares adjacent, making some creature forced to take TWO turns crawling up from it.
Quicksand: Hero gets ability to once per battle undermine parts of the battlefield, invisible to the enemy. Enemy stepping into quicksand area loses all further movement and must spend next turn to move out.
Empowered Shields
Shields add 20% of creatures defense to creature. If shields are depleted so will this ability.

Shalassa's Blessing

Doubles hydromantic shield regeneration and adds 40% to all creature defense.


For each surrounding enemy stack, unit deals 10% more damage. Hero also gains +1 to Attack permanently.
All enemy creatures caught within the Quicksand have a 40% chance of being affected by a random dark magic spell while they are in the Quicksand area.
Whenever an enemy uses a ranged attack, that unit is cursed with weakness for the following round.
Hero gains bonus XP whenever using a new type of creature for the first time in combat. (aka first time using sentinels, get bonus of 100XP)
Creatures under the control of the Hero gain a +1 morale bonus for 3 rounds every time a spell is cast by the Hero.
All Hero's Light Spells are enhanced by 30%.
Hero does not require to purchase a Ship in order to travel over bodies of water. (This does not eliminate Movement Penalty)
Luck rolls will now be applied to the shields of defending creatures, thus allowing a chance for them to absorb 20% more damage than normal.
Should the shield of a unit be destroyed by a melee enemy stack, the shield explodes and damages all surrounding enemy and friendly creatures. Friendly creatures with shields active are immune to this spell. Should enemy hero cast a spell and destroy the shield, enemy hero loses X amount of mana depending on level of Hierophant.
Hero is granted the knowledge of Summon Elementals spell. Regardless of circumstances this spell will summon Water Elementals from now on. The number of Elementals summoned is 40% greater than normal.
The hero’s First Aid Tent receives an ability to rejuvinate Hydromancy shields.


Scelemor (Campaign Hero)

Scelemor was a devoted believer all his life. His dream was to help people through enlightenment and faith. Graduating as the best student of his generation in missionary faculty, he immediately undertook the quest of bringing the word of Shalassa to the primitive lizardmen tribes, through preaching and financial and medical help. After decades of work and experience, his religious resolve only got stronger, and his celebrity status makes him respected among enemy as much as friendly troops.
Lightbringer: The hero’s units deal additional damage to undead or demon troops. The amount of additional damage grows with the hero’s level. In addition, all blessings this hero casts upon friendly troops last 2 turns longer.
(Starts with Basic Hydromancy, Basic Light Magic and Master of Wrath)

Arcelos (Campaign Hero)
As the Great Seer of the Naga society, Arcelos enjoys much respect and wealth. Publicly, he seeks to keep his people out of wars and wants to bring them peace and prosperity. However, it is said that he has secret, not so noble goals he wishes to achieve. In any case, he will try to reach the desired by any means necessary.
Unquestionable Loyalty: This specialty allows the hero to mix units of any alignment in his army without receiving morale penalty. In addition, all level 1, 2 and 3 units in his army gain a 5% damage bonus with one additional percent every second level.
(Starts with Basic Hydromancy, Basic Leadership and Diplomacy)

When he was still an infant, Melfassir got lost in the dense swamps of Hashima. However, he managed to befriend a Serpent Fly who helped him get out of the swamps. Eternally gratefull, Melfassir adopted the Serpent Fly as a pet. Over the years, Melfassir started to understand a lot of the behavior of his pet and when he reached adulthood, Melfassir activly studied the Serpent Flies in the swamps near his hometown. Melfassir is now the leading authority on these creatures and his vast knowledge of them enables him to employ the Serpent Flies in his army better than anybody would dare to dream.
Lord of the Flies: All serpent flies and coatls in hero’s army have their initiative increased by +1 for every 4 hero levels, starting at the first level.
(Starts with Basic Hydromancy, Basic Logistics and Pathfinding)

Being the daughter of a renowned Archon, Saelu has been surrounded by magic all her life. At an early age, she shown remarkable potential as a spellcaster and has been tutored by her own mother until she was ready to join the Order. Strangely enough, Saelu wasn't a very good student; while nobody can deny the power she wields, she doesn't act out of knowledge but rather out of instinct. This lead to her often only having a vague idea of what she is doing and causing more damage than she originally intended. After having accidentally destroyed a temple, Sealu was told she would be of more use if she focused her magic on her enemies rather than her allies.
Subconscious Caster: The hero’s destructive spells have a 5% chance per level to inflict 2% more damage per level of the caster.
(Starts with Basic Hydromancy, Basic Destructive Magic and Master of Storms)

If the Lizardmen would have an emperor, it would be Golthas. In every way thinkable, he's the best Lizardman around. Golthas even surpasses most Naga and that has earned him respect all around Hashima. Their are loads of rumors about the origin of his extraordinary abilities, so even go as far as saying that he is half-Leviathan. Golthas never denies or confirms any of these rumors and remains very modest when they are discussed. Nevertheless, every Lizardman in his army wants to prove themselves to Golthas and will go just that further for him.
Lizard Chieftain: All Lizardmen Prowlers, Chameleon Prowlers, Swampguards and Swampwardens gain +1 attack and defense under this hero’s command for every 4 levels, starting on level 1.
(Starts with Basic Hydromancy, Basic Attack and Tactics)

To say that Gelusia is cold-blooded would be an understatement. She is the true mistress of the ice and is able to freeze water just by being near it. She claims that she received these powers before birth, because her egg was not kept warm enough, but was kept alive with magic. Though nobody has be able to confirm this. It is evident that Gelusia's powers also have an effect on her personality. She is cold and uncaring, even bordering the merciless. Still, her loyalty to the Naga-realm is without question and she will do what she can to protect it and its denizens.
Ice Maiden: Whenever a friendly creature gets hit by an enemy in melee or ranged combat there is a 1% chance per level of hero that an Ice bolt spell will be cast at the attacker.
(Starts with Basic Hydromancy, Basic Destructive Magic and Master of Ice)

In a minor border-skirmish with the Dark elves, a Hydra was captured by the Naga. Back then Hsaaar was still an Adder Sentinel and was put in charge of the upkeep of the Hydra. During this time Hsaaar noticed the rapid regeneration of the Hydra's wounds and eventually he became obsessed by this. Hsaaar began experimenting with the blood of Hydras to discover the secret and after years of research and intervention by the little magic he knew, he discovered a way of reproducing the regeneration. After serving as a field-medic for a few months, Hsaaar was put in charge of his own army. Now Hsaar is know for having the fewest casualties in all of Hashima and perhaps in all of Ashan.
Regenerator: All creatures under Hsaaar's command gain regeneration ability and regenerate 8%HP+1% for each level of hero. Hsaaar concentrates on regeneration process so his iniative in combat is decreased by 1.
(Starts with Basic Hydromancy, Basic War Machines and First Aid)

Because of her chaotic personality, Malenva is the black sheep of the Naga. She as a very flexible and questionable morale and considers nothing to low to achieve her goals. While Malenva is neither an outcast nor an enemy of the Naga, she is considered a nuisance. Her erratic behavior and unpredictability has often been a thorn in the eyes of her superiors, still they have made good use of her compulsory chaos for her stratagems have no pattern whatsoever and leave her enemies baffled.
Messenger of Chaos: Creatures deal 5% per hero level extra damage to enemy units.
(Starts with Basic Hydromancy, Basic Leadership and Recruitment)

The prime example of way how gambling could not head the wrong way, Zher always end op on the winning side. While most would think that the fickle luck would have abandoned her years ago, Zher's lucky streak has been lasting her entire life. She wagered and gambled her way into the top of the military. Only then she revealed her secret to her little superiors left. Zher is able to draw the luck away from her opponents. This ability makes her a valuable asset to the Naga-military and she now uses that very same skill to draw the luck of the Enemies of the realm.
Fortune Hunter: Hero has the chance to steal luck from random enemy creatures for the rest of the battle, adding them to random own troops. The higher hero level, the more luck will be stolen. Does not work if all enemies have luck -5.
(Starts with Basic Hydromancy, Basic Luck and Soldier's Luck)

Being born a noble, Kahrion was pampered far to much during his childhood. He never learned how to preform any task himself, as he had always sent servants to do it for him. When he eventually reached adulthood, he was put in charge of a small army and was given the task to drive some invaders from Hashima. His army was crushed with ease, due to his ineptitude. Miraculously, Kahrion survived and was forced to live alone in the swamps for several months. During that time he was hardened more than any military academy could. He learned how to kill prey with only his body and limbs, like the pythons he used to keep as pets, Kahrion used his long body to constrict his preys. He eventually learned how to do this even without his physical presence. Today, Kahrion is still an army-commander, but he's far more capable than he originally was.
Constrictor: The Strangle Archer skill does a little damage during it's casting. Damage increases with every level.
(Starts with Basic Hydromancy, Basic Defense and Strangle Archer)


(In order of Appearance):
War-Overlord, SBlister, Yasmiel, ActionJack, Baklava, Gnollmage, Crepus, Golemcrafter, JoonasTo, Vhilhu, Dragonbreath
Honorable Mentions: WilX, Alcibiades, Dragonlord3000, Phoenixza, Crashnburn, Ted

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Famous Hero
We are NOT schysophren
posted October 29, 2006 09:16 PM

i mentioned it before, but lizardman description is cheap. another made-in-academy mutant?
Two little Gnoll boys sitting in the sun;
One got frizzled up and then there was one.
One little Gnoll boy left all alone;
He went and hung himself and then there were none.

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